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Armed Forces / Uncles Crossed Rifles Badge
« on: Monday 18 October 21 08:16 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help me identify a badge from my uncle?  It is Hallmarked gold, I think it is G date letter and an anchor symbol so that is Birmingham 1931 but they are very small symbols.  It looks like a cap badge but there is no pin on the back. He was in the Army, roughly 1965-1975, and his father, my grandfather, was in WW2 in Europe, Germany. He was fond of buying gold and expensive watches during his travels, he went all over the world in his army service, so it might not have any family connections but it is one of his personal items.

I think I need some help from members familiar with US sources.

The question is did Mary Ann emigrate to New York alone prior to 1877 marriage ?
or did the whole family go to New York ?

Accessed via FamilySearch :
Mary Anne Payne ; father John Payne; mother Sarah Downes ; marries James Herbert 3 Jun 1877 Manhattan, New York, US
original source New York Marriages 1686-1980.

I think this event could match with Mary Anne Payne 1851 Tiverton ; father John Payne 1811  ; mother 1820 Sarah Down ; married 1842
with other children William Payne 1842; Elizabeth Payne 1846; Sarah Payne 1848 as per 1851 Census  Cullompton

Although Mary Ann's birth  appears to be registered as Mary Ann Pain 1850 Tiverton Quarter 4 Vol 10 Page 259 mother's name Down.

I have found the family in Poplar, Middlesex in 1861.
Class: RG 9/301/169 p11

But there are so many possibilities once all the children become adults in London. I don't think they are there.


 I am getting better at this but ;

Profession of William ? Looks like an X in there?

The Ink Blots have defeated me on Father's name for William, which must be the most common first name in the family line so they are so awkward to trace back.

Susan's father's name will hopefully be very useful as she is a widow and help to lock-in her 1st marriage. 



Please could someone restore this photo of an old damaged portrait picture ?
Ann Pine, married Levi Lunn in 1863 and lived in Bolton-upon-Deane area. I would guess that the portrait was done c 1890-1900?

 The canvas has been torn and the frame is visible . It is such a good quality portrait and it is a shame that it marred by the damage when modern image processing can probably achieve a seamless repair.

Getting variable background shading to blend in is beyond my capabilities in Photoshop.
This is a <500K version of an original 3MB image.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1837 Mother of James PAYNE - Sarah ?
« on: Friday 04 September 20 08:02 BST (UK)  »
 This one has me puzzled.   Ending -ew ?    K in the middle?  Could it be Askew with a extra flourish at end of the K ?  With surname origins in North Yorkshire !

Cannot find anything more likely for -ew in Devon Marriages database at ; although Askew is not listed.

I think GRO opted out because maiden name is indexed as Blank ; thought it was going to an illegitimate birth. Do they do any form of cross checking on supporting records for mothers to see if their transcription is valid?  I have only just discovered that Search GRO Index feature at now returns the mother's maiden name. This is saving me a fortune in getting certificates for mother's details.

November 16th (love the "1/2 after 11 o'clock" ) 1837
Tiverton, Devon
Male James Payne
Father James Payne
Mother Sarah ?

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Pyne witness at an 1830 Pine marriage
« on: Sunday 09 February 20 10:29 GMT (UK)  »
I am need of expert help again with handwriting recognition.
1830 Marriage of Charles KNIGHT to Mary PINE in Cullompton, Devon.

Mary is proving to be elusive , it was a popular family name at the time and there are several alternatives.  Hopefully identification of a witness name might add some context to this Mary's origins.

1st Witness is xxxxx Pyne to my eye, no idea what the forename could be .  The Pine/Pyne spelling was fairly interchangeable at this time so it could still be a close family member.


Please can this photo be restored, removing creases and cleaning the faded image.

This is my great-grandmother Sarah Emma Butterfield 1869-1942 with her children ; Annie Jackson (1897-1974) my grandmother ; the twins Lenonard (1912-1973) and Lily Jackson(1912-1987) all based in the Liversedge area of West Yorkshire. 

I believe the photo was taken between 1914-1918 as Annie is wearing a soldiers cap badge as a broach. ( Machine Gun Corps)  and there is another photo from same studio session of her wearing a munitions worker uniform.

thank you

I am puzzled by attached photo of my grand mother, Annie JACKSON (1897 - 1974)  married 1924, Liversedge in West Yorkshire. Her seated companion on her right is unknown.

I took a scan of this photo along with  others that my father inherited but there was nothing on the reverse side. It is studio photograph so what event was important enough to pay for a photo. Why are the uniforms important ?

As the period of the photo is probably 1914-18 my thoughts have included voluntary nursing or a munitons factory ? I cannot see any insignia on the uniforms, I think those are more buttons on the lapels.

The whole Jackson family was employed in various roles in woollen industry, weaving carpets, so are these typical factory clothes of the period and this is her first job?

Do any of the forum members recognise the style of dress from their family history photos?

thank you
Chris Pyne

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Nonsense witness name, could be PINE
« on: Friday 11 October 19 21:44 BST (UK)  »
This one has me completely baffled.  ???
14th April 1823 Kentisbeare, Devon.  Marriage of Richard SCADDING and Mary PINE.
The first witness signature - To me it looks like ".hawlha" then it could be "Pine" if the ink went dry when writing the N. Could be something phonetic in Devon accent,  ;D   The father signed his name Payine.

It is small family unit , father is Stephen, mother is Rebecca, no siblings for the bride,  possible Aunt Mary and Elizabeth but not proven,so no real list of possibles to match against. A Pine from extended family might be very useful.

I have 2 Mary Pines, cousins,  only 3 years age difference,  so witnesses might help me place the appropriate cousin in right marriage.


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