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Australia / Vic BDM Site
« on: Wednesday 27 February 19 23:38 GMT (UK)  »
Change is fine , Change occurs , I accept change and all its myriad benefits

But the new Vic BDM site is a dogs breakfast and worse than before

Search is limited. Open ended date searching is gone , date must be entered. Number of returns are limited DUE to the site returning double entries using both parents in mirror format. The names are higgledy piggledy and dont follow form ie fathers name may be left or right and then turn about when it mirrors.

It was fine as it was

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Theory of Family Relativity - MyHeritage Feature
« on: Wednesday 27 February 19 14:08 GMT (UK)  »
I dont want to come across as a salesperson for this company but they just keep getting better and better

Logged in again (after midnight my time) to see a new feature  called Theory of Family Relativity

It gave me 22 names and most I had already worked out a commonality but 1 or 2 I hadnt so I clicked on a name and they have linked the person for me

ie '' this person is your 4th Ggrandfather'
    ' this person is xxxxx 5th Ggrandfather'

Its all based on common trees and such

Estimated relationship based on DNA: 3rd cousin - distant cousin.
MyHeritage found a theory that may explain how XXXX is related to you.
Theory: XXXXXX is your 4th cousin once removed on your mother's side

This path is based on 2 community trees and 4 MyHeritage family trees, with 20% confidence

I am going off to play. I hope you find the info as helpful as I did

If somebody could do a clean up of the 2 wedding pics it would be appreciated.

It is a picture of my Uncle and wife and my aunty as flowergirl. All have passed and my mum would like a clean picture to pass on to my cousin , flowergirls daughter.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / FTDNA- In Common With Feature
« on: Friday 15 June 18 04:18 BST (UK)  »
FTDNA have a great feature which allows you to isolate some matches and identify possible lines to search. For example I can a name and check in common and guesstimate the match is on my fathers line based on the other names.

I was able to get my mother to have her DNA tested and yes she is my mother :D . Yet checking the 'in common with' feature I only match on 1/3 of her list.

Shouldnt I match all?

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / MyHeritage DNA
« on: Monday 16 April 18 04:26 BST (UK)  »
Anyone use it?

I was stumbling around chasing families and logged into my MyHeritage account, I dont use it as much as other sites but every now and then it comes up trumps.

They are offering a DNA download facility from any other site as long as you have the file in your computer. I tested with FTDNA and have been happy enough that I hadnt considered other places to upload (gedmatch the only other place)

I have to say the MyHeritage site is more user friendly for DNA matches. Not as tight as FTDNA ie my 2-4th are mostly listed as 3rd-5th or more. Minor thing.

But for just quickly checking links it is easier to use ie scrolling down and click on a link it gives you 'other connected matches' as well as a family tree (if loaded) and an ethnicity match ie you and your match have a high concentration here. Mostly the UK :D but its nice

Interestingly I have 3500 'matches' on MyHeritage and 2000 on FTDNA. That could be anything from a numbers game to how each site determines a match

Like anything I shall take a little from here and a little from there.

Your experiences?

Australia / Missing DOD For VictorianFootballers
« on: Thursday 11 January 18 22:40 GMT (UK)  »
I have been involved in a little side project and had a lot of fun and practice doing look ups trying to find Date of Birth and Date of Death of ex-Australian Football League (AFL) and ex-Victorian Football League (VFL) AFL/VFL football players.

I/we have come to a standstill and wondered if anyone knows of the people or has some information that could help. Or as we do you could have a look yourselves.

Some on my list could still be living so I will only post those who are presumed well and truly dead. The following list contains birth dates , as best guessed at times, of players listed by clubs.

To help I shall include the club and time frame for those who use Trove.

11 Henry "Harry" John Brown b:16/10/1903 St Kilda 1927
12 Samuel Otto John Buck b:15/11/1876 Carlton 1897 aka Samuel Otto William Buck
18 Jack Louis Cliff b:23/5/1919 StK 1940-42  Underworld ties which may have lead to an unknown grave

22 Frederick "Fred" Rowland Coulsell b:17/12/1905 Nth:1927,Ess 1931

23 Robert "Bobby" Ritchie Craig b:29/3/1882 Melb 1902 Family moved to Scotland , some info suggests Bobby moved to Argentina

