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Sussex / John Redman c.1797 and William Redman c. 1798 - Marriages?
« on: Thursday 03 December 20 14:39 GMT (UK)  »
I am totally confused in need of a fresh pair of eyes ::)  Have I gone down a wrong road? 

John and William are brothers born in Billingshurst, sons of  my Gt x 3 Grandfather Edward and Hannah Redman. Both baptised in adulthood in 1827 General Baptists Billingshurst.
A  John married Elizabeth Burchall 9 May 1831 Billingshurst, which I always though correct
Then I found a  William married Elizabeth Burchell 6 Apr 1822 West Chiltington.

Note the subtle difference in Elizabeth's surname one has e and other a probably just mis-transcription. 

Found 2 poss births for Elizabeth . 1806 Billingshurst - parents Hannah and John . 1804 Billingshurst  - parents  Henry & Elizabeth.

Have birth details for children of John and William,  and census which do show both brothers wives are Elizabeth.  But maybe they are not brothers?   

Sussex / Criminal Record for a George Redman b.1800 could he be my ancestor?
« on: Thursday 26 November 20 14:28 GMT (UK)  »
I have found a Trial  for Larceny of a George Redman in Sussex,  28th November 1838.  He was found Not guilty.  His age is given as 38 making his DOB 1800.  The birth date of my  Gt x 2 Grandfather who lived in Sussex is 1800.  .  I have printed out the pages of the court record book.  I am wondering if there is any way to find out any more details or even if there would be more to find? Where the Court was or where he lived.  I did try TNA but nothing came up for me .  I just did a general search for George Redman putting year 1838.

The Common Room / Why do you or don't you put your Trees on Genealogy sites?
« on: Thursday 26 November 20 10:19 GMT (UK)  »
This is a genuine question  from someone who does not have their tree online. Could the answer be,  in the hopes of contact from other family members?  Or maybe a convenient way of recording your tree, pride in your research skills and the desire to share with others?  Also there are Publlc and Private trees  I think the names are self explanatory  but what makes people choose one against the other? If it is  Private who can see it?  Is it only invited people? Can I contact the tree owner?
So many questions on this subject.

Its obviously a personal choice and I know there is no wrong or right way to approach any aspect of your own research but I am really interested in your answers for and against. 

The Common Room / My tree back to 1100's - I don't believe it.
« on: Wednesday 18 November 20 17:19 GMT (UK)  »
Just have to share this with you. A fellow researcher helping with my Redman line found a rather interesting tree, however the finds should be taken with a kilo of salt!  The owner is same generation as me , he/she descends from the brother of my Gt x 1 Grandfather.  Whereas I can only go back with proof to our Gt x 4 Grandfather   he/she  goes back to 1100's,  and no proof.

We have Knights of the Realm, Lords and Ladies, Members of Parliament, a  Speaker of the House of Commons and more. Most of these can be found by googling.  Apparently we come from France.  After the Battle of Hastings one Adam d'Avranches was given land, the spoils of victory from the battle  and became Lord of Yealand and Silverdale in Cumbria he also had land a few miles away called Redman . His son called himself de Redman (Redmayne) which means  of Redman.  The de was eventually dropped in 1500.  After 400 years they are in Sussex no titles, no wealth,  mainly labourers or farmers. .

For fun I looked into the tree and finds more closely and can  not find a shred of evidence  to connect my poor Sussex Redmans  to the Yorkshire nobles.  To add insult to injury he/she got the death of our Gt x 2 Grandfather completely wrong and mentioned a death of his mother which can not be found, believe me I have tried.

So I just don't believe it.   Maybe Tree Owner will see this post and prove me wrong?

This is what the second lockdown had driven me too, lol. But its been fun.

Stay safe everyone


Sussex / Renting property/land in1800's
« on: Tuesday 22 September 20 12:20 BST (UK)  »
From the Billingshurst Land Tax Records 1780-1832 i have discovered my Great x 3 Grandfather Edward Redman rented South Lands and Trunnels  from 1802-1819 for the sum of £3.15s. 4d. From 1780-1801 this was rented by his first wife's family (the Brockhursts) . Prior to this in 1787-1780 I believe  he rented Woodlands for 16s 4d.

Its difficult to explain but I hope you see what I am getting at. Was this a lot of money? What sort of person could afford to pay that amount of money. He must have  farmed the land and in  1820 he was able to emigrate to US with second wife and 7 children.  I wonder how much that cost?   Can I assume he was reasonable well off?

Finally I have discovered through google a Southlands Farm a Grade 11 listed building could this be what he rented or just the land, not sure about Trunnels. 

US Lookup Requests / Ancestors who emigrated 1820 and settled in Indiana.
« on: Friday 28 August 20 18:09 BST (UK)  »
My Great x 3  Grandfather Edward Redman and second wife Jane and 7 children emigrated and I believe settled in Posey Indiana. I found 3 of their sons quite easily but only one is actually documented as being born in Uk. I can get them up to 1990ís.  There is another son Jesse but have found absolutely nothing on him. Also there are 3 more children , 2 girls and an Elisha is that name male or female.  My worry is that I donít have enough proof so have been re-visiting my research but lack of resources and knowledge of US family history is frustrating me.

My question, is there anyone out there who has English Redmans in their tree?  Or anyone able to help with look-ups or anything really. Obviously I can give more detail but didnít want to confuse you all.

I have posted a few times on this subject so apologies if I am doing this all wrong. Tbh itís just a massive plea for help   ;D

Armed Forces / Ethelbert Chitty - R.N 1914-1938 - R.A.N 1939-1948
« on: Tuesday 09 June 20 11:45 BST (UK)  »

Ethelbert was in British and Australian Navy until his death in 1848.  I have his English Records 1914 - 1938 but unable to access those from Australia 1939 - 1948 without the relevant subs.  Can anyone help?
Also can  someone  explain what this extract from  UK Royal Navy Register  means please.

Armed Forces / Lawrence Arthur Chitty b. 1894
« on: Monday 08 June 20 18:20 BST (UK)  »
Could anyone help please.  Someone sent me this a long while ago I cant remember who ::)
I must admit i didnt follow it up but am doing so now.  Can any point me in the right direction as to where I can get more information on his time in the Navy.   It may be just me but I tried Ancestry with no luck.

The picture makes me smile as it looks like a police mug shot.

Sussex / Henry J Ridcess?
« on: Sunday 07 June 20 15:36 BST (UK)  »
On the  1881 census  for The Matthews family of Bosham  there is a Henry J Ridcess he must be  the son of Mary Jane Matthews as he is given as Grandson of Head of family and she is the daughter.

This is a very unusual name and my first thought was mis-transcription. I have searched high and low for him to no avail.  What do you all think?  It actually looks correct to me. 

Which leads me to my next cry for help, can anyone find him for me?

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