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Lancashire / Brick Wall - help please
« on: Sunday 25 June 23 19:05 BST (UK)  »
Trying to track down a bit of a side line on my family tree and wondered if anyone could help

This is my great grandfather's first wife

Isabella Catherine Constantine was born 4th March 1849 in Stockport to James Constantine and Esther
Found her in the 1851 census
Both parents died in the next decade (1856 and 1858) and by 1861 she's living with her grandparents, still in Stockport

20 Dec 1868 she married Richard Bowker in Manchester

I then can't find her until she married by greatgrandfather on 23 Dec 1882 in Nuneaton (William Tiday) - she is listed as Isabella Bowker, a widow daughter of James Constantine - so while Nuneaton is a really random place for them to be (though he did spend 16 years in the Army so maybe that explains it)

Then dies in Ashton Under Lyne in 1904

She may be a servant in Stockport in 1881 as Isabella Bowker the age is out and says she's unmarried and born manchester

I can't find a death for Richard Bowker or where they both were, any help appreciated

Family History Beginners Board / Help where to look
« on: Sunday 03 July 22 20:07 BST (UK)  »
I'm not giving the name as it is possible the lady may be alive (in her 90s)

In the late 1960s my aunt went into a mental institution (so family legend has it), she lived in Birmingham - I don't know if this was voluntary or not

Can't find any trace of a death for her, I don't think she ever divorced (husband has now died)

Anyone have any ideas of where I could look to find answers?

Armed Forces / Where to look (1970s)
« on: Friday 08 January 21 21:13 GMT (UK)  »
My father recently passed away and when looking through his documents we found his service record which says he was mentioned in despatches in 1971/1972.
He would never talk much about his time in the RAF so all we ever had was a few snippets here and there but I'd like to find out more if we could (even my uncle who served with him later in the 70s says he would never talk about what he did or had to do

He referred to a 'war that never existed' and says they never got a medal because they weren't officially there (and he did know a lot of people in the SAS although he wasn't a member himself) - so I am aware that it may be something which I'll never be allowed to know about

He was in Dhofar and Oman, has mentioned the Prince of Jordan and the Sultan of Brunei and there was a parachute jump where his shoot didn't open (or his reserve) but I don't know if they link at all

Any ideas where to look?

Family History Beginners Board / When to update online tree
« on: Friday 22 May 20 21:46 BST (UK)  »
Just wondering is there any etiquette or thoughts on when to update an online tree with a death?

If it was just on my own records I would likely do it straight away (or at least the first time I had it out afterwards, but since I've started getting into geneology the only deaths in my family up to now have been elderly (ish - my aunt at 70 would have disputed it) and expected due to long term terminal illness.  But the main tree I work on is on ancestry - living people are hidden, but not those who have passed away

I'm not sure if I'm not wanting to update my cousin's record because I don't want to accept his death or if I'm just overthinking things

Any thoughts?

The Common Room / Maybe a long shot
« on: Wednesday 30 October 19 20:50 GMT (UK)  »
but if anyone can solve a friend's family puzzle (or give suggestions) it's going to be you guys

Her father Vincent Everson (15/4/1937-14/10/2004) was brought up by his aunt Doris (1904-2001) in Cardiff Bay - Doris was his maternal aunt

His mother was Violet - father unknown on his birth certificate.  From what my friend was told his father's name was Buzzahock (spelling unsure she's only heard it said) and he had a shop in Aberbargoed - he MAY have been Polish

I think I have found Violet's birth as Pansy Violet Everson in 1906  - no trace of a death, friend assumes she had died and thats why her sister brought him up

Any ideas of where to go from here?  Any help appreciated

The Common Room / Late baptism reasons
« on: Wednesday 06 February 19 21:07 GMT (UK)  »
I've just come across someone being baptised on their 13th birthday (very handily the vicar has annotated it with the birth date as well) it seemed unusual to me and wondered if there could have been a significance to it

This is 1847 baptism (1834 birth) if that makes any difference

The Common Room / Help finding a marriage please
« on: Tuesday 05 February 19 17:59 GMT (UK)  »
and/or the 1881 census.  I'm trying to track down a distant relative
This is what I know of her Ann Frances Russell
7th August 1836 baptised to John Russell and Mary in Temple, Bristol
1841 census - living in Bristol with John and Mary Russell and assorted children aged 5
1851 census - living in Bristol with father John Russell a carpenter aged 14 and 2 brothers and a sister
19 Jun 1856 marries Charles John Dewfall in St Phillips Bristol (father John) aged 20
1861 census - living in Bristol with husband Charles and 3 children - aged 23
1871 census - visiting Eliza Dewfall (Charles's sister in law) in Henstrict, Somerset - aged 34 born Bristol (Charles is at home with the children, both listed as married)
1876 Charles Dewfall dies in Bristol

Now I'm guessing - but about 99% sure this is her
1891 census Ann F Savage aged 50 a widow in Bristol - has 3 rooms in the house of John E Dewfall (her second eldest son - it doesn't state they are related as both John and Ann are down as head of house seperately, Ann at the bottom after John's family - says John & co have 4 rooms, Ann has 3)
1901 census Annie F Savage aged 60 a widow in Bristol - but living with her is daughter Amy Dewfall (Ann and Charles's youngest daughter)
1911 dies in Bristol Ann F Savage - aged 70

Can I find a marriage for Ann and Mr Savage? No chance, or Ann under either Dewfall or Savage in 1881

I tried looking up all of Ann's children in 1881 in case she was with one of them
Charles William (born 1857) I *think* is in service in 1881 - he marries in 1883 in London
John Edward (born 1859) is living with his new wife in Bristol (this is the one she lives with 10 years later)
Isabella Mary (born 1860) - died 1863
William Henry (born 1863) in lodgings in Bristol with the Branch family (no relation I can see)
Ellen (born 1864) - died 1865
Albert (born 1866) - apprentice House decorator in Bristol, living with the Brooke family (the father of which is a house decorator so I'm making the assumption that he's apprenticed to Mr Brooke)
Amy (born 1872) - living inSt Raphael House of Charity in Bristol
Mary Ellen (born 1874) - I can't find (in any census actually she's born, baptised then reappears in the 1939 register with the correct date of birth and dies a spinster in 1963 in Bristol)

However lodging in the same house as Albert Dewfall there is a lodger Charles SAVAGE born approx 1839 in Oxfordshire - a shipping clerk
He appears to die in 1889 in Bedminster aged 49 - which would fit with a 1839/1840 birth - and if he is the second husband make Ann a widow again by 1891

Any thoughts or ideas much appreciated

The Common Room / Which date of birth is right?
« on: Saturday 02 February 19 20:41 GMT (UK)  »
Which date of birth is more likely to be the actual date of birth?

The one on official documents ie birth certificate, 1939 register

or the one on the baptism record?

(Ive only seen the text only for the baptism which shows birth date as 25th Apr 1886 (christening date 23rd May 1886) - others show 5th May 1886

The Common Room / If maiden name is also married name
« on: Thursday 29 November 18 21:46 GMT (UK)  »
Unfortunately the only birth certificate I have for my mother is a short one (and I'm broke and already know the information which would be on the long certificate) and another thread made me wonder so thought I'd see if any of you knew how her mothers name would be recorded

My grandmother married a man (my grandfather) who had the same surname (I've not found a link between the two families at all) so her birth on the freebmdindex looks as if her mother was single ie Smith MMN Smith

Under Name and Maiden Name of Mother would it just say, for example, Jane Smith or would it be Jane Smith, formerly Jane Smith?

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