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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Two Renwick documents from OPRs
« on: Monday 31 August 20 00:25 BST (UK)  »
I have a marriage register for my 6x great grand parents, James Renwick and Agnes Scot, who were married in the Parish of Temple on Nov 25, 1915.  I can't figure out the words before James and the words after married. I outlined the event in yellow.

I would be very grateful for any or all help.  Thank you so much.

Roxburghshire / Looking for Renwicks of Roxburgh, Scotland
« on: Thursday 27 August 20 21:47 BST (UK)  »
My 4x great grandparents were James Renwick Oct 28, 1764-? and Jean Anderson 1755-?. I have documented both, especially James Renwick, but Iíve never found their death years.

The parents of James Renwick were William Renwick, Castleton, Roxburgh, Scotland and Janet Glendinning, Castleton, Roxburgh, Scotland.  Their birth years might be 1734-1744 but just a guess.
James had a sister, Catharine Renwick, born Oct 1754 in Castleton, Roxburgh, Scotland.

Iím hoping to find information about my 5x great grandparents and Catherine Renwick.  Iíve mostly used Ancestry and occasionally Family Search.  Thank you.

Roxburghshire / Ashkirk Manse
« on: Thursday 08 December 16 21:39 GMT (UK)  »
I have a 3x great grandma baptized in 1805 at Ashkirk Manse.  Could someone tell me what that is?  A church?  Thanks for any help.

Roxburghshire / Where is Mangertoun or Mangerton?
« on: Friday 29 July 16 19:48 BST (UK)  »
As I continue my ongoing search for Renwick ancestors, I've found the location of Mangertoun as an abode or farm??  Does anyone know more?  Also I found the word on SconlandsPlaces but couldn't access the information because it's a pay for view site.  Is there someone with access to ScotlandsPlaces who would be willing to look it up for me?  Thank you ahead of time for all help.

Ayrshire / Robert Renwick and son William Renwick
« on: Friday 29 July 16 19:26 BST (UK)  »
Robert Renwick, brother of my grandfather, died in Kilmarnock on June 4, 1974 and was buried on June 6, 1974 in Dunscore Cemetery, Dumfries.  His wife was Helen Waters and she died before her husband.  They had one child that I know of, William Renwick (1929-2010???), who also resided and died in Kilmarnock.
My Renwick ancestors mostly lived in the Cavers, Roxburgh area of Scotland and so did Robert for a number of years.  Then after the Census of 1901, he no longer appeared.  Only just found him by ordering the register of his death from SP.
Does anyone know this family or have photos of them?  Any ideas where I might learn more about these ancestors?  Thank you for all help or suggestions.

Roxburghshire / James Renwick, 4th great grandfather
« on: Thursday 14 July 16 20:28 BST (UK)  »
On the OPR of the baptism of a son, my 4th great grandfather is cited as James Renwick in Middleburn.  This document is from the year 1790.  Can someone tell me anything about "Middleburn"?

Roxburghshire / Looking for Robert Renwick
« on: Wednesday 15 June 16 15:49 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for info about Robert Renwick, the younger brother of my grandfather, James Renwick.  Their parents were William Johnstone Renwick and Jessie Nichol Murray.  Robert was born on November 18, 1896 in Cavers, Roxburghshire, Scotland.  He is listed in the Scotland census of 1901 at the age of 5 years but then disappears.

On FamilySearch I located two Robert Renwicks in the United Kingdom, World War I military records.  One was Robert Renwick from Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland and the second Robert Renwick was from Lanarkshire, Scotland.  I couldn't access the documents to see the birth dates and names of parents.  Would someone with access to these records be willing check those facts for me?  Any ideas where else could I find info about Robert?  I've don't want to buy more credits on ScotsPeople.  Thank you in advance for all help and suggestions.

Europe / Lost family member: Oswald Kleiner from Germany
« on: Sunday 13 September 15 04:27 BST (UK)  »
RootsChat has always been so helpful so here goes again.  My great-grandparents, Gustav and Clara Kleiner, lived in Breslau, Germany before WW II.  They had eight sons born between the years of 1888 to 1903, and by 1926 all members of the Kleiner family had immigrated to the U.S., except the seventh son, who remained in Germany.   I am looking for information about this lost family member.
His name was Oswald Reinhold Franz Kleiner and he was born on December 8, 1900 in Brockau, Breslau, Germany.  His parents were Gustav Reinhold Kleiner (1864-1940) and Clara Charlotte Weihrauch Kleiner (1867-1941), and both died in the U.S.  Oswald died on August 4, 1956 in Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein Germany.  How can I find out if he was married and to whom, if he had children and perhaps where he was buried?  Is this type of information available in Germany? Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Bev

Roxburghshire / George Renwick and his will
« on: Monday 24 August 15 23:56 BST (UK)  »
I found the will of my 3x great grandfather, George Renwick (1790-1867) which has led me to several questions.  At the end of his life George was a tenant on Hawthornside farm in the parish of Hobkirk.  The will never designates an inheritor but at the end of the will a woman named Isabella Renwick signed her name.  There is no one with that name in George's family, either siblings, nieces, children or grandchildren.  His wife, Agnes Kedzie, had died already but I couldn't find a second wife for George either.

Any ideas who Isabella Renwick could be?  Was it common not to name an inheritor in a will in the 1860s?  Finally after debts were paid, George left an estate of £1417.16.  Would that be much of an inheritance?
Any help would be greatly appreciated in my search.  Bev

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