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Family History Beginners Board / thecovey first world war
« on: Wednesday 18 June 14 11:13 BST (UK)  »
Frustratingly I have tried a number of subscription sites without success.
Searching for first world war records on my two grandfathers (paternal and maternal) in addition one grandfather of my wife, and on this one we have regiment and soldier number as well as date of birth and death. All survived the war.
Peculiarily on paternal grandfather with accurate dates it strangely brings up his father (i.e. my great grandfather) who served in the T.A. from 1920 clearly outside of first war.
On my maternal grandfather I get nothing even though his dates typed are accurate. On all searches I get only deaths of soldiers in war, something I clearly do not need.
It would be great if anyone could advise on this brick wall especially on this centenary.

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