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Shropshire Lookup Requests / Coreley - JOHN HANDLEY - birth information needed
« on: Sunday 30 December 12 17:48 GMT (UK)  »
John Handley
My great grandfather
Birth 1839 approx in Coreley, Salop, UK
Death 25 May 1913 in 10 Lower Mill St, Ludlow, Salop, England

1 Oct 1861
Age: 22
Marriage to Emma Morris
Parish church of Stanton Lacy. Witnesses Job Garbett & Sarah Underwood. Groom's father dead. Bride's father James Morris. Groom a labourer.

Although I know quite a bit about John, his birth details are inconclusive. Can anyone help find out about the family he was born into and when? According to censuses etc he was born 1839 - 1842 approx. Also I do not know where he was for 1851 census. Seems to have spent his life in the Ludlow area.

Thank you for reading this post.
Barbara  :)

Cheshire / Hammond family Sale Cheshire
« on: Monday 12 November 12 18:43 GMT (UK)  »
I think my father's aunt Emma Handley may have married a James Hammond in 1891, registered at Altrincham. Emma born 1864 was originally from Shropshire but in the 1891 census she had moved to Sale to work as a servant. If I am correct she had 4 children, Albert Edward, Catherine, John James and Amy. James left his estate to Catherine Booth and Amy Whitehurst his daughters and Albert Edward. Albert being a chemist's manager by now in 1939. Does anyone know if this is correct for Emma Handley's marriage and if so, who her daughters were married to? Any information would be of interest.

Shropshire / HAN(D)LEY,All
« on: Saturday 17 December 05 15:14 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for any info on the Handley family from the Ludlow , Shropshire area. Each generation seems to named the first -born son John.
My grandfather John appears to have moved to Wolverhampton in approx 1900 for work. (My father John, was born there in 1907.)  John snr  had approx 10 siblings, most being involved in agricultural or domestic employment.
Family seem to have moved around Shropshire and neighbouring counties for work.
Have gone back to John Handley born 1841 Coreley , son of Susan Handley.

Shropshire / HANLEY Salop baptism
« on: Thursday 10 November 05 15:06 GMT (UK)  »
My great grandfather John Hanley was baptised in Coreley, Salop 15 Aug 1841.
Have been unable to print off a copy of page someone sent to me, but John seems to have been the only child baptised with only one parent named ie Susan Hanley.
Does that mean she was not married and I should be looking for using Hanley as her maiden name?

Shropshire / BAYLISS/Hen & Chickens Ludlow Shropshire
« on: Saturday 15 October 05 17:09 BST (UK)  »
I believe one of my great grandmothers came from the public house, Hen and Chickens Ludlow.
She was Margaret Barker nee Bayliss or similar.
She was born about 1852.
Married Noah Barker born approx 1833.
Lived in Willenhall, Staffs.
Does anyone know about the history of the Hen and Chickens and/or the Bayliss family.


Staffordshire / CADMAN family Wolverhampton
« on: Saturday 15 October 05 16:29 BST (UK)  »
When I was growing up in Dunstall Avenue, Woverhampton in the 50's and 60's my father's cousins lived next door.
My father was John Handley.
His cousins were Edith and Nellie Cadman.
Edith never married but Nellie married Tom Egerton.
Wondered how the Cadmans were related to the Handley family.
There was a relative common to them in USA but I do not know of anyone alive to ask.

Barbara Handley

Staffordshire / HANDLEY family from Salop & Wolverhampton
« on: Saturday 15 October 05 16:24 BST (UK)  »
My father's family were Handley. They were country workers who lived and moved around in Shropshire. My grandfather John, born 23/08/1868 in Salop probably moved to Wolverhampton around 1900.
His first wife was Ellen and they had a son William and lived in Dunstall Road, Wolverhampton.
My father John's mother was the second wife and was Sarah Briggs.
They lived in Dunstall Avenue, Wolverhampton, from approx 1910.
There was a male Cousin, surname Jackson who had a cobblers on Stafford Road, W'ton.                    Barbara

Shropshire / MORRIS Salop
« on: Saturday 15 October 05 16:17 BST (UK)  »
My great grandmother Emma Handley nee MORRIS was born 1843 in Stoke St Milborough, Shropshire.
She married John Han(d)ley dob 1842 who was also from Shropshire.
Would like to know about the Morris family that she came from.
Any information would be interesting.
Barbara Handley

Staffordshire / BRIGGS of Wolverhampton
« on: Saturday 15 October 05 15:49 BST (UK)  »
My grandmother whom I never knew was Sarah Elizabeth Briggs. She married John Handley and had a son John.(1907)
She was killed by a lorry on Stafford Road , Wolverhampton 09/09/1926.
Had stepson William born approx 1896. Sarah was Domestic Housemaid (age 26) for a dental surgeon in Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton in 1901.
May have married Sept 1903.
May have had a sister Charlotte who married William March from Norfolk and lived in York. Not sure about this.

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