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Yorkshire (West Riding) / Parish Registers and Transcripts Bradford St Peters
« on: Wednesday 27 February 19 04:44 GMT (UK)  »
   Would anyone know how many Registers were maintained by Parish Churches, especially in the case of Bradford St. Peter's?

    I had always thought there would have just have been the one main register from which transcripts were copied out and sent to the Diocese Office in York.

    However from comparisons with copies written out by a friend at Bradford Library in 1983 with what looks like the main register entry provided by Ancestry and the Bishops Transcript of the same event, there must have been more copies kept than the one register and the Bishop's Transcripts.

    My friend in 1983 listed everything she could find on my Huttons in the Bradford Register, meticuously.   At that time, and at the Bradford Library she found a number of children born to John Hutton Clothier of Eccleshill and his wife Dorothy.    However when I look at that entry in Ancestry today his wife Dorothy isn't named, nor do any of the other entries on the same page name the mothers.

     I have now found with an earlier baptism that the Bishop's Transcript has more information than the supposedly original register on Ancestry - 'Clthr' for 'Clothier' which just isn't there in what I thought to be the main register.

     Can it be that the real Parish Register for Bradford St Peter's remains in the custody of Bradford Library for safe keeping.   

      If that is the case why cannot Ancestry, Family Search and others like them do the job properly and give us the full family histories?



Yorkshire (West Riding) / Eccleshill Land Names in the 17th century
« on: Saturday 26 January 19 05:30 GMT (UK)  »
   I am currently doing my best to transcribe pages I purchased from National Archives on a Land litigation between William Hutton of Eccleshill with Edward Ackroyd in 1685.   I can work out all the land names in the dispute for there was what looks like the same dispute a year earlier and the details of that have been transcribed and published on the net from the Cause Case Court.
Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193
Case: Tithe (wheat, barley, oats, hay)
Details:13 Pieces; No deposition; Has libel; Has sentence
Outcome:  defendants won
Date:17/7/1684 — 11/12/1684
Participant:Edward   Ackroyd [Aikeroyd;  Akeroyd; Aikroid]
Details:male; yeoman
Location:Calverley (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Stone Stile (Stonesteele) : undefined
Calverley (Calverley) : ecclesiastical parish
Notes:farmer of tithes
Participant:William   Hutton [Hutton]
Location:Bradford, St Peter (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Eccleshill  (Eccleshill, Ecklesall, Ecclesall) : undefined
Bradford, St Peter (Bradford) : ecclesiastical parish
Participant:Elizabeth   Fairbank [Fairbancke;  Fairebanck]
Location:Bradford, St Peter (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Eccleshill (Eccleshill) : undefined
Bradford, St Peter (Bradford) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Near Middle Field (Neare Middlefeild, Greate Middlefeild, Neare Midlefeild) : fieldname
Location:Far Middle Field (Farre Middlefeild, Farr Middlefeild) : fieldname
Location:Over Fagley (Over Fagley) : fieldname
Location:Johnson's Fagley (Johnson's Fagley) : fieldname
Location:Fletcher's Fagley (Fletcher's Fagley) : fieldname
Location:Walkers Fagley (Walkers Fagley, Aikeroyds Fagley) : fieldname
Location:Calverley (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Calverley (Calverley) : ecclesiastical parish
Stone Stile (Stone Steele, Stonesteele) : undefined
Location:Milner Close (Milner Close) : fieldname
Location:Cole Pit Close (Cole Pitt Close) : fieldname
Location:Phagleys Close (Phagleys Close) : fieldname
Location:Wood Close (Wood Close) : fieldname
Location:Springwell Close (Springwell Close) : fieldname
Location:Nether Field (Netherfeild) : fieldname
Location:South Field Close (Southfeild Close) : fieldname
Location:Old Leylands Close (Old Leylands Close) : fieldname
Location:Rycroft Close (Rycroft Close) : fieldname
Location:Norman's Plot (Norman's Plott, Norman's Flatt) : fieldname
Location:Meane Close (Meane Close) : fieldname

      One great thing I've learned from all this is that the Church had sold off their rights to collect Tithes to Land owners and Hereditary Tenants who more or less owned the land in many cases.
      This as to be expected led to disputes over who should have the tithes.

      I can tell by a land memorial of 1829 that my Hutton ancestors were intestate but could claim the land because parents, grandparents etc. were there, and the Deeds show them being on the same land called Near Radfield, Middle Radfield and Far Radfield.

