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Family Bibles / Buckfield family bible
« on: Monday 01 March 21 18:59 GMT (UK)  »
I have a Buckfield family bible and believe there are more of these in the uk.
Do you have one??????
Regards Jenny

London and Middlesex / Grave photos
« on: Monday 01 March 21 15:05 GMT (UK)  »
I have recently found where my grandad Herbert blenkinsopp Leaton, was buried, 13th March 1919, 
alongside his parents. Jane and William.
Herbert died as a result of the Spanish flu whilst transporting foreign Troops back to British colonies after WW1, he was an engineer on a hospital ship which was then seconded to return these men to their homes. Many of his fellow crew members also died as a result of the Flu.
I wondered if anyone would be able to locate and take a photo of the grave for me.
I am disabled and also the covid issue is stopping me travelling to London.
The information is as follows:-
Nunhead cemetery Southwark, London
Square 113/30673

Regards Jenny

London and Middlesex / Grave of my grandad
« on: Sunday 20 December 20 13:19 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for a possible burial of my grandfather in the St Michael Paternoster Royal church,
London in March 1919.
Herbert Blenkinsopp Leaton. Born 1891 London
Lived in Red bull yard, Upper Thames street. (His last address prior to sailing.)
He died March 1919 in Grantham, Scotland and was an engineer on a hospital ship called “China”during WW1
His death was due to the great Flu epidemic 1918-1919. His body was returned to London after his death

Also there is supposed to be a plaque to him in the church,
Can any one shed any light on my searches.

Regards Jenny

World War One / Records of WW1 passenger ship seconded as hospital ship
« on: Saturday 28 November 20 09:47 GMT (UK)  »
My grandad was an engineering officer on a luxury passenger ship travelling to and from England via the Mediterranean to India, China, Australia etc.
The P&O ship called SS CHINA 104467, was Seconded on June 14th 1914 by the navy as a hospital ship, then as a repatriation ship for troops going back home to the colonies.
I am trying to find the “ships records” to find out where she went and when, before during and after
WW1, I know she was in the North Atlantic off Scotland “Scarpa flow” during the war as a hospital ship.
I have lots of information and photos about the ship and her crew lists + (1 dog) and some passengers.
But despite searching many records sites over the years I cannot find the “ships records”
Any help with my search would be very much appreciated.

The Common Room / Post WW1 influenza death under “admiralty charge” at sea
« on: Friday 26 October 18 12:22 BST (UK)  »
My grandfather was an officer on a passenger ship and died of influenza at sea.
I have his death certificate but it only states Died/landed at Leith in Scotland. 03.03.1919
I am looking for a possible “ship Captains log” for a possible more exact place & date of his death.
I have found the details of ships logs in the National Archive hoping the captains log is included,
but can’t access/Download any of them on line.

The details of the ship are as follows:
Launched In 1896  the P&O SS Ship no: 104467 “ China” was a a passenger ship going from
The uk to Australia and New Zealand Via the Sues canal, China, India etc
She was seconded as a hospital ship during WW1 based in the area of Scapa Flow.
In 1918 – 1919 she was used to return foreign troops back to their homelands’ such as India,
Australia etc.

National archive reference
Order in advance Request a copy, this cannot be dowloaded
Reference:   BT 165/1908
Extracted Logs:
Date:   1919
Held by:   The National Archives, Kew
Legal status:   Public Record(s)
Closure status:   Open Document, Open Description

The National Archives' catalogue
BT - Records of the Board of Trade and of successor and related bodies
Division within BT-Records of the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen and successor
BT 165 - Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Ships' Official Logs
BT 165/1908
Ships Catalogue description
Ship's Name China Official Number 104467 Dates of Voyages 16.02.1918 – 24.03.1919
25.04.1919 – 12.08.1919 and 26.09.1919 – 10.11.1919.

Any help would be much appreciated.

World War One / Motorcycle records
« on: Tuesday 20 March 18 18:53 GMT (UK)  »
I have a man who’s records were partially burned in WW2 so a bit sketchy and want to find out more about What he would have been doing and where.
His name is Edward Samuel Piet born 1885 London

This is the information I have found.

He was signed up into the Royal Marines as a “Sapper” in the RND: Royal Naval Division (63 Div) engineering division. In Marylebone 20th January 1915.
Service no’s    1. S/393   and  2. 127204
Edward was sent for training to Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire where he passed with flying colours In the training of mechanical engineering on Motorcycles. He was trained to ride the bikes and maintain them.

08.06.1915  Wounded
21.10.1915  hospital
18.08.1916 Transferred to Royal Engineers, Naval signals Motorcyclist Division.
19.08.1916 Transferred to Field Security Section division
07.10.1916 Promoted to corporal of Motorcycles     
30.01.1917 promoted to artillery Corporal Motorcycles
15.02.1917 Expeditionary force to France
30.03.1917 British expeditionary force
18.01.1918 line of communication, signals company, Italy
05.09.1918 wounded Gallipoli
28.05.1919 transferred to class Z army reserve for demobilization whilst in Italy.

Can anyone elaborate on these at all especially the artillery corporal motorcyles. I can’t imaging what this would be. And what is S/393?
Any help would be appreciated
Regards Jenny.

World War Two / Bari war cemeterym Italy
« on: Thursday 08 March 18 10:51 GMT (UK)  »
I am researching a soldier who is buried at Bari. italy
I am trying to find information so I can find out which company he served in
To enable me to find the war dairies and the circumstances of his death on that day.
I have the Bari record for him as follows:-

Stanley Robert Piet  Born 16th November 1902  Chichester
He enlisted at Brighton   Service no:  13019289
joined 1 Centre Pioneer Corps for training on 3rd May 1940
Acting company quartermaster sergeant at his death
He died on 2nd December 1944 Italy
CWGC give the following information:   
BARI, Cemetery, Italy.
Grave Ref No is XL.C.6
son of Robert Ephraim Piet and Annie Piet, of Chichester
husband of Louise Piet of Chichester.

I assume he would have been awarded the Italy star and others.

His family are not is a position to purchase his military records at this time.
Any information you can offer me would be very much appreciated
Regards Jenny Bailey

Sligo / The name Piet in Sligo 1871- 1881
« on: Monday 26 February 18 16:10 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find a Birth in Sligo, I have two brothers born there but can only find the record for one brother.
The record I have is frank Piet baptised 29.06.1877. CLASSIEBAWN Sligo
Birth record 1877    Vol 12.   Page 321 Sligo
He is Also recorded on  various England census as being born in Ireland
His brother who I can’t find is Robert Ephraim Piet born Sligo 1875 or 1876 on various England census.
I have looked through the baptisms for Robert but cannot find him,
Also births with no luck.
Parents for both men are Robert Piet 1823 and Lavinia Piet, nee Rose 1848
They only seemed to be in Ireland for a few years. From 1871.
Any help you could offer would be appreciated
Regards Jenny

Armed Forces / Service record
« on: Sunday 11 February 18 11:16 GMT (UK)  »
My great grandfather was in the military but I know nothing about his service can someone point me in the right direction, he was born 1862 died 1911
I have a photo showing large group of men says’
“Royal west Surrey regiment, Privates”
Also photos of him in his uniform over many years,
Any help would be appreciated.
Regards Jenny

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