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The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Wednesday, May 12th
« on: Thursday 13 May 21 01:09 BST (UK)  »
My first time start a diary daily entry.  Hope I am doing this right!
Lovely day here today, went up to 16, blue skies all day.
This morning we went to a garden centre, they are open during the lockdown, most of the time we were outside, anyway, everyone masked.  Bought 5 hydrangeas (3 dark pink, 2 white) and 4 yellow and orange (striped) day lilies.  I wanted to buy a hibiscus or two but they were $249 Cdn, way too much!  We have two we got at a church sale for a few dollars. 
The clerk warned us to wait another week to plant re frost warnings, no problem with that.
We then called an order into one of my favourite restaurants - a Chinese buffet style, but they serve everything, wonderful deal normally, more expensive now, and it is takeout only.  It was delicious just the same, and we have enough for at least another meal.  Funnily enough, the lady on the desk, who told me she takes care of all the plants there, had two hibiscus in the foyer, in full sun. 
Got a package of books from a friend yesterday, will keep me busy for a while.
They’ve discontinued AstraSeneca here...what now?  That was what I got three weeks ago.  I need a second one!
We watched “Grace” based on Peter James’s books, police procedural set in Brighton.  Nice to watch about an area I am a little familiar with.  They mentioned Uckfield where I stayed as a kid, we had family there.  Both OH and I have read his books.  OH liked the idea of beach huts, I remember being in my relative’s back in 60’s on Brighton beach.  I don’t know if they owned it or rented.
Some readers might remember we found a set of keys at the park, maybe a week or more ago.  OH went for a walk in that area and the keys were still there, on the picnic bench!
Not much else to report. Weather “supposed” to be nice for the next two weeks. We shall see.

Australia / Hibbert/Harrison 1920's to Australia?
« on: Tuesday 11 May 21 15:11 BST (UK)  »
John William Hibbert was baptized 5 Nov 1899, Newton Heath (St. Augustine C. of E.) Lancashire, with his birthdate given as 6 Oct 1899.  Parents, William and Sarah Ann (Haslam) Hibbert at 15 Thorn St., father a capstan.  I have William's ancestry back for a few generations.

I cannot find John William anywhere after 1911, not on the 1939 Registrar for England/Wales and no death listing that fits.  However, I think he might be the John W. Hibbert on the passenger list for the ship Beltana, going to Melbourne, Australia on 19 Oct 1922.  With him is Mrs. Anne Hibbert, they are listed as ages 23 and 20 and their address as 41 Price Street, off Russell Street, Beswick, Manchester.  John was a mechanic.  I also found a marriage in the Sep Q 1922 of a John W. Hibbert and Annie Harrison, in Manchester.  No marriage found in Lancashire Parish Clerks website listings, but the Hibbert family did live in Beswick. 

The only mention of who I think is the same couple in Australia is John William Hibbert, mechanic, wife Annie, home duties, at 163 Sutherland, Paddington, E. Sydney on the 1963 voters list.  There might be a son with them, I will not mention the name because he might be living.

If anyone can help me pin down this John as being my relative (or not) would be very grateful.

The Common Room / Phillips/Hibbert/Harrison - Lancashire and Staffordshire 1900's
« on: Saturday 08 May 21 16:05 BST (UK)  »
Am trying to sort out a family in my tree, that includes Lilian Phillips, born Sep Q 1907, Manchester district, to Edward Phillips and Alice Hibbert; my brother has a DNA link to a descendant, so that has helped me identify this branch of the family to a certain extent.  I did contact the descendant, but no response.
Lilian married Thomas Harrison, May Q 1927, Manchester North.  I have found 8 children that are good matches to be theirs, up into the 1940’s.  I do know that one of the children was born 11 Dec 1932, and I have found his obituary online, Ernest Wilfred.  Ernest was living in Leek, Staffordshire in 1939, noted as adopted.  It appears that one of his sisters is living next door to him, Sylvia Bernadette, b. 9 Aug 1934.  She later marries in Manchester area and almost certainly died in 1967.  I do not want to list the names of the Harrison as some of them may be living.
I cannot find Lilian or Thomas on the 1939, nor can I find their older children and a child born in 1938.  Two possible children were born during the War.
The DNA match has identified Lilian Harrison and William T. Harrison on the 1939 as her ancestors but I believe she has the wrong couple.  I believe this is Lilian Platt who was born in the same quarter as Lilian Harrison.  There is one redacted child with them. 
Another intriguing bit is that I think Lilian’s possible brother, Robert Albert Phillips, born Bury district, Jun 1912 is likely the Robert A. Phillips living in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., b. 12 Jun 1912.  He was the only Robert with an A middle initial registered that year.  He is listed as married.  He is living with Alice K. Battersby, b. 9 Feb 1872, widow.
Would like to find Lilian, Thomas, and children if possible.  The name Harrison makes it difficult to pinpoint much, but perhaps someone knows something about this family.

