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I was wondering if anyone could possibly be willing to look this marriage up for me.  I saw a note on it but it wasn't documented and I am hesitant to trust it.

I believe that William may be  the son of William and Mary Blackbourne Cook (or Cooke) perhaps from Gloucester.

Joan would be the daughter of a Hugh Roper & UNK mother at this time and local to Somerset (I think it says Burnham but the writing is a bit difficult).

Any Help appreciated :D 

Cornwall / Look-up? Faull Marriage 1845-1847
« on: Wednesday 25 February 15 20:43 GMT (UK)  »

I am looking for the marriage of a William Faull b. 1829 St. Agnus, Cornwall  to a woman named Sally (Susan, Sarah??) between the years of 1845 and 1847. His Parents were Thomas and Grace Faull (they are named in his christening record as well as in residence with him in the 1841 Census)

All I know about "Sally" is that she was born St. Austell abt 1826 (I would +/-2 or 5 years on that since the 1851 census seems to be a couple of years off for everyone).

If anyone could help me out with this it would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time :)

Dorset Lookup Requests / Marriage Records pre 1820? (Trusham, Chudleigh)
« on: Tuesday 24 February 15 18:47 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for where I could maybe find a marriage record for a woman named

Joanna (or Johanna) b abt 1775 in Chudleigh being married to a Dyer.

This is really all the information I have right now.  I know Joanna is the mother of the ancestor (George Dyer b abt 1815 who married Grace Satterly in Trusham) because she is listed in the census as such.  I have yet to find anything with the name of her husband and no indication as to what Joanna's maiden name might have been. The marriage record only lists the father of the groom as being deceased without marking the name.

Durham / A point in the right direction (Bernard Castle)
« on: Tuesday 24 February 15 17:27 GMT (UK)  »

I am wondering if there is somewhere that will tell me the status of Bernard Castle circa 1825.

I believe I have found the christening record of William Barker dated 30 May 1825.

In this record it lists that the place of baptism was Gainford, Durham (I have come to find that there is quite the bit of history surrounding the village)

The parents are listed as Henry and Mary Barker and the Abode being Bernard Castle.  His occupation listed as Gardener. 

I was under the impression that the castle was ruins by this time, but if the family is living  and working there, then that must not be the case. 

So I am looking for where there may be a more detailed history of the place, but unsure where to look for that.

As always, any help is appreciated :)

Durham / Question about Records (Barker/Lenox surnames)
« on: Sunday 22 February 15 18:31 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking into the Barker family ... the daughter, Alice, married Joseph Gills and emigrated to America.

I found her Christening Record on FamilySearch

It listed her Christening date as 27 Sept 1854 in Whickham, Durham, England.  It listed her parents as William Barker and Isabel (Note: From Alice's death cert I did get the name of her father, but the mother's name was listed as UNK)

So then I did a search for a William Barker and Isabel and got a hit for the 1851 census that had a William Barker and his wife Bell living in Windgate P, Durham. This location is a familiar one for me and the dates seemed correct so I tentatively have begun to explore this as being the family of Alice Barker.

In the 1851 Census, it also has William's brother in law living with the family.  He is listed as "William Lenax" and I have deduced that is a mis-spelling of Lenox (or Lennox).

My next step was to see if I could find an Isabel Lenox with a birth date near to what was stated in the census in Northumberland (since the census stated she was not of Durham but rather North'd...and her brother was born there as well). 

On I located a christening record of a "Isabella Lenox" babp in Nov 1828 Wallsend, North'd to parents--- William and Alice (which I thought was a good indication that my Alice could very well have been named for her grandmother). Incidently, I also located a marriage record for a William Linox and Alice Atkinson in April 1826--- I believe this to be her parents marriage.

Here is where I have an issue. 

I have searched FreeReg and Durham Records Online-- and I cannot find a record of William Barker and Isabella Lenox being married; however, on FreeBMD I did searches on both their names and came up with the same order information :

Jun 1845 Gateshead vol 24 pg 134

Under both William Barker and Isabella Lennox.

The date makes sense with the family I have in 1851 Census--- the oldest Child, William, has an approx birth of 1846.

I am wondering if there is a reason why there isn't anything coming up specifically on Durham Records (at the very least)?  It is unusual to not have a parish record? Or would that record possibly not be transcribed as of yet?

I hope this wasn't too convoluted.  I wanted to lay out why I was looking for this. 

Northumberland / 1831 Enumeration Question (Wallsend)
« on: Saturday 21 February 15 16:40 GMT (UK)  »

I am looking for a family unit in 1831

William Lenox (or Lennox, Linox, Lenax) and his wife Alice (nee Atkinson I believe)

They should have two children living with them (at the least)

Isabella Lenox (b.abt 1828)
Alice Lenox (b. abt 1830)

Both Isabella and Alice were born in Wallsend.  Their brother, William Lennox would be born in 1833- (he is living with his sister, Isabella, and brother in law, William Barker, in Wingate Parish, Durham in the 1851 census)

I read that there are no national census's for this particular time, but I was wondering perhaps if there were some sort of local enumerations where the family could possibly be found.  William was a Coal Miner (pitman) if that helps any.

Northumberland / Marr Rec ? RE:Newcastle T (Gills, Thompson)
« on: Sunday 01 February 15 19:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hello again.

So I am looking to find out what happened to Mary Ann Gills post 1855.

I found a marriage record  (or rather: I found matching record index numbers) for Mary Ann Gills and Andrew Thompson on FreeBMD (Dec 1860 Newcastle T 10b 24)

Two assumptions:

1. Newcastle T = Newcastle Upon Tyne
2. Since the names share the same BMD numbers, they married eachother.

So I went to look on FreeReg to see if I could find a parish entry under either one of these names- and I am coming up with nothing.

I would think that if there is a civil registration of marriage then there must be a parish that performed the ceremony.  Am I wrong?

I wanted to make sure that this was the correct Mary Ann (her parents are Robert and Jane Gills. She was born Ponteland abt 1833 [Christening date 07 Apr 1833] and is the natural mother of Joseph Gills [aka Joseph Young]) before I ordered the cert listed.

Durham / LF: Birth or Christening Record for GILLS, Robert (b abt 1874)
« on: Friday 30 January 15 16:09 GMT (UK)  »

I can't seem to find a birth or christening record for this person. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places?

Here is what I know (from the 1881 Census)

Robert Gills was born to Joseph and Alice Gills abt 1874 in Chester-Le-Street, Durham.

I'd love to order his birth registration, but I have no idea what the index information is to send in a request :/

Thanks In Advance :)

Occupation Interests / Police Profession between 1800-1860-ish
« on: Tuesday 27 January 15 18:22 GMT (UK)  »

I am wondering if anyone has any resources pertaining to the subject?  I am unfamiliar with the history of the policing profession at this particular point in time.

Were there any sort of registry, guild (?), or listing of police officers, their service records or the like?

I am specifically looking in the North of England...Northumberland and Durham.

Many Thanks :)

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