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Family History Beginners Board / Church terms
« on: Tuesday 17 August 21 03:30 BST (UK)  »
On the original pages from the 1752 burial church records of St. Sepulchre, London it has
"in bay" or "in chick" on each line, which I presume refers to a part of the church. Am I correct in my assumption?
Thank you

Family History Beginners Board / Elizabeth Warren
« on: Sunday 15 August 21 23:17 BST (UK)  »
Hello, I'm searching for the first marriage of Elizabeth Warren born 1689 in Bushey, Hertfordshire, daughter of Michaell and Elizabeth Warren. In her brother John Warren's Will of 1714 he leaves money to his sister Elizabeth Body, but I cannot find a marriage for Elizabeth with Mr Body. I think this woman marries four times, husband No. 3 is Mr Quennell (possibly Henry Quennell of Guildford) and No. 4 is Jude Storer in 1747 in Esher, Surrey, but am struggling to find the links. Any suggestions most appreciated.

Family History Beginners Board / Samuel Wardall, son of Henry WARDALL, a Cooper
« on: Wednesday 28 April 21 10:56 BST (UK)  »
Hoping that maybe someone can shed some light on my missing Samuel Wardall/Wardell, haven't been able to find his birth.

He is listed as the father on Elizabeth Ann Wardell's baptism 6 Sep 1792 at St. Anne's, Soho.
Samuel married Ann Butterfield in London Dec 1788.
Samuel received his Freedom of the City 1 May 1792 as a Tallow Chandler by patrimony - son of Henry Wardall, a Cooper, deceased.

The only baptism for a Samuel Wardall that I can find is 11 May 1759 in Old Gravel Lane (Non-Conformist), with father Henry, a painter of Wapping. Henry the painter has 12 children from 2 wives, Susannah and Mary.
Henry the Cooper was born in 1715, son of Blackmore How Wardall, apprenticed as a Cooper in 1730, his Will in 1768 states he is a Cooper of St. Johns, Wapping, he leaves everything to his wife Mary, no mention of any children.

Problem 1: If Samuel received his Freedom in 1792, ?approximate birth 1770 (7 years for his apprenticeship and commenced age 14/15), however his father died in 1768.

Problem 2: Are Henry the Cooper and Henry the Painter one and the same person? Seems unlikely, but I haven't found a better alternative.

Many thanks   

Family History Beginners Board / Joseph Biffin
« on: Wednesday 11 November 20 07:43 GMT (UK)  »
I have a man called Joseph Biffin who appears in the Wills of 8 people, my primary family has the surname Warren, swirling around the Warrens are Biffins, Brices, Bagnalls and Bothells. but I cannot find a baptism or marriage for this man. I have estimated he is born 1720-1730, Joseph is a Wine Merchant in Leadenhall from 1755-1789, his Will was proved 1790. He is rather a character when you read the Codicils in his Will, extra children from different women.
- He is the cousin of John Warren, plumber of St. Katherine Cree
- I believe Joseph's sister is Mary Biffin who marries Thomas Brice.
- There is a large cohort of Biffins in Wiltshire, not convinced they are the right family, but hardly any in London. I recently found the 1735 Will of Thomas Biffin, an Innkeeper of Basingstoke, who has a son John born 1678. John is apprenticed to Thomas Collins in London in 1692, Vintners Company.
- I believe John is the father of Joseph and Mary, but can't find any more proof, I can't find a baptism for Joseph or Mary, I have searched all the genealogy websites. There is a marriage of a John Biffin and Mary Snellgrove in 1720, but to tie the Biffins into the Warren family I think John should have married Mary Warren born 1694 in Bushey, Hertfordshire.
- Any suggestions on how I link this man would be most appreciated.

Family History Beginners Board / George Alfred Warren
« on: Friday 18 October 19 22:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi, looking for some inspiration for George Alfred Warren born 1838 at 37 Baldwins Gardens, Holborn son of William Richard Warren (harness maker) and Eliza Backs.

Siblings of George:
1. William Alexander 1824-1825
2. Eliza Mary 1826-1898, married Thomas Shirley
3. Alexander Henry 1829-1835
4. Emma Ann 1834-1834
5. Edwin Wallace 1840-1845
6. Henry William 1836-1836

George is on the 1841 census as a 2 year old and the 1851 census as a 12 year old at school.
After that it is more difficult to find him, there is a George Alfred Warren on 1861 census at Gillingham, Medway, Kent as a 22 year old sapper in the Royal Engineers, born at St. Pancras.
I believe on the 1871 census he is a waiter, single, aged 32 working at Drury Lane.
After that I lose him and haven't found him on any other censuses.
There is a death for a George Warren Q4, 1883, District of St. George Hanover Square, age 45, born 1838.

If anyone has a suggestion where I should look for my missing man it would be much appreciated.

