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London and Middlesex / William McDonald St Pancras 1851
« on: Thursday 23 September 21 18:56 BST (UK)  »
I have a William McDonald aged 6 in St Pancras in 1851.
He seems to be in some sort of school , the page before gives a name but I can t read it, it appears to be near Powis Place.
Also all the boys on the page have what appears to be "visitor" in relationship column, but not quite sure if it says that.
Would be grateful for thoughts where this might be in St Pancras.

The Lighter Side / Any ideas what this "Medal " might be?
« on: Sunday 08 August 21 15:49 BST (UK)  »
Found with my late father in laws WW2 medals. I don t think it is actually a medal, I don t have access to it as they are photos from a family member. He says they are not heavy enough to be gold unfortunately! I would have thought it was old though.
Lots of similar images on google but not exactly the same. It most looks like an old French 5 cent, but no date or numbers. Napoleon 111 Empereur.
Ideas welcome as to condition as I don t think it looks well made enough, perhaps a reproduction .

Technical Help / Scanning a whole photo album to USB.
« on: Friday 18 December 20 19:09 GMT (UK)  »
My partner has been given one of the family photo albums and would like to make digitalised copies of the album itself for other family members.
I see Asda do a photo album scanning service (at a price) and wondered if anyone has used this service or similar and if the results were ok.
We do not want to take all the photos out and scan ourselves in case of damage and compromising the "feel" of the album.
Would be grateful for any thoughts,
Cathy :)

Wicklow / Town or village in Wicklow
« on: Wednesday 29 July 20 17:14 BST (UK)  »
I have just found an army pension record for a James McDonagh born c1800. I would love it to be my ancestor as he is a bit of a mystery but it may not be.
His place of birth is transcribed as Derrelofsary, co. Wicklow.
The record is dated 1837 when James left the army.

Does anyone know where this might be please?
Have tried to attach snippet with towns name but can t at the moment, it certainly looks like Derrelofsary.
My James was born supposedly in Dublin.


Warwickshire / R C baptism, Coventry, what does sponsor mean?
« on: Saturday 21 December 19 16:26 GMT (UK)  »
I have the following Roman Catholic baptism at The Most Holy Sacrament and St Osburg, Coventry.
Bap 29th July 1846 John McDonagh, son of James and Catherine of Coventry.
In the column  Quality, Trade or Profession it has underneath, written by hand, sponsors.
In that coloumn...  John Mc Entire
The sponsors' names on the page are all different.
Please could someone explain the significance of "sponsor"
Many thanks

Warwickshire / Warwick records office
« on: Thursday 08 November 18 17:57 GMT (UK)  »
I will be visiting Warwick Records Office hopefully next week sometime. I have discovered they hold some photographs of my Grandfather and his business. I would love to have a few copies of these photos and wondered how the best way to get them was. Does the Record Office have facilities for copying photos or is there another way,  perhaps someone has done this before.
Thanks for any advice


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Old negatives converted to photos?
« on: Saturday 13 January 18 14:33 GMT (UK)  »
I m sure this has probably been asked before, but I have some very old black and white negatives that I would dearly love to have turned into photos. I am not very technical and though there do seem to be ways to do it by scanning the negatives etc, I wondered if anyone has any experience of a company I could send them to, to be made into photos.

Armed Forces / Royal Navy? WW2
« on: Thursday 02 November 17 16:47 GMT (UK)  »
I am researching for a friend who had a relative , a seaman in WW2, not sure which service, the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, or RNVR. They did think the merchant Navy.
I have found his name on Forces Records , down as being in the RN.
His number was LTJX179323, I wondered if anyone could confirm from this number what branch of the service he would have been in and possibly where and how we could obtain his records.
Many thanks

Devon / Northam churchyard
« on: Friday 18 March 16 12:16 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone possibly know if there might be a headstone for the following buried in the churchyard 1st Oct 1908
Frederick Wallace Scuffins(sometimes Spall)aged 16 found drowned Sep 25th 1908.
He was aboard the Phyllis Gray which came to grief on Saunton Sands.
I have all the newspaper reports detailing the finding of the body and subsequent funeral.It was a very sad story of a boy a long way from home found with a letter to mother in his pocket who had been abandoned and lived in Suffolk.
The villagers took pity on them ,paid for his Mother to attend ,and there were over 1000 people at his funeral. He was a boy from a poor family and would nt normally have had a headstone but I wonder there might be one.
He was buried in the "sailors plot", Northam Cemetery.
Many thanks

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