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The Common Room / Herbert Benjamin WILLIAMS Scavenger Hunt: Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Tuesday 11 September 18 07:13 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to the new Scavenger Hunt, it's been a while since the last one, but I'm sure the 'Thinking Caps' are well and truly dusted off and ready to go.

This one might be a little bit tricky, but I have every faith you can help Marchbank.

 Good Luck and Good Hunting.



Herbert Benjamin WILLIAMS.

Herbert was my great grandfather.

He died in New Zealand 03 Mar 1916, buried Linwood Cemetery.

After marrying my great grandmother  Mary Jane LEWIS nee MILLRAY,in Christchurch, New Zealand on 30 Dec 1886. They had nine children born between 1889 - 1906 in Christchurch ( I have most of these details).

Herbert put his age as 43 on his marriage cert, and this ties in with the details on his death cert. This puts his birth at c1843.

According to his death cert he had been in NZ for 51 years, so arrived c1865 ( cannot find this detail)

After this everything is very vague and unsubstantiated.

Also according to his marriage cert and death cert he was born in London. Marriage cert states father was John Herbert WILLIAMS and Sarah EVERETT(probably).

I have a marriage certificate that I have long believed was the right one for a John Herbert WILLIAMS marrying a Sarah EVERETT in Islington, Middlesex 23 Nov 1841. But because I can find nothing else I am wondering if I have been in the "wrong forest" all these years.

Can any one find any little detail to help me prove/disprove this link?

Can anyone find any mention of Herbert's birth or baptism?

Any sign of him on any census 1841- 1861?

Really really looking forward to some suggestions or help. He has baffled me for a very many years.

The Common Room / Brisbane Mini-Meet in November, Anyone Interested?
« on: Saturday 08 September 18 09:34 BST (UK)  »
It's been suggested we have another Mini-Meet, possibly in November.  All the meets we've had have been so successful, interesting and a damn good laugh.  We've made friends, we've met new people and we've discussed many topics.

If you are interested in a Brisbane Mini-Meet, please put your name down and we'll take it from there.


Names So Far





The Common Room / Happy Time Traveller Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Tuesday 26 January 16 10:17 GMT (UK)  »
Welcome to another Scavenger Hunt, it's been a while since the last one, but I'm sure everyone has their thinking caps ready and raring to go.

Good Luck and Good Hunting



I'm searching for the marriage of John James Earwaker to Elizabeth Pain around 1870. John was born in Southwark, Surrey (London) and Elizabeth in Bermondsey, Surrey (London).

John born 23 March 1838
Elizabeth born 1844 - I'd also like to find her birth and death and parents too!

First child born 1870 in Southwark. They lived in Southwark all their lives. John died 1898. Can't find a death for Elizabeth but she was alive in 1911 census which doesn't give the length of the marriage.

I have no idea if she was married previously.

I know her maiden name is Pain because it says so on her daughter's birth certificate.
John was known as John /James/ John James

I have found Earwaker spelled Eawaker/Earwalker/Earwaken/Sandaker. It is a really difficult name to follow. I know it is also pronounced Erriker.

I have searched under Pain/Payne

I have looked for marriages in Southwark and Middlesex and London under every variation I can think of.

If anyone out there can find it, I will be so grateful!

The Common Room / Iv246 Scavenger Hunt....Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Tuesday 16 June 15 10:19 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to this weeks Scavenger Hunt, it's a bit convoluted, but I'm sure you'll be able to help.

Good Luck and Good Hunting



I would like to know where the following were born and died who thier parents were if possible.

James Anderson and Elizabeth Ford his wife.

I am not 100% confident in the year of Birth for them both as i got it from a hand written family tree of a relative without a source.

What i have

James Anderson and Elizabeth Ford had the following children

I have all the OPRs for the children and can provide OPR numbers for the rest if needed?

All born in Edrom (each place listed is within 1 or 2 kms of each other, I can provide an old map if needed?)

1. Isabel I have 2 OPRs here i am 99% is same person...

1st OPR 735/00 0040 0129 DUNS : Isabel Anderson lawful daughter born to James Anderson (Hynd) in Turtleton and Elizabeth Ford his wife. March 12 1798 and Baptised April 8th, witnesses James Darling and George (Laurie?).

2nd OPR 738/0010 0188 Edrom : James Anderson (Hind) and Elizabeth Ford his wife had a daughter named Isabel Middlestots 19th Mar 1798.

They both seem to be the same family so another member suggested that maybe Elizabeth went home to her parents house for the birth?