The Common Room / Gertrude Podgur: Wales and London
« on: Friday 19 March 21 19:49 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for any information on Gertrude Podgur who was b. 13 Jun 1909, Blaina, Monmouthshire, Wales, the daughter of Joseph and Leah Podgur.  In 1911 they are living in Blaina, their older three children are born Leeds, Yorks., and Joseph and Leah were born Villna, Germany (possibly Vilnius?).  She is listed as Gerty.

Gertrude had a child as a single woman and that child is living with relatives of mine in 1939.
Gertrude is living in Islington, London, working as a barmaid, on Holloway Road.  In the household are Douglas A. Wheeler, licensed victualler, David E. Wheeler, victualler's son, a manageress, and two barmaids, including Gertrude.

Written above her surname on the 1939 in green ink is Blackburn, but I could not find a marriage.  A Gertrude Blackburn with the same birthday later dies in Slough district, Berkshire, May 1991.

There are only a handful of Podgurs, and most of them are registered in Leeds.

Would this have been a formal adoption at the time?  My relatives did have a connection to Wales, but lived outside London in Middlesex.

Monmouthshire / Abbotson/Homewood/Davies Monmouthshire
« on: Monday 15 March 21 20:44 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to find out more about Hilda May Abbotson, b. Jun Q 1890, Monmouth.  Her parents were Thomas Abbotson (b. Lancs.) and Emily Elizabeth Whiting (b. Kent).  Thomas was in the military.  I have all I need on them at the moment, but am trying to trace their 12 children (10 girls, 2 boys, and 4 of them died young).

Hilda May Abbotson is the only one by that name found in the England and Wales BMD.
In Dec 1913 she married Thomas H.A. Homewood, Monmouth district.
In Sep 1916 she married William Davies, Oswestry district, as ABBOTSON.

Here are my stumbling blocks:
I cannot find a Thomas H.A. Homewood anywhere in England/Wales.  Thought he might have died in WWI but nothing found that fits.
Why did she marry again as Abbotson?  I did not find a death for Thomas, and why would she marry again as Abbotson, unless divorced? When she married William Davies, I would expect to see her listed as both Homewood and Abbotson, as per other divorced women I have found remarriages for. 
Cannot find any of them on the 1939 register.  Well, have not tried to find William as there are too many, and don't know his birthdate.
Did not find any mention of Hilda in the newspapers, or a Thomas that matches.
I did find a Hilda M. Davies of the right age dying in 1959 in Bedwelty district, but no way of knowing if it is the right Hilda.
Any suggestions appreciated!
(I am related to the Abbotsons and believe they are the only family by that name in Wales, at least around the time Hilda was young.)

