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Family History Beginners Board / 1921 missing person
« on: Friday 14 January 22 22:00 GMT (UK)  »
I have been searching for my partners grand mother in the 1921 census and she is not there.  Alice Elizabeth Sands Thorpe was born in Nottingham 1898 her mother was Kate Thorpe, she was illegitimate.  She was brought up by her grandfather George William Thorpe.  In 1921 she married Percy Frederick May.  She was living at 85 Southwold Mansions, Wildley Road Paddington. 
I thought I would try looking at that address on the 1921 census, living at that address is a Percy Wilfred Brown (School teacher) aged 35 and a Betsy Brown formally Slack, wife, aged 22.  There is also a daughter Joan Veronica Brown aged 11 born Isleworth Middlesex.  Now Joan cannot be Betsy's daughter and Percy was not married before as far as I can tell.  I have searched for Joan but there is no one of that name anywhere.
My partners father was always talking about a Mrs Brown who would visit his mother Alice, and Betsy was also born in Nottingham and they were a similar age. 
How feasible is it that Alice is in fact Joan Veronica Brown?  It just seems too much of a coincidence that I cannot find Alice in the 1921 census and yet she states when she marries in 1921 that she was living in the same address as the Browns.  Any suggestions please.   

Family History Beginners Board / Death in Bombay India
« on: Thursday 30 December 21 22:10 GMT (UK)  »
My Great Grandaunt Gertrude Leah Ricketts (born 1879 Derby) married Charles Rouse Marchant (born 1876 Eastbourne) in 1898, in the 1901 census they were living together and he was a ticket writer.  They had one daughter Dorothy.  In 1902 they had a son Charles James.  In 1911 the children are with their grandmother Emily and Gertrude is living alone working as a waitress in Ealing.  Charles is:
Rank Gunner Military UnitNo 9 Company Royal Garrison ArtilleryRegistration District Number641ED, institution, or vesselArabia, Cyprus, and Gibraltar.
In 1916 Gertrude Leah Marchant is in Bombay India but has died of small pox.  States widow of Charles Marchant.  However in the 1939 register there is a Charles Rouse Marchant in hospital and he dies in 1944 (this may not be the correct death, I have ordered the certificate just in case)  I then find he was in Springfield mental asylum in Wandsworth.
My question is what on earth would Gertrude have been doing in India and can I obtain a death certificate?
And why would she be listed as a widower in 1916.
Have I gone wrong somewhere??


Family History Beginners Board / Master Mariner
« on: Thursday 09 December 21 21:56 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me where I might get information on Master Mariners, George Rowe (sometimes spelt Roe) born 1835 Binstead Sussex, was a Master Mariner however I cannot find anything about him.  Apparently he died at sea on the Circassian which was shipwrecked at Great Yarmouth in 1882.  But I cannot find this shipwreck on line at all.  His wife was Sarah Caiger (sometimes spelt Caiser).

Family History Beginners Board / Jane Hughes
« on: Friday 26 November 21 16:48 GMT (UK)  »
Benjamin Thorpe married a Jane Hughes on 1818 in Mansfield.  In 1837 there is a newspaper article stating that Benjamin (labourer) was committed to the House of correction at Southwell to hard labour for one calendar month, for neglecting to maintain his wife Jane Thorpe (he being able to do so)  whereby she became chargeable to the parish of Mansfield.  Where would I be able to find any information on this on Ancestry or other sites?  I cannot find a death for her at all although he married an Elizabeth Peel  on 5th June 1838.  There is a Jane Thorpe died 1837 but she is Aged 0.

Family History Beginners Board / John Elliott Brighton
« on: Sunday 14 November 21 20:50 GMT (UK)  »
Dinah Dean was born abt 1826 in Beeding Sussex.  In 1841 she is a servant.  I cannot find her in 1851.  In 1854 she has a daughter Katherine Jane Elliott, father John Elliott a Coppersmith.  Mother Dinah was the informant, from Fishergate Southwick.  In 1861 census (C)Katherine and Dinah are living Brighton and she is listed as Widowed, I believe as it is not clear.  In 1862 Dinah marries a George Lawson. Her Father stated as Thomas Dean.  Katherine marries Frederick William Hill in 1872 and she states father John Elliott deceased occ Brazier.

I cannot find a John Elliott anywhere, there is no obvious birth and no John Elliott on the 1841 or 1851 census stating occupation as a Coppersmith or a Brazier.  Also there are no deaths that apply to him, I have looked on the GRO and the ages do not add up.  I have searched the census's on the Genealogist and cannot find him.

Any help finding a John Elliott would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Family History Beginners Board / 1871 census problem
« on: Sunday 29 August 21 07:31 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find MArtha Merle b. 1840 Shoreditch. in the 1871 census.  She had 3 children Thomas Edward, b.1864.  Alfred Henry b. 1869 and Martha Harris b. 1871.

She was not married but would have stated that she was, she was having an affair with a married man Thomas Harris Pollard b. 1832 (not sure where as cannot find his birth at all) 
He was married to a Louisa Marchant Cleghorn (actually Marchant, as was illegitimate) 

So Martha could be under surname Merle, Harris or Pollard, but I cannot find them at all under these names.  At one stage she was living in Long Alley (as stated on the two boys baptism records) I believe with Thomas Harris Pollard, as he was arrested for stealing and Long Alley was mentioned in the court case.  But I have tried all the addresses either side of the census and found nothing.

In 1871 Thomas Harris Pollard is living with his wife, so I know Martha was on her own. 

She did eventually marry James Moodey I believe this may have been after Thomas had died although I cannot find his death either.

Many thanks

Family History Beginners Board / Lucy's Building
« on: Saturday 10 April 21 15:22 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me where lucy's buildings, St Andrews Holborn, Middlesex were.  Samuel Button lived there in the 1851 census but I do not know the road they were in?  Thanks

Family History Beginners Board / Dainty/Flower birth
« on: Sunday 28 March 21 18:47 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find the birth of Henry William Dainty.  He was born abt 1851, mother Sarah Flower born in possibly Frome or Bath or Coombe Martin.  She married a James Dainty on 8 Nov 1852 in Lambeth.  So possibly Henry William is not his son.  Sarah was born abt 1834 and her father is John Flower, according to the marriage register.  Henry William has also been documented as William Henry Dainty.  I think maybe he was not James Dainty's son as I cannot find a baptism or birth index.  I have looked under Flower too but nothing.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Family History Beginners Board / Brick Wall - POLLARD, London
« on: Friday 15 January 21 11:11 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone point me in right direction I am trying to find 78 Hertford Road Hackney St John in the 1871 census but it does not seem to go up to 78.  Please could someone have a look for me and give me the link.

I am trying to find a Thomas Edward Pollard and his sons, Thomas Edward Pollard and Henry Pollard.
Mother Martha was somewhere else.

TE Pollard was a Boot maker

Thank you

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