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Yorkshire (West Riding) / Unidentified shop in Hebden Bridge or Mytholmroyd
« on: Tuesday 03 November 20 16:19 GMT (UK)  »

I am attempting to place a photo (date unknown) of a grocer's shop which is possibly in the upper Calder Valley.  There are few clues (we know the lady on the left and she was born around 1800).  There's not too much to go with, but the steps up to the shop and the angle of the wall on the far left may ring some bells.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / 19th century child mill workers in Halifax
« on: Tuesday 11 August 20 10:53 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to document children who were brought to work in the Halifax mills around 1880.

There were several orphanages/properties where the children were housed, many near the mills owned by the Calvert family in the Warley and Wainstalls area.

The current list of names can be found at

My question here is regarding names that I cannot read on the 1881 census for a place called Spring Mill in Warley, Halifax. 

1) the 1st name: Elizabeth Dowas

2) the 3rd name: Mary Molly ?unclear?

Both girls came from Liverpool.

Can anyone read or (even better) recognise the names?

Even better still would be to hear from anyone whose family tree includes these names

Best wishes and thanks in advance.

Malcolm Bull

Technical Help / Adding FTP facility to an HTML
« on: Wednesday 22 July 20 12:44 BST (UK)  »
I want to allow users to download TXT and Word documents from within the pages of my Calderdale Companion.

Let's assume that my files are called

document.txt and document.docx

then what is the syntax of the HTMl code to perform this download to the user's system?

Thank you in advance


Technical Help / Can anyone recommend a hit counter?
« on: Thursday 16 July 20 18:38 BST (UK)  »
A few weeks ago, the hit counter that I have been using on my Calderdale Companion website suddenly disappeared. 

I found an alternative counter which worked OK but has now begun to produce a pop-up error page that some users may have experienced.  Investigations have suggested that this hit counter software messes around with the users' cookies.

I am now looking for any recommendations for a reliable, safe, and (hopefully) free hit counter.


Yorkshire (West Riding) / Battinson Kay [1806-1859]
« on: Friday 29 May 20 14:29 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to identify this man who is buried in Halifax with a William Kay [b 1839] who married a Jane (nee Battinson) [b 1846] but he can't be their son. 

A transcription of the grave says he died on 17th October 1859, aged 53; FreeBMD confirms the year of his death, but I am wondering whether his age may be wrong.  I can't find any evidence for his DOB.

Any help would be much appreciated


Lancashire / Ormond Street, Liverpool [1871]
« on: Saturday 28 March 20 08:42 GMT (UK)  »
I have a man called Brook Hodgson & his wife Ellen Elizabeth, both from Halifax, Yorkshire.  Shortly before he died in 1871, Brook was a licensed victualler at 10 Ormond Street, Liverpool.

Can anyone who knows Liverpool tell me if this was a pub or did Brook live there and hold a licence at another pub?

Thanks in advance

Yorkshire (West Riding) / David Riley Tyson [1872-1938] of Halifax
« on: Thursday 26 March 20 10:59 GMT (UK)  »

on my Calderdale Companion, I have details of David Riley Tyson who married Mary Elizabeth Swain [born 1876].  David died in 1938 and he is buried in Halifax.  Buried in the same grave is a Mary Elizabeth Salmons [born 1874; died 1949]. 

The obvious conclusion is that after David's death, his widow Mary Elizabeth married a Mr Salmons (between 1938 and 1949) and was then buried with her first husband.

The difficulty is that I cannot find a Tyson-Salmons marriage for the lady.

Some of this information is based on transcribed MIs, so I cannot swear that all the details are correct.

Any help or suggestions or even evidence would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance

Technical Help / A simple name & address book software
« on: Wednesday 25 March 20 15:34 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone recommend a simple software solution to my simple need for a way of holding names and addresses (and possibly phone numbers) which I can create and maintain, and then submit selected names & addresses to Word for label printing?

I've looked at a few, but they all seem to imagine that I'm in charge of HMRC or the NHS and that I need lots of bells and whistles beyond those outlined above.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

The Lighter Side / Music Halls: Frank Melvin
« on: Thursday 23 May 19 09:32 BST (UK)  »
Someone has sent me an autographed photograph of a music hall star by the name of Frank Melvin.  The photo is dated June 1912, when he appeared at the Palace Theatre, Halifax.

I have put the photo on-line at

Have I read his name correctly?  Does anyone know anything about the man? 

Any information would be appreciated

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