      The earliest date on the Deeds is 1712 just 32 years later than the 1685 court case and so I think it possible that Middlefeild (e before i ? ) later on became Radfield.

       Are there any old maps for that 17th century period in Eccleshill?    I think there could be judging by the short example of tithe records which the West Yorks Archive Office have on one of their pages.

        'Farmer of Tithes' -   How can you farm tithes?


Yorkshire (West Riding) / Land Taxes paid by Hutton's of Eccleshill
« on: Saturday 12 January 19 23:58 GMT (UK)  »
    Is there anyone living near the West Yorkshire Archive Service Bradford, Margaret McMillan Tower, Prince’s Way who could possibly look up the Tax Records paid by Hutton in 1705 to 1708?

     I think and hope that a personal search is free, as it was when I searched Wakefield Records myself in the late 1970's.

    In the past year I have made great progress with these tax records in Ancestry.   Ancestry entitle them as being from 1704 but they have nothing earlier than 1781.

    I have tried to organise a search with Bradford Archive Service, but their payment system kept failing and after some three or four attempts to pay for a search I had to agree to put it off for the time being until they might introduce a new system to receive overseas payments.

    They did confirm that they hold these tax records -

DB5/C10/8a – 1705
DB5/C10/8b/1 – 1706
DB5/C10/8c – 1707
DB5/C10/8d – 1708

      I have a copy of the Deeds to the land in Eccleshill which stretched from The Smiling Mule on Moorside Road, right across the Radfield Crofts which were quarried, to the cottages on Fagley Lane.     I have been able to ascertain who was Head of family and when they died and were succeeded by the next generation just by studying each tax payment for each year from 1781 to 1832 and the 1836 Tithe Map shows that my great great grandmother Mary Hutton still paid for plots numbered 439, 440, 443, 444, and 445 in that year.

     Some 5 years ago I had Wakefield do a land search and they came up with quite a lot, that pointed to the same land being tenanted by a James Hutton and Mary around 1711- 1714.   That agrees with a summary on the Deeds for that time -
      14th February 1712        ASSIGNMNT.    Jas Walker to John Lister and Wm Hutton.
      14th March, 1714           BOND.      Jas Hutton to John Lister.
     But as we can see the 1712 assignment names William and not James.    That makes more sense from the birth and marriage records which mainly name William Hutton Senior and William Hutton Junior of Eccleshill.    James may have taken over the land for a while as he married Mary Lister in 1705!
      I may also learn much more by 22nd January when the National Archives Discovery say they will send me 4 pages on a litigation by William Hutton who in 1685 had a dispute with an Edward Ackeroyd over land in Eccleshill.     
      That might have been sorted by another marriage!    William Hutton married Mary Ackeroyd in November 1686 and their son William was born in December 1686. 

       Something else that is interesting and may help others is that one can tell by the Tax paid how large the property was, or whether it was just a single cottage - tenants are named as well in later years.    For example much of the time the Hutton land off Moorside Road had an annual tax of
 6s 11˝d.    But in some years they paid a bit less, like 5s 11˝d and a tenant paid between 7d and a shilling for one cottage.     

       Many thanks to anyone who may be able to take a look at these taxes for me,   Malcolm

 It is very rare indeed that we come across something so beautiful in our research that it has to take precedent over everything that follows.    I knew nothing about John Baron a Poet of Blackburn until he came up in a break-through news report in the Preston Herald 12th December, 1863, about William Lonsdale’s migration to Melbourne.    This mentioned that his brother-in-law was a local poet.    Since we had already found William Lonsdale living with his sister Nancy and her husband John Baron in 1851 it had to be him and this Poem by John Baron comes shining through:

                      Oh; listen, fond Nancy;
                      Methinks I could fancy
No other sweet creature that moves here below;
                      Wherever I meet thee,
                      With pleasure I greet thee—
Thy image shall guide me wherever I go.
                      Oh, were I thy true love,
                      My vows I'd renew, love,
And pledge them no more to be broken by me;
                      Then do not despise me,
                      For dearly I prize thee—
My heart, dearest Nancy, is centred in thee.

                      Thy kindred may slight me,
                      Yet, love, I'd delight thee,
If thou would'st go with me to some shady grove;
                      For there would I tell thee
                      What dangers befel me,
When far from thy bosom my fault was to rove.
                      Thy smile like the morning,
                      My dark mind adorning,
Dispels from my soul the thick gloom of despair;
                      Like cyrstal drops streaming,
                      Thine eyes, love, are beaming,
Dispersing a halo which none can compare.

