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The Common Room / Death at Sea 1929 – any more info?
« on: Sunday 14 April 24 19:26 BST (UK)  »
The ‘death at sea’ index (BT 334) on FindMyPast lists a death in December 1931 for a J O’Toole, although the image shows it was actually December 1929.  The entry is then suffixed with the letter E, as are many others.   Other than this there is no further information, not even a ships name. 

Can anyone advise how I might find out more?

Durham / Robert Grieves - risen from the dead?
« on: Monday 25 March 24 20:47 GMT (UK)  »
I’m trying to trace the groom from a 1917 marriage at South Shields Register Office, but unless he died in 1916 and rose from the dead then I’m completely stumped!

Robert Grieves, 37, Bachelor, Private Northumberland Fusiliers (marine stoker), 56 Albion Street, Jarrow.  Father: Alfred Grieves, Ship Driller
Gwendoline O'Toole, 38, Widow, 56 Albion Street, Jarrow [NB also known as Winifred]
Wits: Wm C Barclay & Elizabeth Badger

His service number was 10175, and the Shields Daily Gazette of 27 July 1917 has an article about him being charged as a deserter.  He told magistrates that he enlisted at the outbreak of war, served for a week, and then left the camp and went to sea.  His age is given as 37 and he was found in Albarry Street (sic).

His pension cards give addresses of 46 Rose Street, Hebburn (his address in 1921) and 6˝ Villier Street, Sunderland.  The latter ties in with a Merchant Seamans record giving his birth as 27 Mar 1883, Sunderland, Next of Kin: Alfred Grieves, 6˝ Villier Street, Sunderland.  NB The 1921 census gives his age as 40 years & 3-months, born Sunderland, so born Mar 1881

Despite all of this information I can’t find him before marriage, unless he is the Robert Graves who married Margaret Kirven in 1906 in Jarrow.  In 1911 he is with Margaret at 57 High Street, Jarrow, aged 30.  With them is his widowed mother Hannah Graves (nee Day) aged 57 born Hull.

I have this man’s birth certificate – born 11 Feb 1881 High Street Jarrow, parents Robert (Iron Shipyard Labourer) and Hannah (nee Day).  Registered 7 May 1881

This Robert is reported to have died 31 May 1916 whilst serving aboard HMS Queen Mary.  Margaret’s widows pension says Robert was in the Royal Navy Reserve, No. 2973, but his RNR records (from TNA) give his DoB as 11 Jun 1885!

To further complicate things there are school records in Sunderland in 1893 and 1897 for a Robt Grieves born either 6 Mar 1885 (father Alfred) or 27 Mar 1886 (father deceased). 

Can anyone help me sort this out please!

I don't think this has been posted already - apologies if it has, but better to have it twice than not at all.

The Government is consulting on its proposal to digitise all UK wills from 1858 onward and then destroy the originals after 25 years, with the exception of certain famous people.  Consultation closes 23 Feb 2024.

The Common Room / Has anyone heard from Stanmapstone lately?
« on: Saturday 13 May 23 03:00 BST (UK)  »
I've had a few occasions lately when I've struggled with obscure locations and/or place names, and it occurred to me that I haven't seen Stan on the boards for quite a while. 

His profile says he was last active on 6 Oct 22, which is a little concerning, so I was wondering if anyone has been in contact with him since then?

I'd appreciate opinions as to the surname of the parents of the child called George at the very bottom of this baptism register.   The surname would be just before the bit that says 'Cole Houses had a child'

Fingers crossed I've managed to attach it - if not I'll try again - but these are the links to the image online (bottom of left hand page):

Ancestry -
F m P:

United States of America / 1893 Marriage in Ohio. "Don't Publish"
« on: Thursday 09 February 23 03:28 GMT (UK)  »
I don't really know much about US marriage laws / procedures so I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me as to why the words "Don't Publish" might be written on a marriage document? 

Was there some sort of requirement that marriages were formally published somewhere, or maybe they just didn't want it appearing in the local newspapers?

The marriage was between Jacob Schwab & Maria Morgan(s), who were married on 24 May 1893 by Edgar E Scovill, Congregational Minister.

