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Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Naturalised in 1781
« on: Saturday 11 August 12 05:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I've known for a while that my 6x great grandmother Charlotte Sophia Blake was naturalised by an Act of Parliament in 1781 (Private Act, 21 Geo. III, c. 8, 12 Mar. 1781) but have been unable to find out any more accurate information about her or the Act.

Does anyone know if there are any records surviving from this time that may tell me which country she was born in? Would the Parliament Act above refer to a particular country or does anyone know of any naturalisation lists from this time? Given that she married Sir George Smyth, I thought the information on her background may have been more forthcoming.



Australia / Convict Query
« on: Thursday 18 December 08 02:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

I was wondering if someone with a bit of knowledge about the historic convict situation in Tasmania might be able to answer a general query I have.

I'm interested in what happened to the families of those men and women convicted of a crime in England and then transported out to Australia. In researching my partner's tree I've come across situations where men who had wives and children in England as well as women with husbands and children in England, were shipped off to Australia and then remarried in Australia and started new families.

Were these new marriages legal? The ones I've seen all had approved "applications to marry" granted to them. Were convicts given divorces from their wives/husbands when they were deported?

Also could the children or spouses of convicts join them in Australia? Could female convicts in particular, take their children with them? One of the convict forms I found seem to suggest that perhaps the three children of one convict mother may have travelled with her though I haven't yet been able to find a passenger list for that trip.

Can anyone help me out on what may have happened back then?



Cambridgeshire Lookup Requests / 1841, 51 or 61 Census - EVERITT
« on: Thursday 18 December 08 01:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Best wishes of the season  :)

Could anyone with access to the 1841, 1851 or 1861 census for Cambridgeshire please do a look-up for me? It's to add an extra layer of family to a genealogy Christmas present so I'm really hoping someone can help.

I'm looking for the EVERITT family; William (born c1820) and his wife Martha (born c1820) and probably one or more children.  I know that William and Martha married in Cambridge in 1846 and had several children before emigrating to New Zealand in 1862.

Martha's maiden name was IRELAND and her father's name was supposedly James IRELAND so if anyone could also look for this family name it would be most appreciated.

Many thanks,


Essex Completed Lookup Requests / BETTIS, Essex 1840's
« on: Wednesday 17 December 08 04:02 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

I'm trying to trace my partner's family tree as a Christmas present and am currently following back the BETTIS family line, which I have just learnt comes from Essex.

According to his convict papers, on 21 May 1844 in Chelmsford, Essex, William BETTIS was put to trial and found guilty of stealing a lamb, being subsequently sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in Tasmania, Australia. At the time of his trial he was 22 years old and had a wife Ann and one child, though this didn't stop him from remarrying in Tasmania in 1854.

I don't have currently have access to the Ancestry website so can't check the census records for more details but perhaps someone with a better knowledge of the Essex area (and more experience with old handwriting) could translate some of the fields from the attached image for me.

I know the offence involved stealing a lamb but other than that I'm really struggling with translating the notes. I would particularly like to know if anyone recognises the place name in the field "Native Place".

If anyone has any ideas, or other information about the Bettis family, I'd love to hear from you.

Best wishes of the season,   :)


Australia Lookups completed / Tasmanian Convicts - Coleman & Bettis
« on: Monday 15 December 08 04:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Best wishes of the season. May Santa bring you the missing ancestors you search for  :)

I've just discovered a new family line in Tasmania, Australia with convict links and hoped that someone with access to Tasmanian records (particularly those for convicts) may be able to provide some more information on them.

They are:
SARAH COLEMAN - born circa 1822, England. Convict #13421, arrived on the Aurora (2) on 10 Aug 1851.

She married WILLIAM BETTIS, who may or may not have been a convict, in Hobart in 1854 and had a daughter LOUISA sometime around 1859.

This is all the information I have so far so if anyone has any of these folks in their tree or have access to records that may shed new light on them, I would really love to hear from you. I'm preparing a summary of this family line as a Christmas gift, so any new information would be most appreciated.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas,


Lancashire Lookup Requests / 1851 Unfilmed Census Records
« on: Thursday 07 August 08 03:07 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

If there is anyone out there with the 1851 unfilmed census records for Lancashire I would dearly love a look-up.

I'm desperately trying to find Christopher EMMETT or EMMOTT who I have been unable to find in any of the filmed census records (despite exhaustive searching). I know he was definitely in Lancashire or Yorkshire, but I have a hunch that he may have perhaps been around Ardwick as that's where his future wife-to-be was living in 1851.

In other records I have noticed the Emmett name spelt in a vast variety of ways so if anyone has access to the unfilmed records I would hugely appreciate a look-up on anyone with a surname beginning with EMM* - I'm casting my net as widely as I can to find this fellow.

Christopher was born in Stanley, Yorkshire on the 5th Feb 1832 and has eluded me for years so any help in finding him would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hamilton, New Zealand

Tipperary / Location Query
« on: Thursday 05 June 08 01:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

While researching a new family line I came across the following location given as the birthplace for my John COSTELLO.

Borraschill, Tipperary, Ireland

I can't find any location with this name, but given that the name was written down in New Zealand in the mid-late 1800's, the spelling is likely to be somewhat suspicious.

Does anyone recognise the name and know where it is or have any ideas of what it should be?

Kind regards,


Lancashire Lookup Requests / 1851 & 1861 Lancashire Census
« on: Thursday 05 June 08 01:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

If anyone has access to the 1851 & 1861 Census records for Lancashire I would greatly appreciate a look-up.

I'm looking for John McALLISTER - or two of them to be precise.  ;)

The information that I have to work from is:

Born: circa 1842, probably in Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Father: John McALLISTER, possibly warehouseman

I was hoping that these two may show up in the 1851 Census where John Jnr would have been around 9 years of age. I know that John Jnr left England for New Zealand around 1863 so he would have hopefully been covered in the 1861 census as well.

If anyone would mind having a look for these two, it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Bradford Birth & Marriage Look-Up Request
« on: Wednesday 06 June 07 23:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had access to Bradford Parish Records and would be able to have a look for a record or two for me?

I'm trying to find the birth and marriage records for my 3x great grandparents - James VICKERS and his wife Esther (nee MARSDEN).

According to the census records I've found, James VICKERS was born circa 1791, most likely in or around Bowling, Bradford. His wife Esther MARSDEN was born circa 1793 and probably in the same rough area.

According to the IGI, they were married on 19 March 1810 in Bradford, Yorkshire, but I was really hoping that there may be some more information in the original records as I'm trying to make my way back another generation.

If anyone is able to help it would be much appreciated. It's a little too far for me to travel from New Zealand to Bradford in the hope of finding these records, so if anyone closer has access to them and wouldn't mind helping out, I'd really appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Hamilton, New Zealand

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