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Tyrone / Jane or John McSorley
« on: Sunday 27 January 19 17:33 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone interpret this record in the Birth records for a McSorley child dated 2nd Jan 1842

Jane or John

Leitrim / Curneen Originated in Dromahair
« on: Friday 11 January 19 10:59 GMT (UK)  »
Local knowledge suggests that the Curneens of Glenade originated in Dromahair and over time moved into Glenade. I have no evidence of this and there is little to support the claim other than older Curneens suggesting this. Where would you start to look for clues?

Leitrim / Did Michael move from Keelogues to Aughamore, Glenade?
« on: Friday 28 December 18 18:08 GMT (UK)  »
Michael Curneen's children spanned the years 1841-1857 - Peter/Bridget/Mary/Sarah/John/Bryan - l have just found mention of a son, also called Michael in his will, but l can't find any birth/marriage or death records for him at all. Tgere is a possibility that he may have moved from Keelogues to possibly Aughamore as he doesn't show in census records like his siblings.

I've checked marriage and death records with no sightings....... puzzled.

Leitrim / Francis Curneen
« on: Friday 07 December 18 13:31 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to find Francis Curneens family. He was born 1830 and died 24 April 1882 in Largydonnel. In his will he left land to two sons John, his eldest and Francis, his youngest. His brother Michael was present at his death.

My wifes great great grandfather was Michael and I am starting to get the idea that this Francis is related since Peter Curneen (also in my wife family tree) was witness to the will.

I just cannot find his sons in the census.
His wife was Mary (Elliot)

Leitrim / Taking information from Griffiths Evaluations
« on: Monday 26 November 18 20:42 GMT (UK)  »
I've never been able to understand what the data on the Griffiths Evaluations mean and if they contribute anything to identifying our ancestors.

How can anyone tell if individuals who occupy land also occupy other land, how are they connected and if so how - all a puzzle to me.

Can anyone explain, please?

The Common Room / Irish Genealogy Site
« on: Friday 23 November 18 15:41 GMT (UK)  »
I have been using the Irish Genealogy site since it first became available and find it really excellent. Recently I decided to order one of the death certs that are not available for Leitrim through their photocopy service and was thrilled to see that it was in fact my wife great-great-great grandfather from Glenade, Leitrim.

I was wondering why there are still certificates like this, not open to public viewing and is it possible to retrieve them elsewhere.

Leitrim / Curneen - McGoey
« on: Saturday 03 November 18 20:11 GMT (UK)  »
My wife great, great grandfather was Michael Curneen b. 1811 in Keelogues, Glenade, Leitrim. His wife was Mary but until now I have had little information on her surname. I came across a record on Roots Ireland suggesting there was a marriage of a Michael Curneen to Mary McGoey from Drummans, Glenade.

I have since found two other marriage records that suggest that McGoey has some connection.
When a Pat McGoey of Drummans married in 1879, Michael Curneens son Peter was one of the witnesses. Also, when Michaels daughter Bridget Curneen married in 1881 one of her witnesses was a Margaret McGoey.

Would you suggest that there may well be a connection - or it just pure speculation on my part?

Leitrim / James McCabe c.1843 Aghanlish, Kinlough
« on: Thursday 25 October 18 07:29 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for any information on where James McCabe is buried, he died 20th March 1908 and pre-deceased his wife Mary Feeley (or Feehily). He lived all his life in Aghanlish. His father was Pat McCabe c. 1810 and James had five children, all that I have found birth records for.

Tyrone / Tyrone Births 1847-1858
« on: Friday 06 July 18 21:00 BST (UK)  »
Are there any parish records available, for Cappagh Parish, between the years 1847 and 1858. I cannot find births for the McSorley family, James, Bernard, Anne, Mary, Bridget and Patrick. Their father was Patrick McSorley b.1813, mother Mary b. 1819(surname unknown).

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