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Armed Forces / Court Martial 81st Regiment
« on: Friday 24 August 18 12:51 BST (UK)  »

Do you know if I can get more details of the court martial than this soldiers army record show?

William Kell
Number: 81
Regiment: 81st
20/5/1833 court martial date.

Here is a weblink to the army record:

Here is the deciphered handwriting of the section:
…..that his DISCHARGE is proposed in consequence of cough and pains in the chest and rheumatic pains in his limb, contracted in and by the service and the  BOARD APPROVES  of the opinion of the surgeon as shown by the medical report  HEREWITH ANNEXED

Then it goes on…

No 81 Drum-Major Willian Kell was tried by Regt Court Martial 20th May 1833
for being drunk ON THE LINE OF MARCH  and reduced from Drum major.  That since this time his conduct has been very good and that he was in possession of three good conduct RINGS PREVIOUS TO HIS BEING and his being again promoted to Drum major.

Just curious to see if there is more detail recorded somewhere.

Many Thanks in advance for your attention.


Armed Forces / 81st Regiment and the 1841 census
« on: Thursday 23 August 18 18:49 BST (UK)  »

Any idea how I find a William Kell and his family at the time of the 1841 census? 

81st Regiment
No. 81
Drum Major
Wife Margaret.


On the following census extract 1851 can you work out the first name of the wife AND her birthplace?

name - margaret kell
date of birth - 1812
pouse - william kell
St George


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Can you fill in the blanks
« on: Wednesday 22 August 18 22:49 BST (UK)  »

Can you decipher the missing words from the following soldier record?…..that his DISCHARGE is propsed in consequence of cough and pains in the chest and rheumatic pains in his limb, contracted in and by the service and the  _____ ______ of the opinion of the surgeon is shown by the medical report  ______  ______.

Then it goes on…

No 81 Drum major Willian Kell was drinking  L _______ L ______ until 20th July 1833 for being drunk in the line of ____ and reduced from Drum major.  That since this time his conduct has been very good and that he was in possession of three good conduct ______ ______ and his being again promoted to Drum major.

Armed Forces / 62nd & 81st Regiment for Drum Major number 81
« on: Monday 20 August 18 20:04 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

I've searched best I can on Ancestry, Folio3, Forces war Records, Internet.  I cannot find my way around the national archive site. 

William Kell born 1796 Wiltshire
Army number 81
1811 joined 62nd regiment on foot - 25/6/1811 - 31/12/1828
1829 62nd Regiment - 1/1/1829 - 31/10/1830
1930 transferred to 81st regiment on foot - 1/11/1830 - 6/6/1843
Service shows Spain for 1.5 years, Holland and France for 9 months, N.America for 8.5 years - BUT no dates.
He ended up as Drum Major having once being demoted to drummer after a drunken event in 1833.
Source of above Folio3 copies of enrolment, discharge papers.

One possible source ( suggests garrison duty 1817 - 1853 in canada, Gibraltar, W Indies, England, Ireland but that's all. 

Specifically I'd like to know:
1. Where can I find a summary including dates of this regiments movements?  Specifically where and when in Ireland as I am also trying to trace his daughters birthplace and marriage details.
2. Where would he and his family have lived during that time as he had all his kids during his army career.

Thank you very much in advance.


Family History Beginners Board / Hit a Brick Wall - Irish link - Molloy and Kell
« on: Thursday 09 August 18 16:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi there,

I have hit a brick wall.

Mark Molloy b. Dublin according to census 1825
Margaret Kell b Tipperary according to census 1830

I can work all evidence back to these 2 via the census, BC and D certificates of kids.

I am looking to get on with the irish links, but have hit a brick wall. 

Any help looking for marriage evidence in Ireland or Lancashire would be great as well as how to find records of them coming to England.



Family History Beginners Board / Looking for Marriage Certificate - Molloy & Massey
« on: Thursday 09 August 18 16:11 BST (UK)  »
Good afternoon,

I am looking for a wedding certificate for the following pair. 

