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The Common Room / Lewis's Department Store, Argyle Street, Glasgow - info requested.
« on: Thursday 08 October 20 09:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

I'm looking, please, for info and/or memories of Lewis's department store which was situated on Argyle Street in Glasgow ( not to be confused with John Lewis).
I'm writing a short article for my writing group on the store and any info would be very much appreciated. The article is unlikely to be published ( I'm a hobby writer)
My own memories include :
a basement record dept which I think had listening booths?
a wonderful Food Hall - remember buying broken biscuits and warm doughnuts.
creaky lifts.
an in-store hairdressers?
beautiful Christmas display windows.

Thanks for reading,

Looby  ;)

The Common Room / What was Congestive Apoplexy?
« on: Thursday 27 August 20 08:55 BST (UK)  »
Good morning,

I have a Scottish death certificate from 1866 - the cause of death is Congestive Apoplexy due to alcohol poisoning.
Can anyone fill me in, please,  on what Congestive Apoplexy was ?

Looby  :)

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Cause of Death - Scottish RCE 1877
« on: Monday 24 August 20 22:31 BST (UK)  »

I'm looking for a little help deciphering the cause of death on this snippet from the Scottish Register of Corrected Entries in 1877.
The death record for the deceased has no cause of death recorded - the column is completely empty.

Thanks for taking a look,

Looby :)

Scotland / City of Glasgow Police Force circa 1890
« on: Thursday 14 November 19 23:48 GMT (UK)  »

For a project I'm undertaking I've been trying to find out what ranks City Of Glasgow police officers would hold in the late Victorian period circa 1890.
I'm wondering if the ranks of Detective Inspector/Sergeant existed. I've tried researching online but haven't turned much up  ::) 
Any help or advice on where to look would be appreciated , please.


Looby :)

London and Middlesex / Looking for Jessie Helen Muller/Miller
« on: Wednesday 21 August 19 21:45 BST (UK)  »

I'm trying to find out what happened to my great-great grandmother's younger sister Jessie Helen Dorman who married Hermann Muller/ Miller.
Jessie Helen was born in Leswalt, Wigtownshire, Scotland on 26th Aug 1863. She married Hermann Miller in Glasgow on 9th December 1884.
Thanks to Rootschatters, I know that the couple lived for a time in Leith (Edinburgh) where Hermann had a hairdressers business.

However it appears by the 1891 Census the couple had re-located to London.
Registration district - Paddington

Hermann Muller  Head   age 30  Hairdresser      born Frankfort Germany  (Frankfurt)
Jessie Muller       Wife    age 25                         born Edinborough, Scotland ( Edinburgh)
I know the ages are a bit out and Jessie's place of birth is wrong but I'm sure this is Jessie Helen Dorman and her husband.
Then in Jan 1892 Hermann Muller appears to sail in New York - he is travelling alone.

So what happened to Jessie Muller (m.s.Dorman) ? Did she die? Find another man? Or did she follow Hermann to America?
I can't find any trace of Jessie after 1891 Census.
Please note, to avoid duplication,  I already have details of Jessie's early life and her parents and siblings.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Looby :)

Background info -   - Scotland thread -  USA thread

The Common Room / WDYTYA - Jack & Michael Whitehall 5/8/19
« on: Tuesday 06 August 19 23:11 BST (UK)  »
Can't see a thread started yet for the Whitehalls episode.
So what did RC viewers think ?

I have to say , I didn't really enjoy this episode. Although the two main stories uncovered - great grandparents dying of syphilis and the Welsh solicitor/ Chartists - were interesting and moving, I think the Whitehalls' "humour" and reactions made me uncomfortable. I felt for one or two of the researchers/experts , who looked a bit uncomfortable too.
But it's always great to see the paper trail of documents and newspaper articles - a lot of hard work goes in to these shows.

Looby :)

PS. I have seen Jack Whitehall on TV but never seen his father before.

United States of America / Herman Muller arrived New York 1892
« on: Saturday 15 June 19 17:15 BST (UK)  »

Looking for help, please, to track down Herman Muller, age 31,  who arrived through Ellis Island on 22nd Jan 1892 on the Britannic sailing from Liverpool, England. His occupation was Hairdresser.

Herman was born in Germany but lived (for an undetermined length of time) in the UK.
He is recorded, as Hermann Muller on the 1891 England Census living in Paddington, London with his wife Jessie Muller.
He'd previously lived in Leith (Edinburgh), Scotland and Glasgow.
He had married his wife Jessie Helen Dorman in 1884 in Glasgow. Jessie's place of birth is given on the 1891 Census as Edinburgh - but in fact she was born in Leswalt, Wigtownshire, Scotland. His name on marriage registration is Miller.
When Herman sails to New York , he is alone. Jessie is not with him.

I can find no further record of Herman or Jessie in UK (of course, they could be hiding  ;D).

Can anyone assist please - I'd love to find out what happened to Herman and Jessie.

Earlier thread on Scotland board

Thanks for reading,
Looby :)

Scotland / Jessie Helen Dorman - where did she go?
« on: Thursday 13 June 19 16:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

Needing help to locate Jessie Helen Dorman born at Leswalt, Wigtownshire on 26th August 1863. She is the youngest child of Thomas Dorman and Ann Neil.

Jessie Helen is on the 1871 Census - recorded as Jessey Dorman - age 8 , born Leswalt at Kirkcolm. Wigtownshire. She is with her mother, 2 sisters and 2 nephews.
I have not been able to locate Jessie Helen/Jessey on the 1881 Census.

9th December 1884 there is a marriage at 15 Smith Street, Govanhill registered in the district of Gorbals, Glasgow -  Jessie Dorman (spinster) age 21, Domestic Servant to Hermann Miller (bachelor) age 21 Hairdresser (Master) .
The bride's address is given as 18 Greenvale Street, Stranraer. Her parents are Thomas Dorman (dec'd) and Ann Neil.
The groom's address is 21 Cathcart Road, Govanhill. His parents are John Miller and Catherine Fuenker (hard to decipher) dec'd.
Witnesses Helen McCormick and George Irving.

So far I have been unable to locate Jessie Helen and her husband Hermann on Scottish Census or death registrations.  It looks like the couple may have emigrated ::)   although family "story" had them move to Edinburgh.
Any pointers or possible candidates for this couple welcome.

Please note - I've researched the Dormans- Jessie's siblings and her parents - and have births. deaths, marriages, Census information for them.
I only need to find wee Jessie Helen.

Thanks for reading,

Looby :)

United States of America / East 14th Street, New York in 1880s
« on: Saturday 20 October 18 23:16 BST (UK)  »

I have traced an ancestor (3xgreat aunt) to an address in East 14th Street in the 1880s.
As I am Scottish and have never been to NY , I don't obviously know much about this area or its history.
Could some-one tell me, please, what kind of area this was in 1880s ? And what kind of accommodation she was likely to be living in (I would assume it would be rented)?

Any information would be gratefully recieved. Thanks for reading.


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