39 Roger"Bill" Musgrove Hearn b:4/3/1914 Rich 1935 Used change of names

40 Edward "Ted" Page Heffernan b:16/5/1869 Carl 1897
49 Charles "Charlie" Herbert Jenkins b:17/6/1878 Fitz 1898

54 Edmund Kirwin b:31/3/1876 StKilda 1898 aka Kirwan, Kirwen etc
59 William "Billy" Francis Roy Leahy b:7/3/1911 Foots 1934-1936 Mother died in Zimbabwe 1948 , WF Leahy from South Africa to USA in 1948 then no more info

60 Thomas "Tom" Francis Lee b:11/12/1874 Coll 1897-98 Found a possible ref to NZ death but may not be

63 George Lockwood b:6/12/1872 Geel 1899-1901,Coll 1902-04 Trove reference to WW1 passing but no records

65 James "Jim" Gordon Lyons b:5/4/1876 Carlton 1897-98
71 John "Joe" Albert Marchant b:11/9/1884 StKilda 1904
72 Joseph "Joe" Thomas Marr b:9/08/1880 Carlton1900-02, Ess:1903

73 *John "Jack" Llewellen Matthews b:22/10/1914 NthMelb 1941 Last sighting Tasmania

74 Charlie McCartney b:26/2/1874 SthMelb 1897,Ess 1899 3 possible choices , St Arnaud strong contender

76 Patrick "Paddy" John McDonald b:27/3/1897 Ess 1918-19
77 Robert "Rhoda" Ernest McDonald b:29/4/1878 Coll 1897, Carl 1901,Rich(VFA) 1901-07
78 John "Jack" James McKenzie b:19/8/1908 Ess 1929

84 Alfred "Alf" Carl Frank Neeson b:15/6/1914 Fitz 1935-36, Haw 1936-38 Alfred is the subject of a thread on Rootschat under Briggs/Neeson. He is found in Western Australia under Briggs

87 Michael "Mick" Joseph O'Hagan b:22/1/1878 StK 1897 A Michael oHagan is found to have passed his chemistry studies and apart from a 1908 court case no more is heard

88 *George Henry Prismall b:10/3/1915 Ess 1935 George was a Merchant seaman and last record is inbound to USA

90 Samuel "Sam" Alexander Reid b:17/6/1872 Carlton 1897 Possible Japanese probate record posted in Melbourne papers 1947

94 Archibald Robinson b:9/7/1890 Richmond 1911 Abandoned his wife in 1923 and thats the last recorded notice attributed to him

95 Raymond Paul Ross b:2/5/1900 Ess 1921
97 Alan James "Ginger" Ryan b:26/9/1909 Melb 1932-33,Coll 1934-38
103 James "Jim" William Smith b:11/2/1887 Sth 1906
108 Horace "Horrie" Stewart b:29/5/1871 Ess 1898
110 James "Jim" Scott Sutherland b:10/5/1900 Sth 1924

114 Tom Wellington b:27/10/1894 Melb 1912-13 Tragic tale of bigamous wife , disappears so much so there is a 'where is he' placed in Trove

117 William "Billy" Francis Williams b:2/5/1888 StKilda 1907
118 William "Bill" Henry Woods b:21/8/1890 Geelong 1909


Most of the records have been sourced from Vic BDM and Trove as well as AIF and WW2 Nominal Roll,  Also AustralianCemeteries and DeceasedOnline. Some have used electoral rolls to confirm residences. A lot of the earlier players were only listed by last name and guesses at identity have been taken. But my motto is find the DOD and let others worry if they played football.

Research on others have found them scattered all over Australia and the world

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Dominant Line
« on: Tuesday 30 May 17 23:14 BST (UK)  »

Having had my DNA results now for 8 months and having time to go through my matches, one recurring theme seems to have emerged.

1 line is very dominant ie most of my matches fall into one quadrant. My maternal paternal line seems to be very strong in my high matches. There may well be many reasons and foremost its a coincidence of numbers and who else has tested.

But I wonder if this is a common theme amongst those who have tested and if there is an explanation for this?

Have you come across a strong quadrant/line?

Hi everyone

Having trouble with this.  I don't want to send people into a wrong direction so I will keep my comments to myself for now. This is a marriage record where the transcription given doesn't gel with me. Anyway here it is and thank you

Midlothian / Muirhead/Moorhead - Midlothian
« on: Wednesday 04 January 17 06:47 GMT (UK)  »
If I could piggyback on this rather than starting a new thread.

I have 2 deaths, husband and wife both in Fisherrow I have found DC for both but the age given for the husband is different and I want to see if a headstone says different.

Archibald Muirhead/Moorhead b(1804 - or so I thought ) died 1848 In documents he is listed as aged 50.

Janet Muirhead b (1805) died 1851 in Fisherrow

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