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Scotland / Matthew Forbes mystery daughter & step-daughter
« on: Monday 29 March 21 21:56 BST (UK)  »
Mat(t)hew Forbes was born c1793 Duns, Berwickshire - probably the son of William Forbes & Elizabeth Walkenshaw, although his death certificate names his father as Matthew, mother n/k.

I believe he married 3 times, all in Glasgow: in 1819 to Janet Steel, 1839 to Mary Nish, and 1848 to Sarah McNeil. The marriage records all state he was a tailor in Glasgow, but don’t say if any party was single or widowed. I don’t know when any of the wives died, and I can’t find any children being baptised.  The salient census entries are:

1841 - Davidsons Land 89 Gallowgate St, Glasgow
Neil Macphee 50 Journeyman Tailor
John Graham 55 Journeyman Tailor
Mathew Forbes 50 Journeyman Tailor
    ---      Forbes (female) aged 30

1851 - 119 Great Easter Road, Camlachie, Lanarkshire
Matthew Forbes 55 Tailor b Dunse, Berwickshire
Sarah Mcneil 56 wife b Kinter, Argyllshire
Fanny/Fannel [probably Jannet] Forbes 17 daur b Greenock, Renfrewshire
William Hamilton 8 Nephew b Glasgow
Mary Mcneil 66 Aunt b Ireland

1861 - 17 Coalhill St, Glasgow Barony
Sarah Forbes 67 b Ireland
Janet Forbes 26 daur b Greenock, Renfrewshire
Robert McKenzie 4 Grandson b Glasgow
William Graham 1 Grandson b Lanarkshire
Margaret Johnson 66 Lodger

Matthew died 30 April 1860 at 17 Coalhill Street, aged 67, and was buried on 2 May at the Eastern Necropolis.  He is recorded as the step-father of Mrs Wm Boyd, Foundry Open.  Burial records here:

Mrs Wm Boyd was formerly Margaret McKenzie, born Ireland c1821, who married William Boyd in Glasgow in 1836.  One of their children was Malcolm Mcneil Boyd b1857, but I can’t for the life of me work out how Matthew Forbes was Margaret's step-father.   

I also have no clue whether Fanny/Fannel/Janet Forbes is Matthew's daughter or step-daughter, or what happened to her after 1861.   

I thought perhaps the Sarah McKenzie mentioned in the burial/lair book as having died in 1866 might be Sarah McNeil/Forbes, but she is identified only as the mother of Neil McKenzie:

Any help in connecting any of these relationships would be greatly appreciated – I’ve been going round in circles for days & failing miserably! 

The Lighter Side / Ancestry hints - I despair!
« on: Friday 22 March 19 01:22 GMT (UK)  »
I know there have been many comments on this subject, but I finally decided to look at/whittle down the hundreds of ‘shaky leaves’ on my tree and just had to share this (ahem) ‘helpful’ first hint:

My tree: ‘Joe Bloggs’ born 1925 Durham
Hint:  ‘Joe Bloggs’ baptised 1640 Northamptonshire 

Baptised 285 years before birth – is this a record?  ;D ::)

Northumberland / William Jeffress b1814 Newcastle
« on: Monday 14 January 19 21:26 GMT (UK)  »
It’s a while since I looked at this branch of my tree, and now I remember why!  Other than their baptisms I can’t trace any of my 3xG Grandfather’s seven siblings except William, who briefly appears & then vanishes again.   Here’s what I know:

Baptised at St Nicholas, Newcastle 21 Nov 1814 – William s/o Richard & Amelia Jeffress, Close, Glass Maker (NB Amelia is actually Wilhelmina, otherwise known as Milney)

1841 – Hanover Street, Close, St Nicholas, Newcastle
Richard Jeffries 30 Glass Maker Journeyman (my direct line)
Mary Ann 25
William 25 Glass Maker Journeyman
Sarah 12
Richard 6
Mary Ann 4
Andrew 1

Richard Sr is in the Newcastle workhouse, aged 60. 

1861 – Birch Street, Heap, Heywood, Lancashire - RG9/2843/37/18
William Jeffrys 46 Lodger Married Glass Blower born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland
Ann Jeffrys 43 Lodger Married born Hilton, Yorkshire

Any further sightings greatly appreciated, although I suspect this entire branch will end up back in the 'too hard' folder  :-X

World War One / Men who transferred to the RFC
« on: Friday 14 September 18 00:58 BST (UK)  »
I have a few instances of men who enlisted into the army but were subsequently transferred to the RFC and then the RAF. 

Although I've found their RFC/RAF records, there is no sign of their army records. 

Much as I'd love to hear that they're tucked away in a cupboard somewhere at RAF HQ, I'm assuming they were, in fact, retained by the army and therefore most likely destroyed during the blitz.  Is anyone able to confirm?

Is anyone else having problems accessing some of the images on Ancestry?

I've had problems viewing some of the London Workhouse records and now I cant access the images for Soldier's Effects - all I'm seeing is a picture of some overlapping generic records (census, registration card etc).

One I've definitely looked at before is the Soldier's Effects for Edward Gibson 1314 DLI died 1916, but now I can't view it.  Could someone check it for me please so at least I'll know whether it's them or me.  Thanks

Glamorganshire Lookup Requests / Burial Look-up: Aberdare St John's
« on: Thursday 01 February 18 11:46 GMT (UK)  »
I've just received the death certificate of what I believe is my 3x Great Grandparents first child, but the certificate unhelpfully records her just as 'colliers daughter' and the informant isn't a known family member, so I'm no further forward.   

Her burial is on the Glamorgan Burial Index but no parents details are given so I'm hoping the actual register has more information & would really appreciate it if someone could check this for me.

The details are Gwenllian Davies aged 3 months of Aberdare Village, buried 20 Dec 1840.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Glamorganshire / Marriage and/or 1841 census for Morgan Davies
« on: Friday 26 January 18 19:05 GMT (UK)  »
I have the death certificate for what I think is my 4xG Grandmother, Gwenllian Davies, who died 8 Dec 1849 at Village, Aberdare, aged 68.  She is described as the widow of Thomas Davies, Collier, and the informant was Morgan Davies in attendance, Twynyrotin (sic), Merthyr Tydfil.

There are a few possibilities for Morgan, but the one I think most likely is in Bedwellty in 1851 with wife Anne & family - H0107/2448/810/28 -

I'm fairly sure this family ends up in Minersville, Ohio by 1860, but I cant find them in 1841, nor can I find a suitable marriage between Morgan & Ann.  Can anyone help? 

The Common Room / Has the GRO Death Index changed?
« on: Tuesday 23 January 18 17:38 GMT (UK)  »
I know that the GRO death index previously made no distinction between years & months, but is that still the case?

I ask because I've just gone to order a death certificate and are two possibilities in the same quarter of 1840, both age 0, but I could have sworn that when I looked at them last year the ages were 3 and 11, which I assumed in both cases to be months. 

Technical Help / MSILPerseus.98526 - Trojan?
« on: Sunday 07 January 18 02:48 GMT (UK)  »
My virus scanner has identified the above but has not been able to remove it. 

I've googled and found a site telling me how to remove it, but it involves playing around in the registry, which I don't think I feel confident enough to do.   

Can anyone please advise how bad this is, and whether there is another way to remove it?


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