Cumberland / Edmund Rain/e, born 1866 as Edmund Larol Dodd?
« on: Sunday 27 November 22 20:51 GMT (UK)  »
I'm suffering with a drawn-out cold and not firing on all cylinders, so I'd be glad of any help in trying to figure out this puzzle.

In 1871 Edmond L Rain aged 4 is in Garrigill, Alston, listed as the son of widow Ann Rain - RG10/5199/51/12
Ann Rain 55 Widow
Johnny Rain 23 son
Henry Rain 16 son
Edmond L Rain son 4

By 1881 he is in Teesdale with another of Ann's sons, Robert - RG11/4936/97/1
Robert Raine 38 b Alston, Cumberland
Mary 45 wife b Alston
Edmund 14 son b Alston

Robert married Mary Carr in 1870.

He is still with Robert in 1891 & 1901 (latterly with his wife and young children), and always described as Robert's son.

I can't see any Edmund/Edmond Rain/e born in 1866/7, but Edmund Larol DODD was baptised at Garrigill on 13 Sep 1866, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Dodd.

The two main candidates for Elizabeth Dodd are the one born in 1842 mmn Bradwell (John Dodd m Mary Bradwell in 1821), or born 1847, mmn Spark (William Dodd m Elizabeth Spark in 1837).

In 1871 I think the older Elizabeth Dodd is living alone in Alston (RG10/5197/14/22), but I'm not sure what happened to her after that.

The younger Elizabeth Dodd married William Hunt in 1869, Carlisle RD, and is with him in Teesdale in 1871 (RG10/4947/40/32). An Elizabeth Hunt aged 28 died in Teesdale RD in 1876.

In the absence of any other explanation I've assumed that Robert was (or believed he was) Edmund's biological father, although his naming 'Edmund Larol' seems very specific and doesn't fit anywhere into the Rain/e family, as far as I can see.

I've no idea which Elizabeth might be the mother, although the Teesdale connection may be relevant.

My fuzzy brain thinks this is probably unsolvable, but I'm open to suggestions and/or any records I may have missed.

Canada / George Gleghorn/Cleghorn, Ontario
« on: Friday 18 November 22 16:13 GMT (UK)  »
I've been searching for some time for George Collier, born 17 Sep 1840 South Shields, Durham, England to parents Thomas Collier & Isabella Gleghorn.

I have him on the 1851 census in Newcastle upon Tyne (aged 9) and then breaking into a school in 1854, but after that he vanishes.

There is a possibility that he may be the George Gleghorn, born c1842 South Shields who is in the 1861 census at Shorncliffe Camp, Kent, serving in the 1st Battalion 16 Regiment Of Infantry (Foot).

From the newspapers, this regiment travelled to Canada in 1862, and in 1871 I've found the following family in Lambton, Ontario:

George Cleghorn 29 Engineer b England - CofE
Catherine 24 b East Indies - Catholic
Isabella 4 b Ontario - Catholic
May 2 b Ontario - Catholic

In 1881 they are in Embro/Oxford North, but the youngest daughter's name has changed and they are all CofE (as Clighorer on FindMyPast:
George Cleghorn 40 Labourer b England
Catherine 33 b East Indies
Isabella 14 b Ontario
Catherine 12 b Ontario

I can find no more trace of the Cleghorns, other than on online tree which says that Isabella married Robert George Shaw around 1882, and died in 1887 in Lambton, Ontario as Bella Shaw.

Any help in tracing George & family after this would be greatly appreciated.

Northumberland / Searching for Searchwell's
« on: Sunday 23 October 22 17:12 BST (UK)  »
Thomas Searchwell was born 25 Sep 1787 and baptised 28 Sep 1787 at the Groat Market Meeting House, Newcastle.

On 12 Feb 1813 he married Margaret Barras by licence at St Andrew's, Newcastle.

On 6 Dec 1813 they baptised a daughter, Jane, at St Nicholas, Newcastle.  The register shows they lived at North Shore, and that Thomas was a Joiner:

By 1841 I think that Thomas may be in Liverpool with sons James 18, Henry 16 and Thomas 15.

Thomas Sr appears to have died in Liverpool in 1847, but I don't know what happened to Margaret or Jane, so I'm hoping that someone else has better luck.

I'm particularly interested in Margaret, as I'm trying to establish whether she was my distant aunt.

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