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Meath / James Kiernan - birth and death - from Ireland to Wales then Hampshire then?
« on: Thursday 16 December 21 08:03 GMT (UK)  »
In the 1901 Welsh census in Bodfari, Flintshire, there is James Kiernan from Rodstown, Ireland, age 43, a groom, with wife Elizabeth, age 31, from Crewe, and children born in Bodfari, Flint.

In 1911 they are in Bodfari, with more children, and James is from County Meath, 53, a groom, Elizabeth is 40 from Nantwich.

Elizabeth Ann Charlesworth married James Kernan in 1892 in Nantwich.

Most of the children are born as Kiernan mmn Charlesworth.

There is a possible baptism for a James Kiernan in Bohermeen in 1859.

Daughter Margaret Mary Kiernan (1902) marries in Romsey district in 1924, given away by her brother Charlesworth Kiernan, and the reception is held at her parents' home.  Neither of the parents are named so there is the remote possibility that Elizabeth Ann has died and James married again.

There is a birth for Elizabeth Ann Charlesworth in Nantwich in 1867 (or Stockport or Macclesfield in March quarter 1870)

There is a death for an Elizabeth Ann Kiernan in Romsey in 1931 age 57.  This age is completely out, but is my favourite.  Other siblings of Margaret Mary marry in Romsey in various years so there is the family connection.

Does James return to County Meath, and die there?

Any suggestions, please.   I do not have any certificates, sorry.

England / Edward Steele from 1911 census
« on: Friday 24 September 21 14:27 BST (UK)  »
In the 1911 census there is an Edward Steele and wife Caroline, married 16 years, 1 child claimed, and a grandson with them William Henry Richardson from Bermuda age 3.  Thus the grandson could belong to either of them, or neither, from a previous marriage.
The nearest marriage, by location, for them that I can see would be in Brighton in 1894 For Edward Steele to Caroline Piper.
Edward and wife both age 48, she is from Gosport he is from Tin Head, Wilts, they are living at 44 Marylebone Street, Southsea.
 There is no obvious birth for an Edward Steele in Westbury in around 1863

I can see a baptism for an Edwin Steele in 1869 in TinHead/Edington, parents William and Mary Ann (Carr).  They are together in 1871 and 1881, and he is called Edward on censuses.
There is a death for an Edwin Steele in Westbury in 1934 age 64, and a burial at Tinhead.

The 'grandson', William Henry Richardson from Bermuda, has parents William Henry Richardson and Ida Maud Kyme, from various records.  Both Ida and William were born in the 1870's, so they could not be the children of  either of the Steele's if that baptism is him.
Ida and William, snr., have very complicated lives/marriages/not marriages, so please ignore them if possible. 

 I think we have to assume that the grandson is not related, but I wanted to give a little background.

I can see Caroline Steele on her own in 1901, married.

Can anyone find Edwin/Edward Steele on 1891 and 1901 censuses?  As he is a dockyard labourer by 1911 I do wonder if he is abroad on a boat and misses the censuses, or is military, but I am trying to sort out a lot of loose ends.  Probably they are just looking after the 'grandson' and the enumerator (who appears to have filled in that entry) has made an assumption that is not valid.



The Common Room / Wedding fashions 1935
« on: Friday 17 September 21 13:42 BST (UK)  »
In the newspaper description of a wedding in Hampshire in 1935, the bridesmaids are wearing 'dresses of floral georgette, their head-dresses being tulle flapjacks and they carried bouquets of golden chrysanthemums'.

Any idea of what a 'flapjack' in this context was, or what they should have said and the reporter did not read his own writing correctly?



England / Mawsons born Tamworth 1906-1907
« on: Friday 20 August 21 22:07 BST (UK)  »
Elizabeth Frances Mawson and Geraldine Mawson were born in Tamworth, as above, with mmn Renton.

Elizabeth marries in 1935 with sister Geraldine as bridesmaid, their parents being Mr & Mrs Algernon F A Mawson.  Algernon F A Mawson marries Elizabeth Mabel Renton in Tiverton in 1905.

Algernon is in Andover in 1911, married, crossed out married 5 years 2 born 2 living.

Elizabeth Mary Manson (ancestry) born 1886 Rudgwick Sussex, is with her Renton family in 1911 in Tiverton, married, crossed out married 5years 2 born 2 died.

Presumed brother Algernon born in Andover in 1916.

Can anyone find Elizabeth or Geraldine on 1911?


