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Hi everyone,

I've found a family of mine in the 1861 Census at RG9/304 folio 111 page 31. In particular I'm interested in the family of George Burgess. It's George, his wife Ann, their children and a boarder John Burgess who I think might be George's brother.

However, in the image scan on Ancestry, I can't read John's occupation. Is there anyone who can make out what it says? I believe they're mistranscribed as 'Burgers' on one site.

Any help very much appreciated.



Somerset Lookup Requests / 1851 census help please - Fisher family
« on: Saturday 22 November 14 08:30 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a family on the 1851 Census. The family I'm interested in is

John FISHER b1810 Bath Somerset, Butcher
and his daughter Emily FISHER b1836 Bath, Somerset

I have found them in Bath in 1861 (RG9/1690/27 page 2) - its just the two of them and John is a widower.

In the 1841 they (along with John's wife Diana and other children John 6, Mary 3 and Sarah 1) were in Cold Ashton, Gloucestershire (HO107/363 ED 7 Folio 4 pg3).

The most likely 1851 family I have been able to find is in Finsbury, Middlesex (HO107/1522/346 p17). That family has widower John, and children John 16, Sarah 11 and Kate 10 and is mistrancribed as Falker. However given the distance and no Emily, i'm not certain that it is them.

Any help very much appreciated :)

Census and Resource Discussion / Census index off very poor image - how?
« on: Monday 28 May 12 12:06 BST (UK)  »
Bit of a random question, but I've been looking at the 1841 for Ilminster (HO107/929/20), and the writing in the images is so feint it is practically illegible.

However, a very well-known family history site has a pretty clear index. Sure, it has plenty of typos, but it was enough for me to find two families in Ilminster. My question is, if the images are so poor, how could they do it?

Does it indicate that better quality images might be available somewhere? I only ask because both families seem to have a couple of extra hangers-on that could be extra relatives, and I'd love to have a look at a better image and see if I could make out the names correctly.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help with a Hampshire placename please
« on: Thursday 03 May 12 09:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi everybody,

Does anybody have any ideas what this place name might be? My first thought was that it might be a misspelt Crondall, but the first letter really doesn't look anything like the other C's on the page.

Oh, if it helps, this is from a shipping register upon immigration to Australia (i.e. no guarantees that the writer was familiar with the place). Unfortunately I have no other information that might help.

Thanks :)


Australia / Incomplete info on NSW marriage certificates
« on: Monday 30 April 12 05:40 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone

I have a possibly silly question regarding the post-1856 marriage certificates from NSW that don't contain the full set of info. Is there likely to be more information in the original church records? Or are the sources one and the same (I.e the reason for the gaps is old style church forms).

I have a transcript of an incomplete marriage cert and I'm trying to work out if it's worth my while accessing the hard-to-find church registers.



The Common Room / Strange birth certificate - details crossed out
« on: Monday 28 February 11 07:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

Today I received the (English) birth cert of my G-Grandmother's sister, Alice Annie WATTS. I ordered this to help resolve the confusion explained in this thread:,506754.0.html

This certificate contains both parent's names, as well as the father's occupation. These details match what is known about the family (Charles and Eliza Watts, Charles a bootmaker). Eliza's maiden name isn't listed - she is "Eliza Watts, formerly          ". Eliza was the informant.

What's interesting though is that Charles's name, the word 'formerly' in the mother's name column and the father's occupation have all been crossed out. The numbers '8', '9' and '10' have been written next to each piece of crossed out data. On the far left of the cert, to the left of entry number, the words "eight 111", "nine 111" and "ten 111" are written. 111 Is the entry number. It's possible there's more text on the left that I can't see.

Has anybody ever seen/ordered a certificate like this? I'm going to call the certificate services people to see if someone there can have a look to see if there's any text in the margin/below that's been cut off. Have any of you ever had any luck with that?

Also, what do you think it means? I suspect that it could suggest that Charles and Eliza were never married. Is it true that where the parents aren't married, the father's name can only be listed if both parents agree and are joint informants? If they weren't married, it would explain the difficulty I've had tracking down a marriage...


Census Lookup and Resource Requests / 1851 census lookup please
« on: Saturday 12 February 11 02:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everybody,

I've found this family on the 1841:

HO107 706 12/27 p17
Long Alley, St Leonard Shoreditch
Joseph Hunter, 34, NBIC
Mary Hunter, 32, NBIC
Jessey Hunter, 16, NBIC
Harriett Hunter, 10, NBIC
Joseph Hunter, 1, b Middlesex

Can't seem to find them on the 1851 though. Would someone mind having a quick look? I think Jessey married in 1845 but I'm hoping that the rest of them are still together.

The Common Room / One woman, two names?
« on: Thursday 20 January 11 21:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,
Iíve come up against a bit of a brick wall and Iím keen to see what some of the others who love a challenge think.
Iím interested in the family of Richard and Letitia/Lydia/Elizabeth Burgess. A quick run-down of them in the various censuses can be found here:,241968.msg1317076.html
I just ordered the birth cert of one of the children, and the mother, who was also the informant, gave her name as Letitia Burgess formerly Barrett.
Only problem is, I canít definitively find the marriage between Richard and Letitia anywhere. I canít find them together on the 1841, so my running theory is that they are likely to have been married after that. Also, the fact that the earliest child I know of was born in 1842/43 and has the fatherís name seems to suggest no earlier children.
There is a possible marriage in St George in the East in January 1843 between Richard Burgess and Letitia Forbes. The location is about right (St George in the East), and the marriage does identify Richardís fatherís name as Richard (it is). However, Letitia Forbes is listed as a spinster, daughter of Thomas Forbes.
No other marriage I can track down Ė either before or after 1841 Ė seems to clearly be these two. I also havenít encountered another Richard/Letitia Burgess couple in the east end of London at this time my research (although thatís not to say that there werenít others). Also, no clear hint of a christening/baptism for either a Letitia Forbes or Barrett in Woolwich, Kent, at about the right time.
Anybody else have any other ideas about what to make of all of this and where I can look next?

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / 1891 Census lookup please - WATTS
« on: Thursday 13 January 11 08:47 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everybody,

I was wondering if someone would mind chasing up a census for me.

I'm interested in this WATTS family, living in St Giles, London. Here they are in the the 1901 census:

4 Parker Street, Bloomsbury and St Giles South, London
All born London St Giles
Charles Watts Head M 42 Shoe Maker (Cutter)
Eliza Wife M 41
Eliza daur S 17 Shop Girl (Boot Warehouse)
Arthur Son 8
Jessy daur 6
Matilda daur S 14
RG13; Piece: 238; Folio: 90; Page: 1

(from earlier thread:,248134.msg1366097.html)

Since that earlier thread, I have identified that this is the family I am interested in. However, back then, MaryA couldn't find them on the 1891, and suggested that Charles could have married Eliza after 1891 and Eliza and Matilda could have assumed his name.

However, I found Charles and Eliza (Snr) on the 1911 census [ RG14 PN1182 RG78 PN39 RD12 SD1 ED13 SN180], and it says that they had been married since 1882.

I was wondering if anybody would mind having another quick look for them on the 1891. It looks to me like they'd almost certainly be in the St Giles area.



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