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Technical Help / Cannot access GRO site on iPad
« on: Monday 25 January 21 20:37 GMT (UK)  »
For a couple of days now I cannot access GRO site on my iPad using both Chrome and Safari.
On both I get a variation of ‘this site is not secure’ etc.
I have tried clearing caches and have done a reset (which has modified a few things  ::) ) but I still cannot access. I am only as technical as I need to be so am not really.
As I haven’t seen any messages about this on Rootschat, I presume it is just my problem. Does anyone have any ideas please?

The Stay Safe Board / Young People in Lockdown
« on: Sunday 14 June 20 18:16 BST (UK)  »
I was sent this earlier and thought it worth sharing. It is about 18 minutes long but very enjoyable, insightful and emotional. I hope you are able to watch it.

The Lighter Side / Reservoir Feeder
« on: Tuesday 19 May 20 11:38 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone,
I am looking for some help.
I see what looks as though it could be an old track or road - grassed over but the remains of an old stone wall. It doesn’t lead anywhere. It is in a hollow below the main road and stops where there is a modern building.
I looked it up on an old map and it is marked as  a ‘reservoir feeder’. On the old map, the area is open land and there is another one not far away. However, there is no reservoir in the area.
Is this part of a drainage system in case of excess rainwater? On a new property build nearby,  a balancing pond has been  included and I wondered if the reservoir feeder had a similar function.

As it has puzzled me for a while, I thought I would ask fellow rootschatters.  ;)


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Relationship advice please
« on: Saturday 01 September 18 21:34 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone,

Please could you help me work through this.
My Ancestry results show four ‘2nd cousin matches’.

A shows 247 centimorgans across 12 segments.
B = 234 across 13
C=  228 across 13
D=  210 across 12

B is a known child of a first cousin and therefore shares ancestry with me through both paternal grandparents
C and D are known second cousins (first cousins to each other)  and share ancestry with me through one paternal grandparent (their grandparent being a sibling to mine)

A is a shared match to B and D but not C.

I am told that one of A’s parents was adopted.

Is this right?
A is connected through both my paternal grandparents.
A is either my second cousin or 1st cousin once removed.

I hope you can follow this.


Technical Help / Desktop screen text has different colours
« on: Tuesday 07 June 16 16:50 BST (UK)  »

All of a sudden the text under the icons on my desktop home screen is showing different colours.
If I open a document or look at other texts, it is mainly black but there is something not quite right.
I have tried searching for this but most things seem to refer to changing colour in text not this fault which I seem to have.
I don't use the desktop much and it is quite old but was updated to Windows 10 a while ago.
Is there anything to be done please?


The Lighter Side / Copyright re WW1 images
« on: Monday 16 May 16 11:10 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone offer advice or explanation please?

At the moment there is much interest in WW1 and many photos in articles.
I have seen a picture I would like to use in a piece of writing which would be published.
It is a copy of a painting which was apparently destroyed. The artist painted it at the time and died in 1963.
It has been widely used in articles in newspapers, online and regimental material.
Apparently it was very popular and copies were on show in family homes in the years after the Great War.
I have searched re copyright and there is an article which states that it is not in copyright in USA but should not be included in Wikimedia Commons because it could be elsewhere.

Can anyone help please?

Ireland / Mendicant in 1901 census
« on: Sunday 04 October 15 16:33 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone,

This is just a question to see if anyone has any knowledge or opinion really.  :)

1901 Irish census- I have a lady 70+ yrs who is on census with my grandparents as a 'Mendicant'.
Her surname is a family surname - the maiden name of my great grandmother or grandmother of the lady she is with. However her first name is my gt grandmother's name so it isn't her. She would have a married name anyway!
Presumably she is a relative, although the nearby village where that family originates from is full of folk of that surname!
I am just wondering if she was an elderly relative with no means of support and the enumerator has designated her as a mendicant, rather than herself - that she would not be earning a living as a beggar.
I wonder if anyone has come across this situation before?


Technical Help / Hotmail email attached to another
« on: Monday 27 April 15 13:22 BST (UK)  »

I wonder if someone could tell me how this has happened. I received an email from a friend and the 'sender' showed the name e.g. Mary together with another friend's name as though it was forwarded or similar. Thus it read from 'Mary, Pauline.'
I had previous correspondence with Pauline but this was a new email from Mary which when opened and scrolled down, showed my emails from and to Pauline a few days earlier. ???
How could a new email message be attached to an old one from a different person.
I have tried searching for an answer  but can't find one.
The two friends are quite separate so there is no connection whatsoever. Would Mary be able to see the Pauline's messages to me if she reopened her mail? I am just bothered if this happened with some business or private issue.
I hope you can understand the explanation of the problem  :)



Technical Help / Ancestry and iPad problems today
« on: Monday 22 September 14 18:21 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone,
I am looking for advice and help please.

This morning I was able to access Anc. on iPad through Safari as always. This afternoon I couldn't.
At first I got the home page but could not search from there- nothing happened.
I cleared history, cookies etc but then I couldn't sign in.
I phoned Anc. and was told it must be my settings and maybe there had been updates.
I can't update iOS 8 - not enough space and there is no record of any other updates.
Phoned again for clarification but received the same info- it must be my settings.
On their advice I tried Chrome - no different.
I tried Opera and can sign in, search but when I then want to view, I am back on a sign in page.
I am going round in circles.
Is it my settings and do I need to clear some apps etc to get more space for an update?
I just don't understand why it suddenly changed with no downloads or updates.
Other sites are fine and Anc. is fine on my other computers.

I must add that I do not understand technical jargon etc.

Thanks and regards


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