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Census and Resource Discussion / Tracing address on 1881 Census
« on: Sunday 15 September 13 18:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi All

I've been trying to find a specific street on the 1881 cenus and am sure I've done this some time in the past but I've no memory now of how I did it. It may be that the site has changed or, rather more likely, that the old grey matter has finally siezed up completely. I'd be very grateful for suggestions. I have a subscription to Ancestry and street I'm looking for is Grenfell Street, Widnes.

Many thanks in advance.


Yorkshire (West Riding) / West Riding - Henry & Elizabeth Sykes
« on: Saturday 21 January 12 11:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

I've been helping a friend trace his Sykes family who lived in the West Riding and I wonder if Rootschatters have any ideas which may help solve a mystery relating to the family of his grandfather, Henry Sykes, born 1879, parents Mark and Elizabeth.

Henry and his family, wife also named Elizabeth, moved from the Altofts area to Denaby where they lived for only a short time before Henry died in the December Q of 1907, aged 28, after being injured in a pit accident. The mystery I referred to arises from the recent acquisition of the inquest report which stated that the couple had four children but my friend knows of only three. We've traced those three to a children's home in Harrogate where they are shown on the 1911 census and now know they were placed there following the death of their mother Elizabeth, the year after that of her husband.

The three children were Ethel aged 9, Mark aged 8, and Florry aged 6. Florry/Florrie who was my friend's mother, was born in December 1904 (although she appears in the index for the March Q of 1905) and my friend's assuming that the missing child (if there was one) was younger than Florrie. In the census, Ethel is shown as Othel and Florrie is shown as Horry!

With so little to go on - no idea if the child actually existed or was merely an error in a report, if it was M or F, where/when it was born, or if it too died - it's proving difficult to come to any conclusion but I know how resourceful Rootschatters are and how they love a wee mystery.

Many thanks for taking the time to read  this!


Galway / Kilkerrin Old Church, Co. Galway & CONNEELY family
« on: Wednesday 01 June 11 17:26 BST (UK)  »
For many years I've been searching for the place in Ireland where my great grandparents, Patrick Connolly and Mary Donlan, were born in about 1850, and I discovered rquite recently that they both appear to have been born in Kilkerrin, Co Galway.

The nearest I am to confirming their birthplace is the registration of the birth of their first child, Mary, in Gorteen, Mountbellew in 1873. Their other children, including my grandfather were all born in England.

Mary's name on the certificate is Maria and her parents are named as Patrick Conneely and Mary Donelan. Patrick's mother, also named Mary, was living with them in England at the time of the 1881 census where their surname was then shown as Connolly.The registrar's office in Galway has been unable to trace a marriage, which I think would have been about 1873, for Patrick and Mary and there is no trace of a marriage for them in the UK records.

I was in Co Galway in May and I wonder if there are any Rootschatters who can help me progress a little further with my family's history. The present RC church on the R364 in Kilkerrin seems to date from about 1900 but along the same road I came across a derelict church, almost hidden from the road. It stands behind what seems to have been a petrol station/car repair business. I have a link to a picture of the building fromGoogle maps:

link to google maps

Do you know anything about this old church and/or do you have any tips about tracing my family in Kilkerrin or Mountbellew. They moved to Widnes, Lancashire between November 1873 and June  1877 when my grandfather was born there.

Thank you for reading this.


« on: Wednesday 25 May 11 00:17 BST (UK)  »
Until the 1911 census became available, I knew only that my great grandparents had been born in Ireland but that census showed they were born in Kilkerrin, Co Galway. The census showed also that their first child, the only one born in Ireland, was born in Mount Bellew, a few miles from Kilkerrin, in about 1873, although various applications to the Registrar General's office in Roscommon for a record of the birth were unsuccessful.

Quite dispirited, I abandoned the search until last week when I was on holiday in Galway and visited the office of the Family History Society there. I hadn't realised it covered only the east of the county but they were very helpful and contacted the West Galway office for me. Unbelievably, within just a few minutes I had the details of the birth registration I have been searching for and, a short time later, after a visit to Galway's Registrar's office, I was holding a copy of the original birth record.

There were one or two crucial differences between the actual record and what I'd been searching for- Connolly, my great grandfather's name, appeared as Conneely; Donlan, my great grandmother's name, appeared as Donelan; whilst  Mary's name on the register was Maria and not Mary. but she was born in 1873 in Gurteen in the registration district of Mount Bellew.

Discovering the record was such a great feeling and I hope others reading this will be encouraged to keep searching.

« on: Thursday 10 February 11 07:45 GMT (UK)  »
Whilst researching my own ancestors I've come across information which may be of interest to descendants of Clara Jane Dale, born 1894, from the Chatham area.


« on: Saturday 07 February 09 18:56 GMT (UK)  »
I'd love to know if there any Connollys in Lancashire, specifically Widnes, Warrington, St Helens or Liverpool etc, whose families may have come from Kilkerrin or Mountbellew area in the north east of Co Galway in the late 19C.

From my observations of the 1911 census it seems the 'powers-that-be' had at last realised that these people from across the Irish Sea were not immigrants after all and their census records should show as much detail as those of mainland residents.

How bizarre it always seemed to have Lancashire added to the place of birth of those born in Liverpool, for instance, whilst many of our ancestors had their place of birth shown merely as Ireland.

United States of America / GEORGE HATCHELL, BORN LIVERPOOL 1875
« on: Saturday 24 January 09 21:52 GMT (UK)  »
I would be grateful for information on George Hatchell who was born in Liverpool in 1875. His parents John and Esther Hatchell came to Liverpool from Ireland. He is said to have emigrated to the US in the early 1900s, presumably sailing from Liverpool but anybody I could have asked about him is long gone.

Any information about a date/ship or about his subsequent life would be very much appreciated.

Worcestershire, England.

« on: Friday 23 January 09 04:02 GMT (UK)  »
On previous censuses my father's family was shown as being born in 'Ireland' but with no further details given, however, the 1911 census has given me a straw to grasp because it shows the family as being from, Kilkerrin, Galway. Googling this seems to be a complete waste of time and I'd be really grateful for any addditional information about the place, particularly as it would have been in the 19th century and how I should go about trying to trace my Irish ancestors.

My g.grandfather, Patrick Connolly (middle name probably James) appears to have been born there C1850, as was his wife Mary Donlan, C1852.

They first appeared in England on the 1881 census for Widnes, Lancashire. They had one child, Mary, born in Ireland C1873 which must have been round about the time they married because the 1911 census shows they had been married for 38 years.

Patrick's mother, yet another Mary, was living with them then and she appears to have been born C1829 but no place of birth was given.

Any help or suggestions  would be very gratefully received.



The Common Room / Official Name Change
« on: Wednesday 14 January 09 19:57 GMT (UK)  »
Is anybody able to advise me how an adult would have effected a change of surname in the early 1900s. Would it have involved any offcial procedure/registration etc?


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