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The Lighter Side / What a Turn Off !
« on: Saturday 17 October 20 23:57 BST (UK)  »
I'm still trying to trick search engines to produce sight of my own Mackenzie folk and caught sight of part of a letter written by a very self important male Mackenzie-

1789 Nov. 12, Dec. 24. Edinburgh
Letter from Henry Mackenzie to Findlater.".

Mr Dundas's offer to serve recipient; he has spoken to Mr Pitt; writer never thought of being a ministerial agent; the Nairn business and two defaulting tenants there, Bailie Rose and Robie Glass, late dean of guild;
Mrs. Mackenzie recovered from her lying in, but it was only a daughter..

Ross & Cromarty / Mackenzie: Finding Link between occupations and births
« on: Friday 15 May 20 16:17 BST (UK)  »
I'm still on the trail of my blacksmith ancestor Donald Mackenzie, whose children were born in the early 1800s in Lanarkshire, whereas he was born 1775 in Urray, R&C.

His father, or greater family, must have paid good money for his apprenticeship but according to historic documents, the Highland farming crofter scarcely had two coins to rub together.  This might mean that Donald's father earned extra income and I'm hoping rootschatters can put forward some occupations for consideration.

From the Urray Old Parish Register, the place and date of birth is given and from a website I've gleaned the approximate dates when each sibling was conceived.  Below is a list showing places and dates of conceivement/baptism.

One of the births was in Knockroy, which is in Mull.  However, I did somewhere see mention of a Knockroy House in Inverness (Invernesshire?), but I couldn't find any other mention of it.

If Don's father John M'kenzie was himself a blacksmith, why did he keep moving about? Could he have been ex army - couldn't find a steady job and thus travelled around with his blacksmith tools repairing and replacing farming tools.

If Donald's father worked on the land; To a lay person some of the dates look like the end of harvest and/or the end of planting seeds for the next Spring harvest.

I haven't been able to untangle the Lairds of the Manors or what pieces of land they owned, which could mean that Donald's father was sent to various farms by his employer.

If a farmhand or crofter didn't earn sufficient money to pay for appenticeships, I did wonder whether Don's father was hired for short periods as a tutor   

Parents: John Mackenzie and Anne Robertson;  their five children baptised in Urray

JANNET MACKENZIE b17 April 1765 in Balloan, baptised 21 April 1765
(conceived late July 1764)

ALEXANDER MACKENZIE Born 14 July 1770 in Knockroy, baptised 17 July 1770 Urray

I can only find “Knockroy” on Isle of Mull, now overgrown by a forest. (Conceived between 18-26th  October

MARY MACKENZIE born 27 August 1771 baptised 2 September 1771 Urray
 (conceived between 1st - 9th December)

DONALD MACKENZIE b 9 July 1775 in Belloan,  baptised 17 July 1775 Urray
(conceived between October  13-21st)

JOHN MACKENZIE (posthumous) b 26 June 1782 in Laigh Fairburn, baptised 30 June 1782 Urray
Conceived  between September 30 - October 08

I'm super excited.  Have just received the attached via FB messenger.  I'm still recovering from eye op. so can't see number of pixels, etc.

I'm hoping the image can be made clearer.   Of the eight siblings, my dad is Don(ald) aged about two in the front row. His baby sister Lilias is held by their mother Agnes.

Ross & Cromarty / Donald Mackenzie of Urray, what was father's occupation?
« on: Sunday 05 April 20 16:33 BST (UK)  »
I've finally settled on the below parents for my blacksmith Donald Mackenzie of Clyde Ironworks, Lanarkshire but born Urray in Ross & Cromarty.

I've been umming and ah-ing for years because in the 1851 Lanarkshire census, Clyde blacksmith Donald was aged 75 and in the 1851 Urray Census there was another Donald one year younger aged 74 but by choosing to stay on the land he became a pauper. 

I'd like opinions because there's a drawback, as Don was 7 yrs old when his father died and I can't find evidence that his mother remarried.  Thus there's a question of who paid for Don's blacksmith apprenticeship.     

The naming pattern checks: I knew the blacksmith had three definite sons  = John, Ken and Duncan, there was a gap between John and Ken so I have a possible Alex (an engineer) but altho Alex's death cert gave the correct father's name of Donald, the mother was given as Agnes instead of Ann  I think the signatory took a stab at giving one of his older daughters names instead of the youngest daughter Ann.

