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Warwickshire / Back with Wayside Hopwood Birmingham
« on: Thursday 23 May 19 12:37 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
I had previously had wonderful help with a request of where Wayside Hopwood Birmingham was. I'm wondering if anyone knows how I would find who lived there 1930/31. I don't live in the area so would not be able to view any records there maybe at Birmingham Archives.

Many thanks in advance.

Warwickshire / Wayside Hopwood Birmingham
« on: Monday 20 May 19 13:49 BST (UK)  »
Hi listers,

Hopefully some of you can help with my request. I have a birth that took place 1931. It gives an address of Wayside Hopwood Birmingham" I have no idea if Wayside would be a house name etc. or where Hopwood Birmingham is/was.

Thank you in advance for any help given.

Lancashire / Money collected from Gas meters 1900s
« on: Sunday 15 April 18 16:16 BST (UK)  »
I know below is an odd request, it's something a friend and I have been wondering about and hopefully there is someone who can let us know of following.
When the gas meter was emptied of its pennies, rolled up into paper and placed in the collectors Gladstone bag, what happened to the money collected, was it upto the collector to deposit in a bank or take it to the gas company?

Looking forward to any thoughts on this.
Best regards.
Liverpool UK

The Common Room / Help needed with Furness Abbey Hotel Sale of Contents
« on: Saturday 01 July 17 10:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I'm helping a friend with her research,
I found in census that a female family member (Margaret Rainford born about 1834 Eccleston Lancashire) was proprietor to hotels over the years The last hotel she was at "Furness Abbey Hotel" Barrow.  I have found a newspaper article for the auction of a huge amount of the contents of the Furness Abbey Hotel. This was taking place as she was leaving the hotel (she was turned 60 year old) I have also found that the "Furness Abbey Hotel" was owned by Furness Railway, and still so after she had left. I haven't found anything positive for her death or a probate either.

Want I'm not sure of, would the contents of Furness Abbey Hotel be the property of the Furness Railway or of the family member I'm researching. After the date of her leaving, the hotel  continued to be owned by Furness Railway. Hopefully I have made above understandable.

Thank you in advance for any of your thoughts.
Best regards.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / FORD CEMETERY look up
« on: Thursday 23 February 17 20:18 GMT (UK)  »
I hope I'm doing this right! I have noticed over time that there is some kind person helping with burial information at Ford Cemetery. I have found a family member buried there in 1909, I don't know if it's a private grave or not. If possible and it's a private grave, I would much appreciate a look up for others that maybe in the same grave.

What I have is;
Catherine Murphy buried 7th February 1909, age 83. Address 5 Firth Street.
Grave G314.

Many thanks in advance for any help given.
Best regards.

« on: Wednesday 31 August 16 11:15 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I'm needing some advice on what would be on an Australian marriage certificate 1872, the person I'm interested in was married in Liverpool Uk 1864/1865. He emigrated without his wife and child about 1867. His wife in Liverpool died 1871, I have found that his second marriage took place 1872 Australia, would he have to declare that he was a widower or would he be classed as single? Hopefully there is someone with knowledge regarding this.

Many thanks in advance.

« on: Friday 12 August 16 18:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I'm helping a friend to research her George Walker born about 1844 Liverpool UK. He was the son of John Walker born about 1812 Hawkshead Lancashire UK and Sarah Ann Simpson born about 1815 Liverpool UK. They all emigrated to Queensland Australia about 1867 along with siblings of George's. George married Emily Ballinger/Bellinger 1872 Toowoomba Queensland Australia. There was about 10 children from this marriage. George died 1918 Brisbane Queensland Australia, my friend would be interested to hear from any others researching George Walker 1844-1918.
Willing to exchange information.
Many thanks in advance.
Regards JeanC

Census and Resource Discussion / Find My Past 1 until end of June
« on: Tuesday 17 June 14 15:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi Listers,

Find My Past have an offer on, 1 until end of June.

Best Regards.
Jean. Liverpool

Lancashire / Sampler query
« on: Wednesday 04 June 14 17:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi Listers,

I'm hoping there is someone with knowledge regarding Samplers, and they can help me some guidelines on e.g. Doing things like Samplers etc, was it something that would only be available for people with a privileged back ground?

My friend has a Sampler which is very nice done, on the Sampler there is a verse followed by, Rose Vose 1806. This is the same Rose Vose from my previous posting, who was the single mother of Ellen Vose born 1817.

Would appreciate any information or thoughts regarding Sampler.

Best Regards.
Jean Flanagan. Liverpool.

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