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Fife / Catherine Thomson c1837
« on: Sunday 15 October 17 03:42 BST (UK)  »

I'm looking for a little help in identifying a birth for Catherine Thomson.
What I have so far :
Catherine Thomson married George Allister on the 25.10.1860 at Dunfermline.
Catherine gives her parents as : John Thomson (Labourer) and Christina Thomson maiden name Walker.
I have them on the 1861 Census where she gives her Birth year as 1837 and the place as Ceres, Fife. George gives his birth year as 1837 and his birthplace as Dunfermline, Fife.
In 1871, 1881 and 1891 the family are in Carstairs, Lanarkshire.
Catherines Birth years doesn't vary much 1835-1837.
Catherine dies on the 18th May 1908 at Carstairs aged 73 years. Again her parents are listed as John Thomson (General labourer) and Christina Walker.
George dies in 1922 in Dunfermline.

I have been trying to identify her and her parents on earlier censuses and thought I had Identified a family and followed that family to Dysart in Fife where Catherine Thomsons mother ( who I thought was Christina / Catherine Walker) died in 1885 but the death cert fro this Catherine Thomson shows her father as Peter Kerr and her mother as Catherine Mitchell, previously Kerr maiden name Grant. So I have made a mistake somewhere! I cant seem to find a marriage for John Thomson and Christina Walker or indeed an birth or death for Christina Walker.
So basically I'm looking for help to identify Catherine Thomson and her family before she marries George Allister in 1860. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading
Laura  :)

England / Help with Edward Phillips Addison
« on: Sunday 19 February 17 22:29 GMT (UK)  »

Edward Phillips Addison was a comedian born c1813 in Devonport, Devon, England according to Census entries. He was the father of actresses Fanny Addison and Carlotta Addison. The Addisons appeared to travel about a lot.

I'm am struggling to find a birth for him, I'm wondering if he wasn't born an ADDISON.

His Obituary says (Haddy) after his name ?  See the attachment below.

I'm hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction.

Thanks Laura

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Birth place for Ann Norton
« on: Sunday 29 January 17 21:27 GMT (UK)  »
I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the birth place of Ann Norton is. She's the last entryon the page. The transcription says Middlesex, London but it doesn't look anything like that to me. Hoping someone will have more luck than me.

Laura  :)

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Burial records All Saints church West Bromwich
« on: Sunday 01 January 17 01:24 GMT (UK)  »
Firstly I'd like to wish all my fellow roots chatters a HAPPY NEW YEAR  :D

I was wondering if anyone has access to the above records. I have John Abbiss died 20th March 1879 in the Lunatic Asylum Burntwood.  The nice lady at the Staffordshire County record's office has looked for a burial and can't find one. She said the only other place he could be is All Saints or civil ground because she hasn't got those records on hand. I was hoping that someone may be prepared to check for me. I believe he could be buried at All Saints as he married his second wife Hannah Vaughan there in 1864.

Thanks for reading and all the best for 2017


United States of America / What happened to Barbara Hillhouse Frost MacKenzie ?
« on: Monday 25 January 16 06:15 GMT (UK)  »

I'm unsure of where to put this, please feel free to move if you think its better suited else where. I opted for here simply because the last trace I can find is in New York.

I am hoping someone can help me solve this mystery. This is what I have so far :

Barbara Hillhouse Frost MACKENZIE was born c 1900 in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland to James Hillhouse MacKENZIE and Annie STUART.

On the 25.05.1922 she married John Abbiss MORRIS in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Her 1st marriage his 3rd.

They had two children : Vivian Mackenzie MORRIS 1923 and Cyril James MORRIS 1927. Both born in Scotland.

On the 5th of August 1927 the arrived in New York aboard the SS George Washington. This is the last reference to the family all together I can find. I have John A MORRIS and the two children on the 1930 census in Cook County, ILLINOIS but there is no sign of Barbara. John has put his status as married not widowed so I presume she is still alive at this point.

John Abbiss MORRIS married Kathleen BURFORD on the 1st of September 1932 so I can only assume Barbara divorced him or died but I can find no record of either.