                      Then give me thy hand, love,
                      'Tis all I demand, love,
And angels shall greet us with smiles from on high;
                      No grief shall confound us,
                      When wedlock has crown'd us,
For then will I wipe the dark tear from thine eye.
                      Thy children shall bless thee,
                      And tenderly press thee,
Whilst thou on their lips shall imprint the sweet kiss;
                      And when Death shall smite us,
                      Our God shall invite us
To regions rich-flowing with comfort and bliss.

     The help we now need may lie within records possibly held at Blackburn Library or even the County Court records.     There was an article in the Preston Chronicle June 19th, 1858 under a heading about the Quarterly Meeting of the Members of the Blackburn Philanthropic Burial Society and a sub heading, The Claim of the Friends and Relatives of the late Peter Lonsdale.
     In this dispute we read that Peter Lonsdale’s contribution card was held by a Mary Duerden and she had also been paying his contributions until he died in the Blackburn Workhouse in March 1858.    It went on to tell that Mr John Baron who was also a claimant and a brother-in-law of the deceased, had said that the matter would shortly be tried in the County Court.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Who did Helena and Ethel BAKES belong to?
« on: Saturday 15 September 18 02:14 BST (UK)  »
   Lawrence Massachusetts is very much in our minds today what with the news casts of the massive fire and gas explosions there yesterday.

   My great grandmother's brother James BERRY and his wife Charlotte BAKES with their first 13 children migrated to Lawrence from Eccleshill in 1886.   They had a number of trips back to Bradford and many great great grandchildren still live in Lawrence.    One of them has been working nights and was unaware that the house next door had exploded as he was in a deep sleep when the police called and got him out.

    The purpose of this enquiry though is connected to the eldest son of James and Charlotte, namely Robert Leo Bakes BERRY.     Robert had gone back to Yorkshire on a trip and late in 1891 he married an Amelia SAINT in Leeds.    They travelled back to Boston in the Catalonia November 1891 and then set up home in Philadelphia, rather than Lawrence.    In the passenger list the names that follow those of Robert and Amelia are a Mary Bakes, Helena Bakes and Ethel Bakes.  This was found by an American cousin, a descendant of James and Charlotte who asked how the three Bakes passengers could be connected to the family.

     I had a stroke of luck in finding that Mary Bakes made another voyage to America in 1908 as a tourist and this time we have her home address at 101 Town Lane, Idle which is close to Eccleshill.
Today this address is 'House of Beauty' and from the picture on that website appears to be quite a large detached house.    The passenger list gives her destination in America as 'Phila', so she must have been staying with Robert and his wife.

     But there is no sign of the young ladies Helena or Ethel Bakes in any census nor can I be certain of any birth in or near Bradford for them.   Their was an Ethel Bakes born late 1883 which would make her age of 10 years in 1891 out by 2 years.

     Mary Bakes has to be the daughter of Abraham Kitson who married a Joseph Bakes in 1866.   Sadly Joseph Bakes died around June 1867, hardly a year later and I can't see any issue from that marriage.    In every census Mary Bakes appears as a Widow and usually still living with father Abraham Kitson.    Joseph Bakes had the same grandparents as Charlotte Bakes so that must be how Mary is connected to Robert Bakes and family.

      In 1911 Mary is living with an Orpha Parker, her niece, and daughter of Samuel Parker and Martha (Waddington ?).

       I just cannot find those two young girls.



I was asked by another Berry descendant if I could help find out what happened to Mary Ellen.   This request was only made three days ago yet it feels like we have been working on a mystery that gets more and more involved the deeper we dig, for months and months.
My great grandmother’s brother, James Berry and his family migrated to Lawrence Massachusetts in the late 19th century and some grandchildren still live there.   

James’s daughter Emily Berry married Ernest Whittemore  and various records tell us that they had a daughter Mary Ellen Whittemore born 16th January, 1900, in Jaynesville, Minnesota – even though the Whittemore’s turn up in most Census in Lawrence.    So first thoughts were that Mary may have been adopted, especially since the elderly living relatives deny all knowledge of any Mary Ellen having been in the family.