Wiltshire / Planks in Wiltshire
« on: Sunday 08 August 21 10:58 BST (UK)  »
John Stevens married Elsie Plank in Preshute in 1905.  She is aged 18, father Walter.
She appears as Elsie Rose Stevens in 1911.   Ernest George Plank is with them, possible birth in 1894 mmn Plank.

Elsie Plank and Walter John Plank are baptised in Manningford Bruce on March 12th 1890, both with parents Walter and Lydia.
Walter John Plank may have been born in Pewsey in 1889 with mmn Plank.

Lydia Plank married Walter Plank in Devizes in 1888, bachelor and spinster.

Elsie Rose Stevens (and husband) are on 1939 with her birth as 07/03/1887

I have just seen a birth for a Rose Plank in Devizes in Jun qr 1887 - which I cannot find on GRO.

In 1891 the family Plank appear to be under Sheppard - Walter and Lydia Sheppard both age 24 living in Manningford Bohun, Pewsey with Elsie and Walter John.

Walter, father and son, plus more children back to Plank in 1901. Lydia with another daughter with her mother in 1901 as Plank.  No Elsie.

I would really like a birth for Elsie (Rose).  Suggestions for why (?) Sheppard - but not really of interest for what I want.  Also Elsie in 1901 if possible, but I am finding I have been typing Plant half the time, so I have made things more difficult, not less.

I have sorted out some of my problems since I began typing this, but the background always helps.

Thank-you,  Pat

The Common Room / Fashion at 1941, 1951, 1960 and 1969 weddings.
« on: Friday 02 July 21 09:01 BST (UK)  »
2 queries:

1) At a wedding if the bridesmaid(s) was/were reported in the newspaper as wearing a gold or silver bracelet or necklace, gift of the groom, would it be proper gold (or silver)?

2) If the mother of the bride or groom was wearing a fur coat, fur hat and crocodile accessories, would all those be real?  If just a fur-trimmed collar - what that be real fur?

I have tried google searching, but think I need pointing to a decent historical study of the rise and fall of furs, and wedding gifts, which probably exist but outside my normal searches.


Europe / Torleif Lund
« on: Tuesday 18 May 21 12:21 BST (UK)  »
Torleif Lund dies in Southampton in March qr. 1979, with a birth date of 21/11/1920. 

He should be the Marine Superintendent with Thoreson Car Ferries if he is the father of a Lund who marries in Southampton in 1969. She is described as his only daughter. Guests travel from Norway to attend.

Can anyone see a birth (or wedding) for him?


England / Miranda McGregor
« on: Wednesday 12 May 21 08:29 BST (UK)  »
Miranda McGregor is showing on 1939 in St Pancras with a birth of 13/12/1912, living in a boarding house/hotel/whatever, a single typist.
Her name is changed to Brown, and a date of birth of 18/12/1918, plus various notes.

There is a marriage for Miranda McGregor to Mr White in 1932, that I hope is not her, but could have been - depending on her birthdate.

I can see the marriage to Mr Brown in 1943 and then a rather late marriage to Mr Startup in 1960 using the Startup and McGregor surnames.   (There is a daughter who married under the Brown and Startup surnames, and was born as Brown mmn McGregor)

I cannot see a birth in Scotland.

Can anyone see a birth or death for her?

(Mr Startup dies in 1978, born 1908, his first wife died in 1944 - so she has plenty of time to marry again.)

Sorry - not got any of the marriage certificates

Other Countries / Argentina Uruguay
« on: Monday 19 April 21 14:37 BST (UK)  »
In 1901 Ethel (Flora) Bridger is in Finchley age 15, born Uruguay.  Birth is at Paysandu, with siblings also born there, easily found.
In 1911, after the UK census,  Mrs Ethel Plant with husband Rev. Thomas Plant and son Bede(born in Jarrow, mother:Thomas's first wife) and daughter Arminta/Aminta, return to UK.  They go out again at other times.

Rev Plant comes home from Argentina after 1st wife's death(in UK) in 1906, starts at a church in Norfolk, then goes out in August or September 1907 (16th according to newspaper article, from Southampton) to Buenos Aires, on the Magdalena.
My proposal is that Ethel and Thomas met on the boat out.  Maps show that Lomas de Namora (where Thomas's church, Holy Trinity, is, just south of Buenos Aires) and Paysandu (north along the Uruguay River) are about 300 km apart, with Buenos Aires and Montevideo being suitable ports.

They are on a few trees on Ancestry, with marriage place not found, but some state Uruguay.

Can anyone find either or both travelling out, or signs of a marriage anywhere. For preference I need the marriage.

Thanks for looking - I don't think I have missed anything obvious but am rather ignorant on South American countries. 

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