Family History Beginners Board / Henry Hollis
« on: Thursday 23 May 19 21:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi, looking for some inspiration on Henry Hollis my gg grandfather who is elusive.
Born 1820 Wadenhoe, Northamptonshire, son of Thomas and Isabella Hollis, youngest of 13 children.
Married Ellen East 2 March 1845 in London, occupation Wine merchant.
On 1851 Census living at Hornsey, occupation Porter age 30.
2 daughters - Emily Emma born 1850 and Anne Caroline born 1858, Anne's baptism 15 Aug 1858 states father Henry is a Railway trackman.
Can't find Henry after this time, on 1861 census Ellen is listed as married and in Toy & Fancy trade.
1871 Census Ellen is married and a Confectioner.
1881 Census Ellen is single and a housekeeper at St Mary's Church Marlborough, death 1882.
On Anne's marriage 2 Jan 1888 father Henry is recorded as deceased.
I cannot find Henry on the 1861 or 1871 Censuses, I have been working through all the deaths for a Henry Hollis but nothing conclusive.
There is a Henry Hollis with wife Harriet in Stepney on 1871 Census, died 1872 but wrong Henry.
On London City Directories 1865 Henry Hollis listed at "Samson's Castle" Public House Bermondsey ??
Did he have another family, I am running out of thoughts, all suggestions greatly appreciated. 

Family History Beginners Board / John Cornish Emigration
« on: Friday 14 September 18 18:40 BST (UK)  »
Hello, I have been unable to find the shipping records for a family that emigrated to Australia from England in the 1860s.

John Cornish born 1835 Cornwall, died Victoria 1934
His wife Louisa Bath born 1839 Cornwall, died Victoria 1924
3 sons all born in Cornwall:
William John 1859
Thomas 1862
Henry John 1864

The family all arrived in Victoria, Louisa went on to have another 10 children commencing with Richard born in Cambrian Hills, Victoria in 1866, therefore the family should have arrived in Australia 1864-66, but so far have been unable to locate them on any shipping records.

Any help greatly appreciated, thank you

Family History Beginners Board / Alexander Warren
« on: Thursday 14 June 18 13:16 BST (UK)  »

I have a specific problem that I hope someone could provide guidance on.

I received an original apprentice's indenture certificate two years ago for Alexander Warren, who was indentured as an apprentice Merchandizer on 5th May 1744, his father is William Warren, Haberdasher and citizen of London.

My problem is proving the connection between the last definite Warren in my tree and Alexander Warren.
Last definite - William Richard Warren (1799-1860), born 25 May 1799, baptised 16 June 1799,  parents William & Sarah Warren, (from baptism record.) William Richard was a Harness-maker married to Eliza Backs 6 July 1823 at St. Mary's, Newington

His parents are possibly William Warren (?1767-) and there are several marriages in this time frame for William Warren & a Sarah:
- Sarah Andrews married 19 Sep 1791,
- Sarah Flindell married 12 Sep 1790
- Sarah Rowe married 1 Sep 1794

Possible siblings of William Richard:
- George Warren born 29 July 1793
- Alexander Warren born 28 August 1801

There is a will for an Alexander Warren proved PCC 1 August 1777 in which his wife is Margaret Wingfield and his children are named as Margaret Hester Warren, Mercy Warren and William Warren. His sister Hester Cotton and nephew Benjamin Cotton are also mentioned.
- Margaret Hester Warren baptised 29 Oct 1755
- Mercy Warren baptised 8 March 1757
- William Warren baptised 13 Dec 1767

The Alexander Warren of the will married Margaret Wingfield 21 Dec 1754.

There is a baptism for Alexander Warren 19 Jan 1729, parents William and Esther Warren.

Possible siblings of Alexander:
Elizabeth Warren baptised 25 Nov 1720, parents William and Hester Warren
Elizabeth Warren baptised 28 May 1726, parents William and Hester Warren
Sarah Warren baptised 4 April 1731, parents William and Esther Warren
Mary Warren baptised 30 Sep 1733. parents William and Hester Warren
Hester Warren (from the will)

Alexander Warren received the Freedom of the City on 5 Sep 1755, by patrimony, father William Warren, deceased.
I am unable to prove that the Alexander of the will is the same Alexander as  my apprentice, I cannot find a death or burial for an Alexander Warren around 1777.

There is a marriage for William Warren and Hester Roberts 29 Jan 1718 at Stepney.
Many William Warrens born around 1700 how do I find Alexander's father?

Any advice or thoughts gratefully appreciated on whether I am on the right path or not.

Family History Beginners Board / Thomas Shirley
« on: Tuesday 22 May 18 15:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I hope someone can perhaps give me some guidance as I don't know how to find the parents of
Thomas Shirley (1823-1865) my gg grandfather. He died 16 March 1865 (death certificate) aged 42 years. Have no clues as to his mother's name.
On his marriage 28 June 1854 at St. Pancras Old Church to Eliza Mary Warren his father is listed as Thomas Shirley- dead. There are 11 Thomas Shirley deaths in London between 1823-1858, I took a long shot and ordered Thomas Shirley 1853 death in St. Pancras- wrong person.
Haven't conclusively found him prior to his marriage, there is an army record for Thomas Shirley who entered army age 18 in 1839, who was a painter, that would make his birth 1821. He served in Malta and India for 7 years and was discharged in 1854, that would explain his absence on 1841 and 1851 censuses.
There is a Thomas Shirley with wife Susannah on 1841 and 1851 census, painter, born 1791 Bucks.
On Ancestry others have Thomas Benjamin Shirley born 1823 to Thomas Shirley & Catherine Jones, but this Thomas is single on 1871 and 1881 Censuses, is a French polisher.
Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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