2. John Middlestots 2nd Aug 1800 (h)

3. Christian Reedyloch 22nd Sep 1802 (h)

4. George Blackaddertown 16 Dec 1805 baptised the 30/12?  -my family line- (c) (b)

5. Mary Blackaddertown 28 Oct 1808 baptised 27/11? (c) (b)

6. Margaret Blackaddertown 24 Jan 1811 baptised 24/02? (c) (b)

7. Elizabeth Sheriffhall 21 May 1814 bap 30/6 (c) (b)

(h) = profession Hynd or Hind

(c) = profession Carter or carrier

(b) = was noted on the OPR as being baptised before the Burgher congregation in Duns(e)
Earlier births don't mention this?

The next record I have of the whole family is from my direct ancestor George when he marries Sarah Emond in Selkirk on 23 Jul 1830 OPR 778/000 0060 thomas and Robert Emonds as witnesses
I am not sure if the whole family moved from Edrom to Selkirk or just George?

Mary (5.) married a Thomas Emond 24 May 1836 so that's at least 2 of the children I have a record of going to Selkirk

One other thing to note that I am hoping may provide a link or more information on James and Elizabeth, on the OPR for Christian (3.) 2 entries above her lists a child born between a Walter Dalgliesh and a Barbara Anderson in Blackaddertown in 19 Oct 1802.

Now this is another Anderson and same place, I was hoping to link her or rule out.

Another name I found was Grieve on the 1841 census for Turtleton (where it said Isabel was born) it lists a Grieve family living, when i was looking at the census records in Selkirk I also saw that name it's a long shot but maybe a link to the 2 towns?

I hope this information makes sense and is easy to follow?
I have a bit more background stuff if needed?

I can't find any records for what happened to James and Elizabeth or the rest of the children.

 can find some

(Added......years of birth for James Anderson and Elizabeth Ford I have are

James 1773?

Elizabeth 1777?   However I am not confident that they are correct.

The children were all born in Berwickshire, Scotland, (Middlestots, Blackaddertown, Sheriffhall etc being in Edrom) However records seem to have been recorded in Duns close by.)

Could something be done with this pic?   It's of my mum, on the left (who passed away just recently) and her sister.   Sorry it's so bad, but it's a scan of a scan!

Hoping something can be done, and thanks in advance


The Common Room / Alders Scavenger Hunt....Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Wednesday 03 June 15 05:10 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to this weeks Scavenger Hunt, really hoping you can solve this puzzle for Alders.

Good Luck and Good Hunting



 fingers crossed all of you lovely talented people can help! My head can't take any more!
So here is my story!
My 3x great grandfather was called Edward Byrne he was born in Liverpool UK 6/2/1823
he joined the merchant navy as an apprentice in 1839. He was never back in the UK for a census.
He attained the rank of Captain & i have copies of his Master & Mates Certificate & his register of seamans certificate which gave his DOB (NA ref BT113)
He was Captain of the Lightning ship clipper, Mason, Foam, Zingari to name a few.
According to newspaper articles he went to China in 1865 & in 1868 he made his way from Shanghai to Kobe (Hyogo) in Japan. He made his home here & became an influential member of the foreign settlement, serving on the Kobe Municipal Council, President of the Kobe regatta & athletic club. He was also Chairman of Hyogo Gas Co & Hyogo Ice Co.
He died in Kobe 20/11/1889
He had 1 son called Aden Byrne born in Kobe 1878, the only record of his birth or even of his mother is on Aden's naturalization certificate to the UK in 1907,  It names his mother as Tonyama Tetsu. By 1891 Aden was back in the UK living with Catherine Brunner (wid of Adolphe Brunnner) & there son George Kenelm Brunner. I have found no connection between the Brunner's & the Byrne's.   
There is no doubt that Edward was very wealthy upon his death enough that it would appear that he paid Catherine Brunner to take in & raise Aden, he stayed with the family until he was in his 20's after that he married yet Aden never worked living off independent means ( & he lived well!)

On one of Edwards Master & Mates certificate he lists his address as he lists his address as 18 Islington in Liverpool, on the 1851 census there is a James & Elizabeth Byrnes lodging there, Could be coincidence? i think i tracked these people to the 1841 census because the parents names & age match with the 1851 census
they lived at 175 Bostock St, Liverpool
all of them were born in Ireland.
James Byrne   45 Merchant  b 1796
Elizabeth Byrne   40  b 1801
George Byrne   20  b 1821
David Byrne   20  b 1821
Margret Byrne   18  b 1823
James Byrne   15  b 1826
John Byrne     15  b 1826
Aiden Byrne   13  b 1828
Is it also a coincidence that Edward had a son called Aden??
Of note i have not been able to trace this family anywhere other than the 1841 census. My personal opinion is that if Edward was related to this family he was more than likely born in Ireland too but lied about his birthplace it would of afforded him better prospects to do so.
So my questions are
Where is Edward's will? He had to have had something!
How did he come into contact with the Brunner's ( newspaper ad, i can't find anything?)
Who is Tonyama Tetsu & what happened to her?
Are the 1841 Byrne's related?
I have been very lucky & have had the help of a chap in Japan helping me, but the japanese are very strict about privacy regarding family history so we have been greatly hampered.
 a bio of Edward can be found here :-

Past roots posts
 Finding the Byrnes
Edward Byrne posts
Will location

Thank you all so much, i hope i have not bored you!

