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Cornwall / Trevivian?
« on: Wednesday 23 July 08 19:26 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the name Trevivian might be a variant of please? Or how else I can take this line back further.

Richard Trevivian married Mary Stodden 6 Jul 1745 in Kenwyn. But I can find no Trevivian's before this date. All the ones I have found are descendants of Richard & Mary.

I have just received a copy of Richard's will, finding it hard to read, but he didn't mention any names apart from his wife and children as far as I can make out.

Any help/suggestions much appreciated, thanks.

Cornwall Lookup Requests / Baptism St Agnes - KESSELL/KESSLE/KESTLE
« on: Tuesday 22 July 08 09:45 BST (UK)  »
I'm hoping that someone can confirm a submitted baptism entry from the IGI please.

These are the details:
Anthony Kessle (could be spelt Kessell or Kestle) 6 Mar 1742 at St Agnes, father John.

With many thanks, Sue

Cambridgeshire Lookup Requests / James Salmon, parish register Wood Ditton
« on: Tuesday 15 April 08 13:49 BST (UK)  »
I would be grateful if anyone can look at the baptism entry for James Salmon 25 Dec 1791 in Wood Ditton to see if there's any reference to a reputed father.

I know his mother was Ann Salmon (unmarried) - information from the IGI, extracted.

Many thanks,

Norfolk Lookup Requests / Marriage look-up in St Faith's, Norfolk please
« on: Monday 08 January 07 17:26 GMT (UK)  »
I'm hoping that someone can look in the parish registers St Faith's for two marriages for me. I believe that St Faith's is in/near Drayton, Taverham, Norfolk? Sorry but I don't know the area very well.

They are both for a Sarah Ann Fulcher..

1) 24th May 1847 this was to Edward Parnell. The date is from the IGI and is a submitted entry. Would like to know parents names and witnesses please.

2) Registered in 1856 June Q ( I don't have an exact date for this one) this was a marriage to either Charles Batley Goodson or John Morriss.  Would like to know who Sarah's father was and which man she married.

I'm hoping to find out if these two Sarah Ann Fulcher's are the same. As she dissappeared after the 1851 census and Edward Parnell went on to have more children by another lady. Which means that Sarah could have married for the 2nd time bigamously (sp?).

Thankyou for reading! Hoping that someone can help.


Wiltshire Completed Lookup Requests / Upavon parish register - Thomas Gilbert
« on: Tuesday 05 December 06 10:50 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for confirmation and details of a marriage in Upavon, Wilts.

This marriage is between Thomas Gilbert & Mary Ann Hillier on 3 Jan 1815.

I would like to know the names of the witnesses, if the father's names are shown and if Thomas was from Upavon (I suspect he may have been from Wilsford).

Thankyou for any help with this,


Sussex Lookup Requests / Parish registers look up, Chidham, Sussex
« on: Saturday 14 October 06 14:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I'm hoping that someone may be able to look at the Chidham parish registers for me.

I'm trying to trace a marriage for William Pannell (born c1791, as quoted in 1841), he married a Jane nee? She was born in Chidham 1806/7. Their 1st child, William Pannell, was born in Chidham 1827. I'd also like to trace William jnr's baptism.

William Pannell snr is living in Buriton, Hampshire in 1841, with his family - wife Jane and 4 children. William snr, Jane & William jnr are shown as not born in the county.

Any help with this would be much appreciated, thankyou.


Norfolk Lookup Requests / Baptism look up please - Taverham
« on: Tuesday 18 July 06 16:04 BST (UK)  »

I am looking to confirm a baptism for Edward Parnell. I have a possible date of 10 Aug 1823, Taverham.  This was on the IGI from the LDS and was a submitted entry.

I would also like to know the name of his parents.

Thankyou in advance for any help.


Norfolk Lookup Requests / Parnell/Norwich area/census & BMDs
« on: Sunday 12 March 06 14:12 GMT (UK)  »
I have hit a big brickwall with the Parnell side of my family. I cannot find BMDs for quite a few.
Most of what I do know comes from the census's 1851-1891 - so don't know how accurate the dates and places are.

I would appreciate any help with BMDs and census for any of the following:

George Parnell born abt 1844 Drayton, Norfolk have on census up to 1861

Mary A Parnell born abt 1853 Drayton, Norfolk. have on census up to 1861

Frederick Parnell born abt 1854 Hethersett, Norfolk.only on 1871 census

Emma Parnell born abt 1860 Melton, Norfolk. have on census up to 1881

Sarah Parnell born abt 1862 Intwood, Norfolk. have on census up to 1881

Albert Parnell born abt 1866 Phildelpha?, Norwich. have on census up to 1881

Rebecca Parnell born abt 1869 Phildelpha?, Norwich. have on census up to 1891

They all have the same father - Edward Parnell bn in Taverham. But they have various mothers (I think).

I can't find Edward (father) on 1901 census either - I believe I've found a death for him in 1902.

I really hope someone can help, been looking for months now.

If you need any more info, please ask.

I hate to say, but the next generation is just as bad! So might be looking for more help at a later date!

Thankyou in advance of any help.


Update: I have just found a marriage for Albert parnell and also for Rebecca Parnell.

Wiltshire Completed Lookup Requests / Eliza Davis/Rushall/ 1871 census
« on: Sunday 05 March 06 07:49 GMT (UK)  »
I'm currently researching Eliza Davis born 1844 in Rushall, Wiltshire.  I have found her on 1851 & 1861 census, but she seems to have dissappeared after that.

this is what I already know about her:

1851: living in Rushall with her parents (John & Mary Davis) & siblings.

1861: working in Putney, London as a housemaid for the Cream family.

1864: Has a son, William Davis, he was christened in Rushall on 4th Aug 1864.

1865: Son William dies and is buried in Rushall on 30 Aug 1865.

Can anyone help me locate her after this please?


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