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Armed Forces / Women's Legion uniform??????
« on: Friday 17 September 21 20:36 BST (UK)  »
Wonder if any of you clever Rootschatters can identify this uniform?

Being worn by my great aunt, Daisy. 

Daisy was born in 1890, and until now I had no idea that she had served in any of the services.  Some very brief correspondence in the same folder as this picture refers to the Women's Legion - an organisation I'd never heard of before, but involved up to 40,000 woman taking on roles in WWI, many cooking and driving. 

So I wonder if the uniform is Women's Legion?

opinions please!



Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / Stadhampton parish records
« on: Wednesday 04 August 21 14:05 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know of any online version of Stadhampton parish records that are later than 1837/1840 where the data on the OFHS cd ends?


Family History Programs, Tree Organisation, Presentation / online photobooks?
« on: Monday 31 May 21 09:47 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have any recent experience of using a online-produced photobook as a way of sharing old photos?
Do old photos reproduce to an acceptable quality?
Is there a company you would recommend?

We wonder if it would be a good way of sharing our best old pics with lots of family members.


Armed Forces / Tank Corps Discharge
« on: Sunday 07 March 21 12:45 GMT (UK)  »
Dear Rootschatters

Just delving into some new areas of research .... I wonder if anyone could decipher what these discharge details mean please?

This was for Corporal Lay who had joined the Tank Corps in 1921 but was out just about a year later. 

It's not a very good pic, so here are the details ...
"Para 156 (a) Free.  TA Regs
13 2079 Car 6890"

Many thanks


Devon Lookup Requests / WAY in Silverton
« on: Sunday 26 January 20 17:17 GMT (UK)  »
Dear Rootschatters

I wonder if anyone can bring some clarity this this for me?  I've looked at it so much that I can't see the wood for the trees.

I am interested in the family of Kezia WAY, baptised in 1818 in Silverton.  I have found the parish record online which clearly states that her parents were Thomas Way, carpenter and Elizabeth.

Luckily there is an IGI file which relates to this period.  I have downloaded the file and opened it in Excel, then sorted all the baptisms into family groups.

Interestingly there are no other siblings born to Thomas and Elizabeth.  However there are three other WAY families listed who although having children at an appropriate time, do not have a child in 1818.  One of these three is a carpenter. 

James & Elizabeth 1808 - 1816
Thomas & Pleasant 1817 - 1823
Thomas & Sarah 1806 - 1825 (carpenter)

I can find no records of any other children being born to Thomas & Elizabeth WAY in any other parish.  I can find no deaths of Thomas or Elizabeth that would preclude Kezia having any siblings.  I cannot find Thomas and/or Elizabeth in a later census.  I have found Kezia in 1841, living in Silverton with her son Walter.  I can find no marriage of Thomas & Elizabeth.

So, my suggestion ....... is it possible that the rector, when recording the baptism, made an error?  Did he record the wrong parent's name?


Oxfordshire / Appleton Parish Records
« on: Sunday 27 January 19 11:37 GMT (UK)  »
Dear Rootschatters

Does anyone know if it's possible to see the original copies of the Appleton Parish Records on Ancestry?  I've found plenty of other parishes thanks to the contributions from the Oxfordshire Family History Society but can't find Appleton.

Maybe it's because of Appleton's position as part of 'old' Berkshire?


World War One / Disembarkation date
« on: Tuesday 13 November 18 19:59 GMT (UK)  »
Dear Rootschatters

Just starting to investigate WW1 records, and wonder if "disembarkation date" as mentioned in medal award rolls is simply the date of arrival on foreign soil - ie when they got off the boat?  Or it it when they arrived at the front for the first time?


Dear Fellow Rootschatters

Have very luckily found this photo, and I'd love to be be able to deduce some information from it. 

I know who I would like it to be, but don't want to influence your opinions in any way. 

The back of the photo tells me that it was taken at Graham's Art Studios, top end of The Parade, Leamington.  Mr Graham moved into those premises in 1877.

Could any of you experts out there tell me when you think this photo could have been taken please?

with best wishes


Canada / 1901 census
« on: Saturday 07 April 18 14:34 BST (UK)  »
Dear Rootschatters

I'm getting myself thoroughly confused trying to use the 1901 census using the Library & Archives of Canada website.  I don't know who I'm looking for, which certainly doesn't make it any easier!

I would really like to know who is listed in Blackfalds, Alberta at the time of the census, but can't figure out how to find it in the census without a name to search with.  It's tricky to know which district/sub-district the place is in!

I was kindly guided to the right place in the 1906 census by an obliging Rootschatter - could someone help me with 1901 please?


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