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The Common Room / List of 1930s Communist Movement Members
« on: Monday 30 March 20 23:18 BST (UK)  »
Long Shot.  Trying to track down a woman who was an active member of the Communist party in the 1930s and also involved with a speaker at Speakers Corner.  Won't go into names at this stage as this is for a friend but is there anywhere you can point us to find a list if such a thing exists.  Not holding out much hope but have looked it up and see there was not a huge membership.  Thank you for reading.

Hi, have several posts on here as searching for my bio father (probably long-gone). I and newfound paternal 2nd cousins have discovered many showground family names amongst the dna matches.  I have been researching fairgrounds around my conception time (Sept/Oct 1946). I have just spoken with a new Ancestry person in that world who suggested a Circus... I looked and found that Bertram Mills Circus returned for first time after war around Sept/Oct 1946.  What's more, they toured in the area where my Mother had been  a Land girl - i.e. Bulwick area. (Northamptonshire area).  I wonder if she encountered my father at the circus?  She might have had my then 6 year old brother with her.  (Not putting that very nicely - sorry Mum - she was a very proper person!)... but could that be the connection.  Would the circus hire fairground workers? Would anyone still remember those days?  And I'll just throw in a curved ball... all the info I have about my unknown Dad is that he was a "friend of the family and POW" which may well have been made up never know.  Any thoughts gratefully received.  We have already cracked one puzzle on here.

Alice Mitchell married to Cyril Burrows         Both siblings from same families.
Will Mitchell married to Sarah Burrows

A current descendent of AM is trying to determine if AM is her Grandmother and whether it was a Burrows who was her Grandfather (probably not Cyril).

A descendent of Will and Sarah has taken a DNA test.  The match shows 172 cm.
Can't see any recognisable names in shared matches.  (The locations suggest to me they may be Mitchell).  We really need to rule out or in Burrows to get past our brick wall.

Is there any way we can untangle this problem or do we need to hunt down another relative to get a DNA test.   Any help very much appreciated.  (I have minimal DNA knowledge).

Cork / Kathleen O'Connell (murdered young?) M: Alice Kennedy; F:Patrick O'Connell
« on: Saturday 20 July 19 14:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi.  A friend is looking for ancestors in Cork/Limerick areas of Ireland. In particular Kathleen O'Connell (they were said to come form Charleville but I can't find anything.)  Mother as above, Alice Kennedy and father Patrick O'Connell (surname edited.. 20:42 20/7/19).  Kathleen was murdered as a young girl/teenager and I expected there would be a newspaper report but can find nothing.  Her death would have been around the 1916 era they have assessed from times of family visits back to Ireland and the black and tan era.  They would dearly like to find her grave to visit.  Any hints please...

Travelling People / Alice Maud Mitchell / Charles Burrows Norwood
« on: Tuesday 25 June 19 11:10 BST (UK)  »
Looking for bio Dad.  Brick wall. 
Traveller / Gypsy / Fairground connections for sure.  Brick wall hit at birth certificate of Iris Ina Mitchell b1923, Norwood, Surrey. mother Alice Maud Burrows ("aka Mitchell" written on Cert) and Charles Burrows ("Greengrocer, Master"). They weren't married according to any records anywhere.  (Extensive search).   Ina Mitchell, on the birth certificate ,was the closest relative we can trace but, can't trace her parentage or who Charles Burrows is.  The address for Charles is given as 3 Addison Road, South Norwood. 

There are DNA matches with Stocks, Hall, Baker (Fairground - Norfolk area).  Other names are Massey, Good, Wiseman, O’Regan, O'Connor - we have managed to track most of these down.  But we just can't connect them to our 'Mitchell' and 'Charles Burrows'.

Ina's daughter and I have 2nd cousin match but we are completely stumped and would love to find the answer before I fall off my perch!  Have spent a year on t his. 

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