I have Vivians Obituary and it lists Katheen BURFORD as her mother not Barbara Hillhouse Frost MacKENZIE

Can anyone solve the mystery of what became of Barbara, I'd really like to know what happened to her.

thanks for reading


Ireland / more information about newspaper artlicle ?
« on: Tuesday 19 May 15 20:41 BST (UK)  »

This notice appeared in the Belfast news dated 25th June 1877. I think it may relate to my GGG Grandfather John Williamson so i was wondering is there anyway to find out what was going on so I can assess if this is my John or not? Joseph Williamson was my GG Grandfather. Any help gratefully recieved.

Thanks for reading



Pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, Ireland, made in the Matter of the Estate of John Williamson, late of Craigarogan, in the County of Antrim, Farmer, deceased; and the cause of John Williamson, Junior, against Joseph Williamson and Another: 

It then goes on to list 2 lots and finishes with 

Tenders to be sent in a sealed cover by post, pre-paid, addressed to the Chief Clerk of the Vice-Chancellor, at the Chambers of the Judge,  Four Courts, Inns Quay, Dublin, not later than the 2nd day of July, 1877, and TUESDAY, the 3rd day of July, 1877, at Eleven o'clock, the said Chambers is appointed to consider same.

      Dated this 12th day of June,1877.
         A. T. CHATTERTON, Chief Clerk.

Inverness / MI's for Kilmore, Sleat ? & Mcphersons of Skye
« on: Monday 27 April 15 23:26 BST (UK)  »

I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am looking for memorial inscriptions or a photograph of the headstone of Duncan McIntyre who died in Sleat in 1892 and his wife Janet (Jessie) McPherson who died in Sleat on 29.10.1879. I know there is a headstone as there are various pictures/entries for it on An****ry but I am not a member so I cant access them. Any ideas where I should be looking gratefully received.

For background :
Jessie McPherson born c1816 in Skye is my GGG Grandfather Alexander McPherson's ( born c1819 ) older sister, she married Duncan McIntyre in 1846 ( I think )
Jessie's parents were Donald McPherson and Mary McCrimmon. Donald died some time between 1841 and 1851 and in 1852 Mary and 7 of their children left Skye and emigrated to Australia.
I think Duncan lived in Duirinish at the time of his death possibly in 1849 but this is unconfirmed. My GGG Grandfather Alexander died at he Inverness District Asylum on the 16.4.1883. I don't know where Donald or Alexander are laid to rest but would be interested in any info on this too

Sorry that turned in to a longer post than intended, oh well better too much info than too little - I think :-\

Magiccat :D

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / James Guthrie Southampton
« on: Monday 16 March 15 11:44 GMT (UK)  »

I'm new to researching in England, most of my lot seem to be Irish / Scottish. What I have is a mystery really.

I have James GUTHRIE born c 1856 in Montrose, Angus, Scotland
Parents are believed to be Richard GUTHRIE and Betsy BROWN- I cant find a record of his birth or him on any census with the family ?? on the 1861 census there is a John Guthrie of the correct age and the couple did have a son John but he died in July 1860. Is it possible they wrote John instead of James?
His father Richard died in 1897 in Montrose and in his will he lists his son James, Mariner in Redditch, Birmingham as on of his 3 remaining children still living.
I found him on the 1901 census in Southampton with his wife Bertha Hemming, who he married in 1888 in Redditch, looking after his recently deceased sisters daughter Nellie M Whele. He gives his occupation as Mariner.
I have him, his wife and his niece on the 1911 census, he is living at 31 Foundry Lane, Freemantle, Southampton, and lists his occupation as Mariner. This tells me he and Bertha never had any children of their own.
I have a death in the March quarter of 1917 of a James Guthrie in Southampton from FreeBDM but I don't know how to get the death certificate to clarify his parentage of how to find where he was buried.
The only real evidence I have linking him to the family if the mention in Richards Will and the fact that on the Census he detail Nellie M Whele as hi niece. Nellie was the child of Richards daughter Helen( Nelly) Guthrie and William Whele a commercial Traveller born in England. Helen drank herself to death in Montrose in 1898.
I cannot find a birth or any census entries for James before 1901.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated
Thank you  :)

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / 3 generations for restoration please
« on: Saturday 08 March 14 16:19 GMT (UK)  »
I came across this picture in my late grandfathers things and believe it to be of my grandmother (the sleeping baby) her brother, her mother and both sets of her grandparents, I'd love to have it cleaned up and a date if possible. I have no access to a scanner so it is a photo of a photo I'm afraid. feel free to do what every you think best with it. thanks for your time

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