The Common Room / Mrs. James of Greenwich, London/Kent (Emily Myra St. Osyth Pollard)
« on: Wednesday 03 March 21 16:15 GMT (UK)  »
I am just looking over some notes about my relative Emily Myra St. Osyth Pollard, who d. 18 Feb 1930, Bexley, Kent in a psychiatric facility.  She was b. 9 Sep 1876, Ipswich, Suffolk to John Metcalfe Pollard and Sarah Ann Tomlin.
After the census of Ipswich in 1891 until 1902 and then from 1903 to 1929 I have not been able to locate Emily.  I think she is the Myra Pollard living in Greenwich in 1901, working as waitress (strange for the daughter of a solicitor who by this time had been widowed and moved to Marylebone), b Ipswich.  One of her brothers lived in Greenwich around the same time.
In 1902 she was admitted to the Bexley Mental Asylum, living at Crooms Hill, Greenwich.  She was discharged 8 Feb 1903 to "Mrs. James" of 4 Churchfields, Greenwich. 
On 9 Apr 1929 she was readmitted (26 years later), of 4 Churchfields, Greenwich, hairdresser.  Her birthdate matched the one I found on her birth announcement in an Ipswich newspaper.
She died 10 months later, 18 Feb 1930 Her father was named, and the informant was a doctor, last main residence 8 Crooms Hill, Greenwich.
Would anyone know who Mrs. James might be? 
Also wondering if there is anyway of knowing if Emily Myra lived at Crooms Hill for all those years?
I have looked at the 1901 and 1911 census but no luck finding a Mrs. James on Churchfields, and the electoral lists - no luck either for a James on Churchfields or Emily herself, under both Emily and Myra.
Any help appreciated.

Surrey / Edith Jane Elliott, Betchworth, Surrey
« on: Wednesday 03 February 21 15:10 GMT (UK)  »
I cannot locate Edith Jane Elliott before she marries my relative, James Field, in Reigate district in Sep 1910. In 1911 James and Edith are living in Mickleham, Surrey, she is 23 years old.  Her birthplace is Betchworth, Surrey.
Before this point, I cannot find Edith.  On the 1939 Register she is listed as Jane and they are in Salfords, Reigate.  Her date of birth is given as 29 Sep 1886, and her death in the BMD index gives it as 30 Sep 1886.  Her probate listing as Edith, "otherwise Jane"; she died 27 Nov 1974.
I cannot find a birth registration, or locate her on the 1891 or 1901 censuses.  Have tried several combination of names and ages, etc., but nothing matches.  Maybe I am missing something!
There is a descendant with a tree on Anc* with a nice photo of Edith Jane, and other family pictures, but he/she did not answer the message I sent. 
Even if Edith Jane was adopted after birth, and had her name changed, I would expect her to show up in the censuses.
I haven't located the marriage certificate online.
Thanks for any help!

The Common Room / Rose Raymond, London/S. London
« on: Saturday 26 December 20 21:20 GMT (UK)  »
Rose Raymond married James Richard Field, Mar Q 1911, Wandsworth district, and in the census of that year is living with James and his parents (Richard Field and Sarah Jane Kent) in Battersea, London.

On the 1939 Register and in the death indexes her birthdate is given as 28 Dec 1884.
I cannot find a Rose Raymond that fits that date, however I did find one baptized at St. James, Clerkenwell on 6 Feb 1882, born 28 Dec 1881.  No birth registration that fits there, either.
There are three Rose Raymonds born between 1880 and 1884, in Whitechapel, Islington, and Alderbury, Wiltshire (districts).
I found a Rose, daughter of John and Susan (Warne) Raymond, that might be her, though a couple of years older than b 1884.  Found Susan and children (4 younger than Rose), admitted to the Newington workhouse a few times.  John seems to have disappeared.
On the 1891, with Susan, she is b. Bermondsey, and on the 1911 (in Battersea) she is born Walworth.  In 1939 she is living with husband and what looks like some of their children, in Battersea.

Am hoping someone can help me figure out a way to identify her, without buying the marriage cert.

Buckinghamshire / The Martins, Bossington Lane, Linslade
« on: Monday 14 December 20 16:34 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone remember the house called The Martins, Bossington Lane, Linslade?  The original house burned down in 1971, and has been rebuilt.
A relative of mine and her husband (Phyllis Field and William Arthur Brookes) apparently bought the house in 1932 and in 1939 Phyllis is there with two sisters-in-law and some redacted individuals, likely children.  William died in 1968 and I think the house was sold, as there is a notice in the London Gazette.
I have found quite a bit about the house online, but wondering how this working-class couple from South London ended up in such an interesting place!  I think the house might have been sold to them for a very low price.
Also cannot find William on the 1939, though I have found his brother Charles, back in s. London, who was married to Audrey, one of the other occupants of The Martins.

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