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Armed Forces / Same chap or not 2 attestations to RIR in 1889
« on: Monday 05 February 18 08:41 GMT (UK)  »
Came across 2 records on Findmypast for a Samuel Wetherall from the Lurgan area, Co Armagh

The first a WO96 Militia Attestation #1358 on 19 Sep 1889 at Lurgan, aged 17yr 9mo approved 14 Apr 1890 but with no medical examination signatures and the Statement of Services just Posted 19 Sep 1889.

Then there is WO 364 #2602 Samuel Wetherall 18 Dec 1889 aged 18½ Short Service Attestation approved 18 Dec 1889 Belfast, Discharged 1892.

Height, chest etc all very similar 5'7½ vs 5'7¼, both blue eyes just brown vs fair hair
The signatures on both look very similar.

He then appears to sign up for the Imperial Yeomanry & Boer War ststing no previous military service and service WW1. Both Ancestry & Findmypast have grouped these records together and certainly the 1901 & 1915 match, proved by a Pension/Medical assessment 1838 listing the exact same dates for Boer service.

Could the 2x 1889 Attestations be the same chap??

Hope the first link works if not this shows all the records

Ireland / Ulster Covenant teenagers + Megain Hall
« on: Sunday 28 January 18 21:17 GMT (UK)  »
Looking at Ulster Covenant images 1912 on PRONI vs the 1911 census for some distant relations I was surprised to find that some were teenagers when they signed.
Annie Stevenson on this image was 16, Jane McCleave 15/16, Lizzie Headley 17; the Montgomery's on the same page were in their 40's comparing with

It was 1918 before property holding qualifications were abolished and the right to vote given to all males at 21 and females at 30 and 1928 before 21 for all. I've gad a Google and found nothing on age but the suggestion is checks were made to ensure people did not sign twice and that it was accurate.

Megain Hall was presumably East Belfast and likely somewhere in the Ballymacarrett area but not sure exactly where. It is also surprising that these teenagers signed X as literacy levels were by then in the order of 95%.
I had expected those signing to be of Full age ie 21. Anyone else spotted similar or have comments?

The Common Room / puzzling GRO birth index listings
« on: Sunday 31 December 17 19:00 GMT (UK)  »
What do others make of this, could it be a re-registration though there is no star in the index images referring back from 1857 to 1856:
1856 Margaret Alice & 1857 Ellen have same Vol & Page No of 8E 434 on FreeBMD (have checked the images) these also agree with what appears in the GRO website index.
Surely different years should have a different page, especially when the Vol is the same - so not just a co-incidence in a different book.

Births Sep 1855 GIBSON Ellen Preston 8e 433
Births Sep 1856 Gibson Margaret Alice Preston 8e 434
Births Mar 1857 Gibson Ellen Preston 8e 434
Births Mar 1858 Gibson Mary Preston 8e 445

GRO website (reordered by date):
GIBSON, MARGARET ALICE ( - ) GRO 1856 S Quarter PRESTON Volume 08E p434
GIBSON, ELLEN (McMAHON) GRO 1857 M Quarter PRESTON Vol 08E p434
GIBSON, MARY (WIGGANS) GRO 1858 M Quarter PRESTON Vol 08E p445
GIBSON, JANE (McNEIL) GRO 1858 D Quarter PRESTON Vol 08E p424

& this is likely her:
Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Preston in the County of Lancaster. 1857 Jan 27. CATHERINE, of Samuel & Hannah Gibson of Clarence Street (Weaver).

1861 Census Preston, Lancashire
Samuel Gibson    28
Hannah Gibson    27
William Gibson    6 [born Ireland]
Ellen Gibson    4
Jane Gibson    2

1871 Census Preston, Lancashire
Hannah Gibson    36 (widow)
William Gibson    16
Ellen Gibson    14
Jane Gibson    12 [incorrectly transcribed as James on Ancestry]
Samuel Gibson    10
George Gibson    8
John Henry Gibson 2
[Jane, Samuel, George & John H GRO births have mother’s maiden surname of McNeill]

Parents married
10 Jan 1854 • Shankill Parish Church, Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
Samuel Gibson, aged 21 & Hannah McNeill, aged 22 (fathers = Samuel Gibson & Hector McNeill)
Williams birth unrecorded as Irish GRO births start 1864

Seems strange. John

1851-1871 census info + death & burial record from Lighthorne Warwickshire indicates my 3rd Great-grandfather John Baylis was born Swalcliffe, Oxon circa 1791-1792. I gather there may be a 1795 Swalcliffe baptism of a John Baylis in Swalcliffe but the census and death info is consistant with a birth a few years earlier. The adjacent parish of Tadmarton is also a possibility.

Would be grateful of info on Baylis baptisms in either parish around that time.

John Bayliss

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