Nevertheless Ernest, Emily were living in Jaynesville Minnesota when the 1900 census was taken on the 12th June that year, with son William E age 8, Clarence age 6, and Mary E aged 5 months.    William Edward and Clarence were born in Massachusetts and Mary E in Minnesota.
In 1910 they are all back in Lawrence Mass with the addition of another son, Ernest Jr.

Then in 1917 Mary Ellen Whittemore married William Frederick Miller (or Mueller) in his home town of Naperville, Illinois.   He was much older, 29 while Mary Ellen was 17, and he gives his occupation as ‘Man-o-Warsman’ which appears to be a term for a US Navy Serviceman.   The War was on so that may have led to some time apart.

The ‘Intrigue’ part of the search didn’t become apparent when we first found them in the 1920 census –
Miller   William F   Head   32               Birth Illinois
            Mary E       Wife   19               Birth Minnesota
            Shirley V    Dtr      11 months  Birth Massachusetts
Cullen  Genevieve Lodger 22              Birth Massachusetts

   What was extraordinary though in this record is that it seemed that Mary Ellen had gone back to the family home in Massachusetts for the birth of daughter Shirley who in later years on her SSI gave her birth as February 10, 1919.

      Clearly that was never the case for Shirley was born in Massachusetts on that date, while Mary Ellen was very likely still in Naperville, Illinois, as we can see by the attached birth registration.  Here we have the birth of an unnamed child on February 10, 1919 to mother Genevieve Cullen.     Many years later in 1976 someone has notified the registry office that the father was called ‘Miller’.   So our thoughts are that William was the father and possibly wanted to raise Shirley as his own, except that didn’t happen.   In 1930 Shirley was with her grandparents Ernest and Emily Whittemore in Florida and then settled back to live near her old home in Lawrence at Methuen and then Lowell.

     So here is the big question – What became of William Miller and his wife Mary Ellen?

      There was a William Miller buried in Lawrence in 1957 but cannot be sure if this was him.

        To add to the confusion Shirley named her mother as Mary Cullen born January 1900 and died January 1976 in her SSI and that makes us think that she had kept in touch.    We have now found the birth of Genevieve Cullen which was in 1897 in Boston, to parents Michael and Bridget Cullen, and she was Mary Genevieve Cullen.    The name now agrees but the birth year doesn’t!    The correction made to the birth registration was done on 4th March 1976 so possibly this was instigated by Shirley who waited until her mother had passed.

      Why then can’t we find either William or Mary Ellen after 1920?


  Could somebody please restore this photo of Sidney Read/Reed.    It is thought to date to some time after 1892 and possibly before 1910, since this gentleman was in the 1891 census in Somerset and doesn't appear in a Melbourne street directory until 1895.

    Many thanks in anticipation,  Malcolm

Durham / Benjamin Reed and Hannah
« on: Saturday 02 June 18 04:40 BST (UK)  »
   We are helping a couple of sisters to find their gt.grandparents family of Benjamin Reed who married a Hannah Wilson/Ritchie.    Hannah was illegitimate and there is no record of her birth or baptism, born a Ritchie but raised by a Wilson family.

   For the moment I would just like to see an image of the 1901 census.   We have found them on the 1891 and 1911 census and 1939 registers but have had trouble finding the 1901 census.   I know it is there as it comes up on UK Census on line as:
Hannah    Reed    32       Durham    1869    Conway, Durham
Benjamin    Reed    32    Coal Hewer    Durham    1869    Upton Nober, Somerset

   I subscribe to My heritage at moment having let Ancestry go for the time being and a friend has FindMyPast which also doesn't find a result, and nor does Family Search.

    However I was able to spot Benjamin in an Ancestry Index for 1901 where the surname comes up as BEED -  they have Benjamin Beed  Hannah  about 1869    Durham

     In 1891 and 1911 Hannah gave her birthplace as 'Cornsay' which UKcensusonline have as 'Conway' and this is important as previously one sister has been looking at a Hannah Wilson born Toft Hill - quite some distance from Cornsay.    I think Upton Nober should be Upton Noble.

      So if somebody could kindly find the image on Ancestry that would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks,    Malcolm

  I realize that this is asking a lot but any improvement would be just marvelous.   The house where they stand was most likely to have been in Mordialloc, Victoria, a bayside suburb of Melbourne and the date would I think be around the early 1920's as Honora was born in 1900 and Elizabeth in 1882.   I only ever met 'Nora' about a year before she died in 1988.

   Thanks in anticipation,  Malcolm

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