The Common Room / Isobell21 Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Monday 20 April 15 11:26 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to this weeks Scavenger Hunt (sorry it's a bit early, but those who know me know there's a few problems at the moment, so getting this in while I can)

Isobell would like to find out about her late husband's  family, I'm thinking with the great minds on here, you'll be able to help her.

Good Luck and Good Hunting



Henry King first appears in  Quebec, in the Census of lower Canada, working as a servant he is 20 years old and born in England, this is,16 years prior to Canada becoming a Conferation.

Henry is working at this time in the household of Mr.E.Bowen who was a lawyer,Judge and Politian.

 He marries Mary Ann Duffy at the Anglican Cathedral(Church of The Holy Trinity)

They are burried in Mount Hermon Cemetry.

I would like to know how and where he was born? also who were his parents.

I have requested the archavist of the Church look into church records, in hopes of finding the answer to these questions. I know all archived records are held at Bishop's University in Sherbrooke and I am awaiting a reply.

I would think you could not be married in the Church without them having all this information.

I have found something intersting in the 1841 UK Census of Hacconby,Lincolnshire,the family of George and Louisa King,George is a tailor and Louisa his wife both born about 1810

George King 30
Louisa his wife 30
George 10
Louisa 8
John 5
William 3
Henry 3

Henry 9
Elizabeth Sneath 50

no indication of how the household is related.I am assuming they did not have two sons named Henry.

I then searched 1851 Census all occupants of the 1841 Census  are there but 9 year old Henry is missising.

This family immigrates to USA later in the 1870's or 80's and the settle in northern N.Y State ...
this family refer to Louisa King nee Sneath. It is the same family I have found in 1841 minus the 9 year old Henry.

I have been in touch with the tree holder and she has no knowledge of the 9 year old.

Another curiousity is in the family of Henry and Mary Ann Duffy(they called her Auntie Annie) is the family names;

Henry King born in England
Mary Ann (Duffy) King wife b in Quebec
Henry King son born 1859 Quebec married Grace West moved to Montreal in 1894
William King son b in1860 Quebec,immigrated to Worcestor Mass.U.S.A
Anne Elizabeth daughter b.1866 Quebec,died in Montreal,buried Mt.Hermon Cemetary,Quebec
Louisa daughter died at birth 1869 Quebec,buried in Mt. Hermon Cemetary

The Common Room / jaybelnz Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Tuesday 07 April 15 12:25 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to another Scavenger Hunt and this one is a cracker, hopefully you'll be able to knock down a wall jaybelnz has been punching away at for years.

Good Luck and Good Hunting



An 1845 Marriage in St Peter's Church, Dublin, gives me my great great grandparents, but like each new find, this brings up new questions, and this one in particular brings me puzzles that I have never been able to solve, since 2002!

The marriage record shows the following people:

Groom    -   John Gibbons Mathews   -             Father Henry Maxwell Mathews, Gentleman.
                    Sergeant of Lancers                    Mother not named on cert, but later info shows
Usual place of residence                                  her to be Sarah Annie Mathews (still no MS)
- Nottingham.                                                 Henry's wife Sarah lived at 47 Aungier Street,
                                                                     Dublin, as did one of their daughters who later     
                                                                     also married in Dublin.Mrs Sarah Mathews died     
                                                                     and is buried in Dublin, was living at 47 Aungier     
                                                                     Street at the time of her death.
                                                                     Daughter's names Sarah Annie (b Newry,) and
                                                                     Also another son Richard.                         


Bride        -   Mary Jane Fleming                      Father David Fleming Officer Royal Irish Artillery
Usual place of residence, Triton Tce       
Tritonville Donnybrook.           

Later finds have been:

Plenty of Census entries in England in later years state John Gibbons Mathews was born in Newry Ireland, so  calculation always comes up born c1818.
Newry straddles the Counties of both Armagh and Down, I don't know which county applies in this instance, but have tried with both. I have also searched for a mother for him with surname of Gibbons, or Maxwell.

