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Essex Lookup Requests / Lawrence/Laurence F Smith b1926 West Ham, Essex
« on: Thursday 04 April 19 08:59 BST (UK)  »
Struggling again Sorry,

The above is Hubbies Dads brother,  who we know is deceased.

I am struggling to find Death and any marriages,  what is difficult seems to be on Ancestry births both as Laurence and Lawrence,  mum is Doris Mabel Wilding.  Anyone find anything please.  We did not think he was married but found a couple under Laurence and Lawrence.  Smiths are a pain lol.

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Smith
« on: Saturday 23 March 19 08:24 GMT (UK)  »
Deleted my post as did not realise breached rules so sorry admin.  Sue

England / Silas Samuel Smith b1904 Catford/Lewisham
« on: Thursday 21 March 19 08:45 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I am struggling to find and confirm the parents of the above,  think mum may have been Rose Fisher.  Can anyone help,  Many thanks in advance,  Sue

Surrey Lookup Requests / Smith and Ellis
« on: Tuesday 26 February 19 06:09 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help,  have a Joyce Smith(baker) b1876 Woking Surrey.  Joyce Married a George Smith,  in a matches tree there are 3 children Rose b1897 Elsie Beatrice Smith b 1900 Guildford Surrey and William b 1895.  Now I have confirmed Elsie is correct mum was baker.  The other 2 I cannot find under Smith but found a William James Ellis b1895 Chertsey,Surrey mum Baker and a Rose Ellis b 1897 mum baker could these be the 2 children what do you think. Also found a census with Ellis as the were travellers could it be same people changing name?

England / Adam smith, Phoebe Stockwell
« on: Thursday 14 February 19 06:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hi don't know if anyone can help,  I'm tryi g to find any information on the above, Phoebe was born in Newbury Berkshire,  they had a son Nelson Smith b1924/26 think he died in Wiltshire.  Sorry a bit vague but if  anyone is able to help would be appreciated.  Sue

Essex Lookup Requests / Smiths - William James and Ronald
« on: Monday 21 January 19 03:42 GMT (UK)  »
Hi,  I am going to be taking a short break from my Hubbies Smith tree as know little but before I do I wondered if anyone could possibly see if they can find any children of the following'

William James Smith b Dec 1919 East Ham, Essex -  I know he had a Son from a marriage to Rosina Myers called Ronald but I believe he re married to a Doreen Elliott in the 50's in Dartford if I have it right,  wondered if they had any children.

Ronald Smith b 1921 East Ham, Essex.

Mums Maiden name, of William James and Ronald was Wilding.

Many thanks,  Sue


The above lived in Stratford in 1917 and the electoral roll for Stratford is not online,  they are held at the Newham Archives in Stratford.

Is there anyone possibly going to the Archives at all that could look up a 1915 and 1918 Electoral Roll for me,  if not it is not a problem,  I will have to try and get there at some stage,  at the moment I am in Margate Kent.

Other names that would prob be on there is William James Smith, Albert E Smith b 1896 Lizzie Smith B1899.

If this is not allowed please accept my apologies Admin.


Hi,  I am struggling to find the above,  the last I found was on 1891 Census with Mother Eliza Hogg (Codling) and Charles Codling,  in Norfolk,  cant locate after that.  There Parents were Eliza Hogg b 1859 Norwich and George Smith, dont know Georges birth date,  Eliza and Children were in 1881 Census but with a William Smith.   If any one can find the children above beyond 1891 would be appreciated.  Sue

Travelling People / Romany Connections - Smith
« on: Sunday 09 December 18 13:19 GMT (UK)  »
Hi,  I really need some help/pointers,  I have posted many times re William Smith b1892 who was my hubbies Grandfather, his Dad was George,  William disappeared from the marital home in 1933 and its said no one knew what happened to him or where he went.  we do not know where they came from.

From Hubbies matches it appears that he has Romany connections which we thought were on his Paternal Line but we have now found that he has smiths also on Maternal line. 

He has a strong DNA match of over 200 CM but just cannot find the connection.  I have however come across some matches with same smiths today,  some names Jasper Smith m Ann Heron, children Charles Smith b1804 d1804 Sophia b1805 and Wisdom 1817,  also a Sidnol Smith 1806 who married a Patience Buckland,   I want to try and work back to see where it leads and whether it leads to Hubbies Smith.  Any Tips or Help would be very much be appreciated.  Sue

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