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Ross & Cromarty / Peter McLinden
« on: Saturday 19 January 19 10:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hi I have a Peter McLinden on 1861 census, originally born in Ireland 1826 living in Rosemarkie, Ross and Cromarty. He married a Mary O'Donnell and had 3 children they then moved to Rothesay. I can find him in the 1871 Census and he is recorded on his last daughter Margaret's birth as being present in 1876 he then disappears from Scottish census records and I can find no death record under his name. His wife continues to be recorded on census records until she dies in 1907 when its noted she is his widow and he is recorded as a gardener deceased. She is not recorded as widowed on records up until 1901 and I must assume either her husband deserted her and moved overseas or he was residing elsewhere during census records. Interestingly on one record she is living on private means but I am not sure how as her father was a coal miner and Peter a labourer. I cant find him on any other cencus records in Scotland matching his data and cant find a death record under close matching name or age. There is another Peter McLinden same birth date but he could not have lived in 2 places at the same time and the parents of the other Peter are incorrect, he is also a stone mason and my relative was a labourer. Our Peter's mother was Ann Trainer and father Bernard McLinden Farmer. I tried phoenetic search with age on Scotlands People but cant find a death and it costs a fortune going into every possible death entry, I tried several possible matches in Rothesay but once certificates were opened they didnt tie up with his occupation or parents. Can anyone suggest an avenue to search? Many thanks

Down / Peter Trainer
« on: Saturday 19 January 19 10:28 GMT (UK)  »
After 3 years of searching I had been unable to find any of my Irish relatives beyond my great grandfather Owen MacGuigan and Mary McLinden who married in Scotland in the 1860's. Her mother was Ann Trainer and father Bernard McLinden I have found Mary's siblings that also went to Scotland and from the latest daughter, Anne (married to an Arthur Rooney) found my great grandmother.

After being widowed she must have moved to Scotland to be with her daughter in Rosemarkie, Ross and Cromarty. From her death record her mother and father my great great grandparents are named Peter Trainer and Ellen Campbell. I believe she will have been born around 1801. Her father is recorded as Farmer. Mary McLinden (my great grandmother) birth place is given as Down and so I assume the family must have originated from this area. I have tried various searches but still cant locate any Irish records. Can anyone help please

US Lookup Requests / John Proudfoot
« on: Wednesday 08 November 17 19:24 GMT (UK)  »

I wonder if anyone can help. I have a Peter Proudfoot born in Lanark, Scotland in 1875 in later census returns his mother changes his name to John. He is shown as a Butcher boy in 1891. The last relative that knew of him advised that he went to Chicago and was not heard of again this was in the late 1890's. I had seen a John Proudfoot in Chicago via family search but he was a hammerman and so I discounted him until recently. There has been a recent breakthrough through a Scottish newspaper article in which a husband divorces his wife naming a Proudfoot, Butcher as the other party and that he had gone to Chicago with this mans wife. When I checked the John Proudfoot Hammerman, the name of his wife ties up with the divorcee in Falkirk, Scotland. Her husband divorced her in her absence. The lady in question Janet Hardie Dawson married John Proudfoot in Cook County on 30 July 1898. His naturalisation record on Family Search is virtually the same birth date as my relative, 14th as opposed to 13th of the month, birth place as Wishaw, my relative lived in Wishaw but the birth was in Lanark so very close to the area. We cannot prove that it is the same person as there is no mention of his mothers name or any other information on the naturalisation record 1918 which is a card and not the full document. There isn't a document of the marriage either which again generally records the name of the mother and father if known. Ancestry only provides their names and date of marriage. He died in Cooks County 9 March 1948. Is there anyone that could check either the full naturalisation document, marriage certificate or death certificate to see if a mothers name is recorded?  or any other information that links him back to his Scottish family? His mother should be recorded as Jane Proudfoot and his father William Campbell (although I am not sure he knew his name) on official documents. There is no source to confirm I have attached to the correct John Proudfoot on Familysearch without the evidence to back it up. Thank you for any help.

« on: Wednesday 08 November 17 18:32 GMT (UK)  »

I have my mothers Soldiers Service and Pay Book under employment in 1942 indicates Sht/Typist I assume Shorthand Typist, it then indicates SP Branch War Office Highly Specialised (I think the next bit is Sgt) she was a Sergeant in the ATS. She did mention spending some time in France and North Africa and she also mentioned working for the Admiralty in Chelsea?