Donald's Parents:
John Mackenzie and Anne Robertson. All children found were born in Urray, Black Isle.  Not one baptism record shows John's occupation but judging from the places his children were born he did a lot of gadding about, thus could be a farmhand on a large estate, or another occupation that I haven't thought of.   Mary's birth was a bit late for the parenting pattern, so I checked the weather conditions and it seems there was an early and long frosty winter.

I'm questioning the occupation because, where would a farm labourer's widow get the money to pay for Donald's apprenticeship?

JANNET Mackenzie        born 17 April 1765 in Balloan
ALEXANDER Mackenzie  born 14 July 1770 in Knockroy,
MARY Mackenzie           born 27 Aug 1771 Urray
DONALD Mackenzie       born   9 July 1775 in Belloan
JOHN Mackenzie            b 26 June 1782 in Laigh Fairburn (posthumous)

I've always had a notion that my Donald was linked to a John Mackenzie of Strathgarve, who put money into and helped build and design the Clyde Ironworks company.  Maybe Donald's mother became housekeeper to Strathgarve and it was he who organised the apprenticeship.  Anpther thing that struck me was that all of Donald's sons became managers of companies at very early ages, which also makes me think there was some clout behind the family.

Please feel free to poke holes in my train of thought. 

I'd be obliged if this photo could be cleaned and sharpened.

The original is a small oblong photo and I'd always assumed it was a photo of my father-in-law, until I decided to organise copy photos for each of my offspring and realised the enlarged scanned image is of my late OH as a teenager in the RAF with an unusual old fashioned hair parting.

For some reason the image on my computer is square, but it prints off with the correct sizing.

The Common Room / Suffragettes: Not on 1911 census
« on: Tuesday 02 April 19 15:05 BST (UK)  »
According to a notice on the Glasgow & West Of Scotland FHS, Suffragettes took steps not to be on the 1911 census to promote their cause:-


On this day 2 April 1911 - thousands of women across Britain 'hid' from the authorities to avoid being counted in the 1911 Census.

The idea was that if women could not vote - they would not cooperate with the Government by being counted.
In cities all across Britain women gathered in secret 'safe' houses to avoid the count while in London, some Suffragettes hired the Aldwych skating rink so that they could skate through the night!

Women were encouraged to deface their census returns which they did in their hundreds so if you have a family member missing from the 1911 census returns - perhaps she was a Suffragette! "

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Donald and Colin McKenzie: occupations?
« on: Sunday 09 September 18 16:29 BST (UK)  »
I'm in the process of eliminating a few Mckenzie possibilities and would like some assistance with the handwriting on the attached 1855 death certificate please.

I'd like confirmation of Donald McK's occupation and also an idea of the occupation of his father Colin Mckenzie.

Thanks in anticipation.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / 1923 Hello Mr Rabbit
« on: Sunday 02 September 18 14:27 BST (UK)  »
I had a smallish photo album page of six family photos emailed to me well over a decade ago from my late cousin when copying machines were not at their best.  At the time I took some individual photocopy prints off them but they weren't a success. They were taken c1923 when two sisters travelled down from Scotland to visit their younger sibling brothers in Yorkshire.

Could anyone enhance this one of brother Steenie showing a rabbit to his baby nephew Gordon being held by his mother Belle.  Thank you. Rena

Scotland / Scotlandspeople website Query
« on: Wednesday 29 August 18 15:05 BST (UK)  »
Has anyone else found they've been asked to pay to see an image that they'd already paid to view?

My Yorkshire and Scottish genes hate to open my purse for something I've already bought.  :(

I used to use scotlandspeople regularly, including the Wills/Probate site that eventually amalgamated with scotlandspeople and had umpteen downloads and even more searches which this newly organised website doesn't appear to reflect.

I don't like the new website but as I'm returning to a blank wall I needed to view a previously downloaded image.  It took me ages to discover it wasn't in my viewed images and I've been asked to pay more credits to view. :-\

To save my blood pressure climbing ever higher, and to save the lives of my offspring, I request no charitable rootschatter suggest that I should have made backups and/or hard copies.

  tsk - just the slightest thought of all the ills that have befallen my hard endeavours crouched over a computer for thousands of hours and spending hard earned cash for nought requires me to go lay down in a dark calm space.

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