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The Common Room / Privacy Breech -- Help
« on: Saturday 14 May 22 00:22 BST (UK)  »
To my horror, my LastPass has told me that has has a security breech and my password and emails have been compromised. It was recommended that I change my password immediately. I have not done business with this company or been to the site since 2010!

I did as I was instructed by LastPass. I went to the site, put in my email and clicked "lost or change password". It said it would send me an email. It did not. I guess this is because it has been such a long time since I had a subscription.

Next step was to try and find some way to contact them and get some human help. I could find no email address anywhere on the site. Does anybody have one? (I am in Canada and phoning is not too practical.) Advice?


Graveyards and Gravestones / False Coat of Arms on Tomb
« on: Friday 07 January 22 18:47 GMT (UK)  »
Is anybody out there scholar in English Ecclesiastical History from medieval times to 17th century? I have asked this question and it either goes off topic, or people just guess at the answer. You lot are pretty sharp so I am hoping somebody will know.

I have a knight who died in 1618. A respected genealogy and antiquarian book published about 1907 said that he had a tomb and effigy in a chapel in a certain church. I found it, still there in the church. Later research (not by me. This comes from the church.) found a masons mark on the tomb. This mason died at least 100 years previous to my knight. Research also showed that the original knight's coat of arms had been removed and replaced with my guy's. Research also showed that the chapel was a Chantry for the previous knight before the Reformation. So my question is this. Was it common practice in that era to do what my knight did? I was kind of shocked, but then it was a different time.

Durham / Surtees History of Durham confusion
« on: Sunday 02 January 22 21:42 GMT (UK)  »
Happy New Year Rootschatters. Hoping some of you can help me with with publications by Robert Surtees History and Antiquities of the County of Durham. I know it comes in 4 volumes, with the fourth being completed after his death by James Raine. I have references to look up in each of the volumes. I know Volume 1 is Sunderland District, Volume 2 is Gateshead, Volume 3 is Hartlepool, and don't know what Volume 4 covers.

I have downloaded Volumes 1 and 3. Does anybody know where I can download Volumes 2 and 4, please? Preferably for free? I have checked the Surtees Society, Open Library and the Internet Archive, mainly.

Our University library has them but due to Covid restrictions I cannot visit.

Before anybody posts, yes, I know there are other books by Hutchison and Fordyce with the same or similar names. I am not confusing them.
Thank you.

Durham / Rev. Thomas Blakiston 1602-1652 Vicar of Northallerton
« on: Friday 08 October 21 18:57 BST (UK)  »
I am going way back here. Rev. Thomas Blakiston was a member of a very prominent Durham family. His brother John was one of the Regicides, but his father Marmaduke was very high church. His brother George emigrated to Maryland. The Maryland Historical Magazine (Vol.2 Issue 1, 1907 p.54) says that Rev. Thomas Blakiston was "ejected during the Civil wars 1640/1". I want to know why and how this happened. Does anybody know? Or does anybody know any Civil war sites, experts or forums where I could ask? I have to do this online because I am in Canada.

Thanks very much for your help. You folks always come through.

Lanarkshire / University of Glasgow graduates
« on: Friday 18 April 14 22:51 BST (UK)  »
Please can anybody tell me where I can find a list of University of Glasgow graduates around the turn of the 20th century. Haven't a clue which faculty. Quite possibly something to do with religion or theology. Thanks.

The Common Room / Can a person be half-baptised?
« on: Monday 17 October 11 02:38 BST (UK)  »
I have a page from a 1818 baptismal register that has a couple of children of the family that I am researching registered as 'half baptised'. A couple of years later they are registered in the same church in the normal was as being baptised.  Now, I'm an Anglican, (as were they) and I always thought that either you were baptised or you weren't.  Maybe somebody with more religious education can tell me what is going on here.  Has anybody else seen or heard of this?

These children were from an affluent family that all lived reasonably close by in the suburbs London, so it wasn't like they had to wait to get together.   

The Common Room / How to Pay for an English Will with Canadian Dollars
« on: Friday 20 May 11 19:09 BST (UK)  »
I want to order (at the moment)  two wills and probate documents.  One is from 1998 and the other from 1995.  Depending on what they tell me, I will probably want to order several more after that.

I have been on the Court Services website and read about their Postal Searches.  I have even downloaded the form, and I have all the details that they need.  The problem is that they want a cheque in Pounds Sterling.  I am a Canadian with a Canadian bank account. I can't write a cheque in Pounds Sterling.  I have heard that, although it is clearly stated on the form that they do not deal with credit cards, that there is a way to order wills by credit card.  Anybody know how I can do this?

Thanks so very much

Technical Help / Genealogy Library Software
« on: Thursday 17 March 11 23:20 GMT (UK)  »
I have decided that I have so many books in print, on CDs and on my hard drive that I need some library software.  I'm looking for advice from other RootsChatters.  Most of my books are antiquarian, well before ISBNs were thought of, but can be found in the British Library, Internet Archive, or Open Library.  I'm looking for a kind of software (below $50 CDN) that I can use on Windows XP that will download bibliographic details from the internet.  It must also be easy to use for a non-technical person.  I have tested the following:

All My Books
Will download details by typing in partial titles, but will not search the Internet Archive, only Google Books.
Simplistic.  Does not download or show many details.

Way too technical.  Couldn't even get it to install properly

It would search Internet Archive and the British Library as well as many others all at once
The date function was UK and not US (Hooray!)
I loved the flexibility, BUT
I could only figure out how to make it download from the internet with an ISBN.  If it could only search for books on the internet by title, it would be perfect.  Does anybody know how to make it do that?  (Not too technical, please.)

I'm considering downloading and testing Book Collector.  Any advice on that one?  Will it do what I need it to do?

Downloading bibliographic details from the internet, and/or the British Library automatically is the deal-breaker, because these hundreds of 18th and 19th century books have huge titles, etc. that I don't want to have to input manually.

Technical Help / How much broadband do I use?
« on: Wednesday 26 January 11 22:10 GMT (UK)  »
Here in Canada, cable companies have lowered the cap on our broadband usage and raised our rates.  I am now capped at 60 GB per month, down from 75 GB.  I'm already paying over $100 per month to my ISP (mind you, that includes TV), so I don't want to run into their very high-priced surcharges.  The thing is, I have no idea how much broadband I am using now.  These are just abstract numbers to me.  Is there any way I can monitor it?  No details are given by my ISP (which is Shaw Cable, for the benefit of any Western Canadians that are reading this).  Maybe there is an an app or something?  I'm rather mystified by this whole thing.

I'm not a novice with computers, but neither am I a techie.  Please keep it simple.

Thanks very much

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