Is the reference to SP actually S Branch? also what would the reference to Highly Specialised mean? would I be able to have access to her Forces records because most websites only cover the first World War?

Thank you for any leads that I may be able to follow.


Lanarkshire / Margaret Lang Circa 1879/1882 Glasgow
« on: Thursday 29 December 16 22:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hello I am looking for a Margaret Lang registered as 11 years old on the 1891 Cencus 10 McGhie Street Hamilton. However I cannot find a birth for her to a Sarah McEwen and father William Lang. Potentially she could have married but I would have expected a birth certificate in the 1880's.

Also searching for Bertha Lang born 1928 she was a witness at her sisters wedding in 1947 but then disappears.

Thank you for any help

Dumfriesshire / Jane/Jean Proudfoot 1849/1850
« on: Wednesday 16 December 15 21:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hello I wonder if anyone can help, I recently found the forefather of my father’s side of the family via Sherriff’s records, William Proudfoot, Stone Mason of Moffat born around 1814/1818 his parents were George Proudfoot and Elizabeth Tweddie. I have noticed on other family trees and Familysearch that he was previously married to a Jane or Jeannie Patterson and there was a child born Jean, or Jeannie Proudfoot in 1849 but I can find no marriage or death for either Jane or Jeannie. From census records I can see William lives with his sister and brothers in various gatherings (John, James, Elizabeth) there is also a child call Jane who is recorded as a niece to the head but not which one of the family her parent was. If this is Jeannie I have tried searching death records, marriage, and emigration records using her ‘mothers’ name but cannot find her. William does marry a Janet McCallum in 1872 who already also has 4 children. Are there any sources or local records to confirm the birth/marriage/death of Jean Proudfoot and Jane Patterson and whether Jane is in actual factor the daughter of William and Jean? Many thanks for any help.

United States of America / George Lang died May 1927 in Wayne County Michigan
« on: Saturday 22 August 15 08:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi I am trying to obtain the cause of my uncles death in Wayne County Michigan 29 May 1927 aged 27 by obtaining a death certificate. I followed a link through vital check to obtain a copy of the death certificate but when commencing to checkout the cost is approximately $100 which seems pretty expensive. Is there any other way that I can obtain the information at a more realistic cost?

He was born 4 November 1900 in Hamilton Scotland to John Lang and Elizabeth Campbell arriving in the States 26 August 1926. My cousin, now passed, said he was a bit of a rascal and liked to spin yarns that he may have died as the result of some criminal activity but he was a bit of a story teller, my understanding was that he was killed in an automobile accident but I have searched newspapers and can't find any reports. I would like to establish whether these are embellished family stories over the generations or whether there is any truth in them.

Thank you for any advice.

« on: Monday 25 August 14 09:12 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to trace records for Owen McGuigan married to Mary McLinden in Inverness 1861 where he lived the remainder of his life. Through Griffiths Valuations I may have located his father Thomas Mcguigan Farmer (deceased by 1861) and mother Bridgette (Helen) Mcguigan nee Rice. Are there any on line RC church records for this county to try to locate Owen's birth to confirm he originated from this area and trace any other family members. I can confirm a witness John Rice on the marriage certificate and assume this was a relative of his mother or maybe his cousin. Thank you for any advice

Griffiths Valuation Record Information
Family Name 1   MCGUIGAN
Forename 1   THOMAS
Family Name 2   ANGLESEY
Forename 2   MARQUIS OF
County   LOUTH
Townland   BAVAN
Place Name   BAVAN
Place Type   TOWNLAND
Publication Details
Position on Page   2
Printing Date   1854
Act   15&16
Sheet Number   4,5
Map Reference   3

United States of America / Death records for George Lang Wayne County 1927
« on: Saturday 12 July 14 10:41 BST (UK)  »
Hello I am looking for help with my uncle George Lang born Hamilton, Scotland 1900 immigrated to the US 1926 on the Transylvania landing at New York in August.  Parents were John Lang and Elizabeth Campbell of Hamilton Lanarkshire. Through records traced on Family Search he is shown to have died 29 May 1927 in Detroit Michigan Wayne. I am looking for the reason for his death, as he was so young, who would have registered it, what his occupation was at the time and whether this was accidental or sickness. Many thanks for any help.

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