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Ireland / Who is Maria Maeder married 1826 in Dublin?
« on: Thursday 09 January 20 22:51 GMT (UK)  »
Maria Maeder married Arthur O'Keefe at St Paul's (Church of Ireland), Dublin on 13 August 1826. As Maria O'Keefe, she arrived in Tasmania, Australia, in November 1835, under the London Emigration Scheme. There she married James Rosier (as O'Keefe - her maiden name Maeder is on her children's birth certificates).

Her life in Tasmania is thoroughly detailed but her life in Ireland remains a mystery beyond her marriage to Arthur. She would have been born around 1812 in Ireland, if other evidence is to be believed.

Any and all help and/or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

The Common Room / England & Wales marriage indexes online
« on: Saturday 13 July 19 06:22 BST (UK)  »
I finally caught up with the service for ordering PDFs of English births and deaths but I'm wondering why the marriage indexes aren't available. Or is it that I'm looking in the wrong place? This is on the site.

Durham / George Smailes/Mary Andrews marriage and George Smailes death
« on: Wednesday 10 July 19 06:50 BST (UK)  »
My greatgrandmother, Mary Dinham ANDREWS, from Taunton, Somerset, appeared on the 1871 census with her family in Taunton, and about a year later she gave birth to a daughter, Annie. The next sighting of her is on 5th May 1877, when she gave birth to another daughter, Elizabeth Jane SMAILES, at 73 Bede St, Westoe, Durham. Details on Elizabeth's birth certificate are: father, George SMAILES, Army Pensioner, and mother, Mary SMAILES, formerly Andrews. Then by the 1881 census she's back home in Taunton, living with her parents and family, including her two daughters, and she's described as a widow.
I have been unable to find any marriage certificate (which may just indicate she didn't marry George), nor can I be sure about George's death, given that I have no age to go on. There are a couple of possibilities but they could be stabs in the dark. Was George from Somerset or Durham or neither? How old was he? How on earth did a woman from Somerset understand what was being said in Durham? [Joke.] If there's no marriage then perhaps there was no death and Mary just decided to head home to sunnier climes. Any advice would be appreciated. btw Smailes also crops up as Smales on census forms.

Wales / welsh equivalent of Newhouse
« on: Sunday 11 March 18 22:48 GMT (UK)  »
Is there a Welsh surname which translates as Newhouse?

Cumberland / Martindale/Gibson/Young connection
« on: Sunday 11 February 18 04:20 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to tie in some census strays with my family.

My ancestor Nathan Gibson, aged three, was living in Dearham Cumberland in 1841, according to the census, with his family:
Edward Gibson      M   30-34   Cumberland
Hannah Gibson      F   30-34   Cumberland
Jonathan Gibson      M   7   Cumberland
Mary Gibson      F   5   Cumberland
Nathen Gibson      M   3   Cumberland
Elizabeth Gibson      F   1   Cumberland
Thomas Martindale      M   30-34   Cumberland

His mother was a Wilson.

Nathan married Ellen (or Eleanor) Young in 1865 and died in 1874. Ellen then married a James Meredith, and in 1891 the Merediths have two young boarders living with them at 66 Sedley St Walton on the Hill
James Meredith    46  Bricklayer  Liverpool
Johnana??Meredith 52  Gosforth, Cumberland  (seems to be our Ellen)
Jane F G Meredith 21 Workington
James Meredith    15
William G Meredith 7/12
William Martindale 18 Boarder
John Martindale    16  Boarder

(The Merediths were transcribed as Murdish (!))

It seems like more than a coincidence yet I can't (so far) find any other Martindales who are family members. Nathan's parents were Edward Gibson and Hannah Wilson, and Ellen's parents were unknown but it's not likely to be her side of the family, given that Thomas Martindale crops up while Nathan is still a young child.

I've tried to find a connection but my brain isn't up to it. I do think that Thomas may have been the father of the two later boarders. Perhaps they were just family friends. It's interesting that the connection would continue with Nathan's widow.

All suggestions very welcome.

Somerset / Elizabeth KNIGHT b. c. 1827/8 but can't find baptism
« on: Wednesday 22 November 17 00:09 GMT (UK)  »
My ancestor Elizabeth KNIGHT married William EVANS in 1849 at Lydeard St Lawrence. She is shown as the daughter of William Knight and she lives in Lydeard St Lawrence. (Her groom is listed as EVENS, btw.) She would appear to be the Elizabeth Knight aged 13 and living with William and Frances (MEARS) KNIGHT at the LSL poorhouse on the 1841 census. I can find the baptisms of all the other children but Elizabeth's is a mystery. There's a suitable gap between William and Frances's marriage in 1826 (at St Mary's, Stogumber) and the birth of the next child James in 1829 (also at Stogumber) but no Elizabeth to fill it. The rest of the children were baptised at LSL.

Incidentally, after William Knight's death in 1841, Frances married Thomas WHITEFIELD, and on the register it appears that her son James may have given her away and is listed as the bride's father. Is this unusual?  Frances was illegitimate so that may be a reason for her son to step up.

Somerset / Edward Bailey - home alone in 1841
« on: Wednesday 18 October 17 04:30 BST (UK)  »
Sorry. How do I delete a post? Ignore this. Result of brainfade, I suspect.

While looking for my Baileys in the 1841 census (and finding John & Patience and three of their adult children in Halse), I noted that in the household next door there was a 3yo boy called Edward Bailey, all alone. Perhaps not surprisingly, he failed to give any details beyond his age.
(Piece: HO107/965/0 Place: Williton/Freemanners-Somerset Enumeration District: 8
Civil Parish: Halse Ecclesiastical Parish: Halse
Folio: 11 Page: 15)

I assume he is the Edward Bailey b. 4.10.1837 and christened at St James, Halse, base born son of the unmarried Jane PARSONS (according to the Halse Transcripts online).* Jane, in turn, may be the "15yo" housemaid working in Old Cleeve. I can't find Edward on the following census.

What's the likelihood he's the illegitimate son of one of my Bailey? (Quite high.) Would they have been taking care of him while his mother worked? (Also a reasonable supposition.) Why would he be listed as all by himself? (Who knows?) What happened to him and his mother? (More work to be done.) Where should I look next?

And is a 3yo child home by himself particularly unusual?

* But wait! There's more! I just found the same christening on with his name given as Edward Parsons Bailey and his mother as Jane Bailey. Which should I believe?

I looked but couldn't find any posts about this. I'm currently copying and printing photos taken in the 1970s which have developed that nasty orange colour. I use Irfanview and The Gimp when attempting to restore normal colour levels - I don't have Photoshop. I usually drop the red by 24 and raise the blue by 2 but the results aren't fantastic. Is there a rough formula which can be applied in all cases?

The Common Room / Double Bacon with that? Doubled-up second and surnames.
« on: Tuesday 13 June 17 04:08 BST (UK)  »
I have a Jane B. Bacon b. 1859/60 in Brentwood, Essex. On both her birth reg. and marriage reg, the "B" turns out to be -- Bacon! So she's Jane Bacon Bacon. Anyone else come across this? I understand people called Phillip Phillips, or similar, but this seems bizarre.

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