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Donegal / Help with Bocan Chapel marriage records for Doherty
« on: Saturday 17 September 16 02:31 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find a marriage record for James Doherty and Cecily Doherty married in Bocan Chapel,  on January 25, 1883.

NLI records for Culdaff, doesn't go up to 1883 in their online records.  I was hoping that someone here had access to them offline, or knew if they even existed.

Thanks so much.

Ireland Resources / Question RE: Civil Registration Districts
« on: Saturday 10 September 16 23:13 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find a map that shows the boundries, of civil registration districts.
But, I want it to include townland names, also.

Does anyone know where I can find one?

After at least two years of research, I still can't wrap my head around places in Ireland.



I am having difficulty reading one word, in this Baptismal record.

It's in the 3rd line down (not including date line), and 2nd word in. The word follows Burns and starts with an A. 

I think it concerns the religion of Margaret Burns, the mother.  The father had "Cath' noted after his name. I can find no one else with their religion noted.

Any help would be appreciated.


Laois (Queens) / Burns Family from Maryborough, Mountmellick, Queen's County
« on: Saturday 26 July 14 12:11 BST (UK)  »

I'm hoping someone has information on the Burns family from Maryborough in Laios.

My great-great grandparents were Margaret Burns b. 1820-1822, and Peter Connell b 1820-1822.

They were both from Queen's County, Ireland.

Messages in The Boston Pilot Paper make me believe Margaret had 2 brothers from Maryborough...John and Thomas. They immigrated to the US around 1842.

John married a Miss Cahill (also from Maryborough), before leaving Ireland, and they ended up in New Orleans. Thomas was living in Lower Canada.

I have information that they Margaret and Peter married in 1838, before leaving Ireland, and after spending time in England, they settled in Delaware.

I read in a forum, that Margaret's mother's maiden name was thought to be Barrington.

That would make sense since she gave the middle name of Barrington to her son, Charles.

I know Peter Connel was Catholic, but I'm not sure Margaret was, until she married.  She might have been Presbyterian.

I would appreciate any information on this family, since I seem to be stuck.



Cork / Catholic Parishes in Ballyvourney
« on: Tuesday 22 July 14 04:46 BST (UK)  »
I found baptismal information on my great, great grandmother, but it just states- 

Does anyone know which Roman Catholic parish or church, was located in Ballyvourney around 1839?

Thanks so much.

Donegal / Families and farms in Donegal
« on: Sunday 20 April 14 02:05 BST (UK)  »
How long would one family in the late 1800's usually stay on the same farm, without moving?

I know here in the US, family farms are passed down, usually from father to a son, or a son would buy a piece of land close to their parents, so they could help out on both.

Usually,  farmers are born, die, raise their children and live their entire lives in the same house.

Barring those whoemmigrated to a different country, was that how it was done, in Ireland, during that time period, or did being a tenant farmer, rather than an owner, have a big effect on it?

I guess what I'm trying to ask is, if a person is listed in the Tithe Applotment Book,  what are the chances they, or some of their children, will still be in the same place, in Griffith's Valuation?


Donegal / Location for Lower Town, Clonca
« on: Sunday 20 April 14 01:45 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know exactly where Lower Town in Clonca is located?

It's in the Tithe Applotment Book,  but not in Griffiths, so it might be a name that changed into something else.


Donegal / Doherty's from Meedanmore.
« on: Saturday 10 August 13 12:40 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have any information on Doherty's, from Meedanmore?
Gerald Doherty b. abt 1806, d 1874

If I'm correct, he had a son Denis b.abt 1844, and a daughter Margaret  b. abt 1840, and  I think another son Bernard, but I not absolutely sure about him. They all moved to the US from 1858-1862

His wife was Ellen, and she also moved to the US, but I think it was after he died.


Ireland / Were Bryan/Bernard interchangable in Ireland in the 1800's
« on: Tuesday 30 July 13 10:38 BST (UK)  »
l found a Barnard, on a civil marriage record, but when I went to the place he lived, in the 1901 Census, I only find a Bryan.

Does anyone know if these two names were interchangeable, at that time?


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