William Molloy (b. 1847) Manchester, Lancs
Sarah Ann Massey (b. 1851) Manchester, Lancs

Marriage Dates: Between 1869 - 1874. 
I figured the dates out as Pre '69 she had a baby out of wedlock but  by 1874 and more babies they all had the name Molloy and Sarah is "wife".
1874 -1879 living George St, Bradford, Yorkshire, West Riding
1879 - back to Manchester

I have searched and searched with a million different name variants and no joy.

Perhaps they didn't actually marry given they lived in dire poverty in St Michaels Manchester at the time, but that would be odd as every subsequent census it is fully detailed as are baptisms and births for the kids.
Any ideas?

Shropshire Completed Look up Requests / Mary Ann Edwards Worthern, Bromlow, Hope
« on: Monday 13 April 15 17:18 BST (UK)  »

Here's one if you like a challenge. I am stumped. Having searched just about everything I cannot find out what happened to Mary Ann Edwards since being baptised Feb 5 1860 in the parish of Worthen Shropshire to getting married in Feb 1881 in Salford.

Information I am looking for:
1. DOB of Mary ann
2. 1861 census the family
3. 1871 census the family
4. Marriage details of edward edwards and mary ?

Information I have is:
1. Mary Ann - Baptism record 5 Feb 1860 - states baptism in Hope Shropshire. The actual original copy states abode is Bromlow in the parish of Worthen Shropshire.
2. Fathers - name on baptism record in 1860 and marriage cert. 1881 is Edward Edwards. His occupation in 1860 is shopkeeper. In 1881 the marriage cert states farmer and he is deceased by 10th Feb 1881.
3. Mother - name on baptism record is Mary
4. Possible Marriage of her parents - 1855 I found an Edward Edwards married to a Mary Ann Rowe in Ironbridge, Madeley, Salop, Shropshire - BUT they are both widows/widower - suggesting old and therefore not parents of Mary Ann?
5. Ruth Edwards - is a witness on marriage cert. but not sure if this is sister or cousin or friend. However 25 May 1856 she was baptised in the parish of Worthen, residing in Bromlow to parents of the same name edward and mary edwards a shopkeeper. So it suggests that she is the sister.
6. I understand that Worthern is close to the Welsh border.  So I found this additional information but don't know if it is Mary Ann and Ruth?

1871 England, Bromlow, Shropshire
Edward Gwilt b1843, Worthern - Farmer
Elizabeth Gwilt b1841, Worthern - Farmer's sister
Aaron Gwilt b1847, Worthern - Farmer's brother
Mary A Edward b1861, Worthern - Niece. If you look closely there is possibly an 's' at the end of Edward running into niece.

1871 Wales, Worthern, Montgomeryshire
Mary Edwards b1788, Kerry, Mont. - widow, housekeeper
John Edwards b1835, ?same - son, Lead miner
Ruth Edwards b1857, Worthern, Salop - granddaughter

So they seem to be in Shropshire in 1856 and 1860 but then go missing from the census in 1861 and 1871.

1861 Mary Ann would be a baby assuming she was born 1859/60 and Ruth 5

What happened to them? Where did they go?

Any help would be great.


Devon Lookup Requests / New Look Up - WHITEWAY Missing from 1871 census Devon
« on: Saturday 14 March 15 08:53 GMT (UK)  »
Dear Roots Web

Can you help please?  I am looking for Whiteway's in Devon.  The thing is that one family group is missing between the dates 1862 census to 1874. They are on the 1861 census, but not on the 1871.  I can't find them anywhere on other search sites even leaving the UK and or coming back.  Here are the family details:

Richard William Whiteway 1833-1906
Born Totnes
1841 census totnes
1851 census taunton
1861 wolborough, courtenay street, newton abbot
1871 Missing aged about 38

Ann Amelia Poole 1834 - 1874
1851 census taunton
1861 wolborough, courtenay street, newton abbot
1871 Missing aged about 33

Richard William Poole 1857 - 1929
1851 census taunton
1861 wolborough, courtenay street, newton abbot
1871 missing aged about 4

By 1874 they are living in lancashire

Trade - Hairdressers.

Many thanks

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