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The Common Room / GRO Index - any idea what this means please
« on: Wednesday 03 July 19 14:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone - apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area.

Can anyone help with this please...

Any idea what this means on the GRO website .... Jackson, Richard age 38 GRO ref: 1873 S quarter in Manchester volume 08D page 154 (all that's pretty standard on each result) then it says (which is not on every one) Occasional copy:A

I've never come across that before.... I'm pretty certain this is my 2nd Great Grandfather - but wanted to narrow to down a bit before I jump in with spending money...

Hi everyone.
The attached image is the newspaper entry for a man allegedly the married chap who had an affair with my widowed Great Grandmother, leaving her 6 months pregnant when he up and died. Since her sons knew him (he allegedly was going to marry Sarah - whether this was a convenient story to cover the illicit affair or if he led her on would be conjecture), I know his name and approximate date of death. All avenues point to this man.
This is what I know:
His name: James Broomhead
His approximate age: 50
Date of death 9 Sept 1919

My Maternal Grandfather and his brothers always thought that this man had connections to Nottingham and Lace making - though how and why they believed this is a mystery. The child born to him after is death (to complicate matters further) the half-sister of my maternal Granddad, is my Paternal Grandmother. Yes, my mum and dad are cousins  ;D ::)

Obviously she never knew of her father, the siblings all treated her as their full sister, no mention was ever made to the fact she wasn't. Until obviously, we started delving into why my mum always called her mother-in-law "Aunty Ada" and my dad always called my Granddad "Uncle Ernie".

Having found the probate, and the FreeBMD record of his death, I'm trying to find out which of the James Broomhead's he is. It sounds like he could be a doctor or Reverend. 1911 census has a James Broomhead physician and surgeon but in Haslingdon.

Back to my original query, one of the people mentioned, Charles Herbert Broomhead has the letters M.B. after his name. What would these stand for - forgive me if it is something blindingly obvious, brain is fuzzy today.
And any ideas if this would point in the direction of the Haslingdon family?

Thanks for reading

Can anyone decipher the surname of our Jane, mother in law please, Daughter is allegedly Elizabeth nee Drain married to Samuel Carson. I'm trying to work out if Jane remarried.

Any help is much appreciated

my biggest brick wall.

Matthew (also Mathew) Diamond and Agnes Kirkpatrick have nine children that I can find as follows:

Matthew Diamond 1815
Joseph Diamond 1817
Mary Anne Diamond 1819 1858 (my Gt Gt Gt Grandmother)
Jean Diamond 1822
John Diamond 1824
Elizabeth Diamond 1830 1912
William Laidlaw Diamond 1832 1919
Margaret Diamond 1835
Agnes Diamond 1837

Matthew died in 1849 in Carlisle, he was a hand loom weaver. The youngest child Agnes is the only one born in Carlisle not Dumfries. The only census I can obviously find him on is 1841. Agnes (Kirkpatrick) lived to the ripe old age of 98 years.

Both give place of birth as Scotland, Agnes even mentions Dunnaford on the 1871 census.
I can't find a birth/baptism for Matthew, nor even siblings. I found two for Agnes, both the same year, difficult to decide which is which. But I cannot find a marriage anywhere for them. The age given on the 1841 census says both were 45 years old.  Which fits with the ages on all the other census returns for Agnes. And gives a birth year of circa 1782.

What am I missing? I feel as though I have the information I need to find Matthew and his parents, and sort out Agnes parents, plus the marriage, but somehow it is eluding me.

Any ideas to break down this wall will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped so far.
Can I be cheeky and ask if anyone can help me make out John's occupation please?

I can read most of his wedding certificate. His wife'd details are easy to read, so are both father's details. John's address and his occupation is totally eluding me.

It seems to read Machion Moulder? On the 1861 census he is a tile cutter, and in 1863 when he went to prison for 3 days for being drunk he is listed as being a tile cutter. I'm assuming his occupation when he married would be in the same trade, or linked to it.

His address seems to say 11 Gouldens Buildings? though I'm not certain of that either?
Any ideas please?

Can anyone help to decipher this extract from the prison record of my Gt x2 Granddad John Weir please... He was only 19 and drunk, so not that bad considering :D

Many thanks in advance

can anyone help me decipher this extract please.
I can read the names but not the address - I've included the family above in case it helps with the address.
my family are Dorothy Burns with her second husband James, her daughter Susannah, son James and Robert Parr the son-in-law. I can't make out the occupations and it looks to me as if Susannah is married, but Brotherdale is definitely her maiden name and Dorothy's first married name. It also looks as though there is an entry for Susannah in the last column for infirmities, or could that just be an error or comment?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

my Great x 2 Granddad William Taylor was a Glass Blower, the 1871 census shows him working with glass but not blower... however I can't make it out!

Can anyone help please?

Lancashire / Sarah Ann Rothbourne 1857 birth in Hulme.
« on: Wednesday 24 June 15 22:49 BST (UK)  »
This is my brick wall    :)

Sarah Ann Rothbourne married my Gt Gt Granddad William Taylor.

Now I know they were both illiterate. So possibly her surname could have been incorrectly written pm her daughters birth certificate
BUT... the only birth I can find for a Sarah Ann in the area (Hulme according to the 1881 census) leads me to Rathbone.

Having spent hours, days, weeks and months following this lead, (I even had both parents and grandparents) Sarah Ann Rathbone married someone other than William Taylor and died at a good age, whereas my Sarah Ann died at age 31 from inflammation of the bowels. I have her death certificate.
I haven't been able to locate the marriage certificate, nor birth certificate for Sarah Ann Rothbourne, or in fact for William Taylor - but circa 1854 it is almost impossible to locate him specifically   ;D  From the census I estimate Sarah's birth to be circa 1857 which also fits with the age at death.

Any ideas please

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