Same with the census entries for his wife Mary Jane (Fleming) Mathews, who was born in Portarlington, County Laois? Ireland and I also used c1818 from census for calculation of age.

Later found from Medal Rolls that John's Regiment was the12th Royal Princes Lancers in Nottingham. I believe that the Military Records for this Regiment are held in Archives at Nottingham University, but haven't had a reply to my enquiry to them.

There is a ships record in The Victorian Gazette ((Aust) page 234, Friday Feb. 6th, 1874, that records a death for a John Gibbons Mathews - died at Sea, near Victoria in Australia, 5th March 1873 aged 55. This is a bit confusing and I'm not sure whether this was an outward or inward journey. I understand the deaths and/or Burials of British citizens at Sea, are recorded at English Archives, but not been able to locate a death or burial for him in British National Archives. It is thought that John's sister Sarah Mathews and her husband John Potter may have been living in Geelong, Victoria at this time.

In all my searches re John Gibbons Mathews, every search result I have found has been my John, using also the middle name Gibbons even on census entries , and his own family proven by other details on such records as his chn's births etc., multiple census' entries, etc.  the exception of a possible South African war medals Roll clue,where there is no middle given name. He is also on a medal Roll for the Crimean War. So that one could very likely be another just John Mathews, and there are zillions of them. Those I have followed up on with no middle name, haven't brought me any joy. So, I  am quite convinced that there has never been another John Gibbons Mathews in the whole wide world! 😄😂


Mary Jane Mathews died 4th Qtr 1877 aged 59 at Ashton Under Lyne, Lancs.
She was buried 6 Dec. 1877 At Bardsley Lancs.

Indications are that Henry Maxwell Mathews Esq. was a landowner in County Meath.

Many of my other Rootscats postings re John Gibbons Mathews, Mary Jane Fleming and their fathers, may possibly give some more clues if I've missed anything in this instance.

David Fleming and Henry Maxwell Mathews are sitting cold and hungry right at the top of my tree, and getting lonely for their wives.  They've been sitting there for about 12 Years!

Can the Scavenger Hunters please try and reunite these two couples, and give their mothers back to John and Mary Jane? That would be a great achievement!

The Common Room / gralorn's Scavenger Hunt....Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Tuesday 05 November 13 09:23 GMT (UK)  »
Welcome to another Scavenger Hunt, it's been a while since we had one.  This week you would be helping gralorn to knock down a wall four other families are kicking away at, I'm sure you can help.

Good Luck and Good Hunting


The Allards / Allwoods/ Alyards

I have, and others also, been trying to break down a ‘Proverbial Brick Wall’ found in Wetheringsett, Suffolk in 1773 for the last eleven (11) years. Is anyone able to assist?

We are trying to establish the parents of James Allwood (variation of Allard) who was married to Mary Potter at the church of All Saints on the 17th May 1773.

The register states: James Allwood of this parish, single man and Mary Potter. of this parish, single woman, Married 17th of May 1773, by Rayner Bellman (Curate). In the presence of Thomas Quinton and John Sheppard.

Interestingly James and John Sheppard signed their names (educated) Mary and Thomas made their mark. Sheppard was the Parish Clerk. Their Banns were read out on 5th, 12th and 18th of May 1773. Is anyone able to assist in helping us break down this wall and identyfying James parents in order to go further back in the Family History of the Allards. After 11 years there is no rush.

Additional information

There are that I know of four families trying to break down this proverbial wall. We all start at the marriage on 17 May 1773.
James died in July 1808 and was buried at Wetheringsett, All Saints on 24 July 1808.
Mary died in 1810 and was buried on the 10 September 1810 at Wetheringsett, All Saints.
They had the following children:
James Allard born 2 December 1773 at Mickfield, Suffolk, died 1853 was a twin to John Allard born 2 December 1773 at Mickfield, Suffolk, died 17th December 1773 (other twin)
John Allard born 23 March 1777 died 1831
Edmund Allard born 2 November 1778 died 1851 buried Kenton, Suffolk
Sarah Allard born 1780
Joseph Allard born 22 December 1782
Elizabeth Allard born 23 April 1775
William Allard born 1778
Mary Allard born 12 February 1786 (died the same day – infancy death)
Henry Allard born 2 February 1794 (died the same day – another infancy death)
Jane Allard born 27 April 1806 (died the same day – third infancy death in a row)
Jeremiah Allard born 5 September 1790 died 16 March 1860 (My direct descendant) he marries Lydia nee Warner.

That is about all I have about James & Mary, as I say we have lots from the marriage forwards, but nothing prior. Any assistance would really be most welcome indeed as there are lots of Allards prior to 1773, its getting the right one as you well know. Thanks, looking forward to see what may be found. Regards Graham

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