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Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Berry family from Penistone
« on: Tuesday 27 February 18 01:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi and I am searching my 3rd great grandparents Charles Berry and his wife Sarah Moorhouse and their 6 children. Charles was a farmer and he had two farms, Kirkwood Farm and Castle Farm (but not sure if he actually owned the land) and in a 1868 Poll book Shepherd's Castle or Farm is mentioned as well as in the 1871 census. Charles was born about 1802 in Penistone but I have not being able to find any info on who were his parents. His wife Sarah was born about the same time as Charles but in Thurlstone and I did come across a baptism record for Sarah which reads " Sarah, daughter of William and Amelia Moorhouse - at Millhouse, township of Thurlstone, born 27 Nov 1803 and baptised 2/3/1804." Charles seems to have lived his whole life in Penistone and from what I can make out his children were more than likely born at one of his farms. Charles and Sarah were married at St John the Baptist, Penistone on 4/3/1832 and their first 2 children, Edward and David were both baptised on the 13/1/1833 (found the records on Find My Past) but they only have a birth date for Edward which was 10/7/1832; so I presume that Edward and David must be twins. Two of their other children, Joseph and Mary were twins, born 16/2/1834 and baptised 25/9/1834 and their other two children, Benjamin (b 1835) and Amelia (b 1839) appears that all their 6 children were baptised at St John the Baptist in Penistone - found the birth/and or info on FindMyPast. Does anyone know which site/s I can go onto for any info on baptisms at St John the Baptist in Penistone which will give me besides baptism dates their birth dates, especially to see if Edward and David were twins. Also any info regarding who may be Charles Berry's parents and/or birth/baptism records?
  Thanking in advance for any help on the Berry family from Penistone would be very appreciated.
    Cheers, Judy

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Sarah Moorhouse of Thurlstone
« on: Tuesday 23 May 17 02:59 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I am searching for any birth/baptism records of my g/g/g grandmother Sarah Moorhouse who was born about 1803/04 in Thurlstone.
I came across a birth and baptism record for Sarah and it shows that it took place at the Independent Netherfield Church, Thurlsone birth 27/11/1803 and baptism 2/3/1804. Parents were William and Amelia  and I wondered if that was her as one of Sarah's daughters was named Amelia. But Sarah's banns and marriage to Charles Berry took place at St John the Baptist, Penistone on 4/3/1832 and it reads she was from the same Parish. Sarah died on 17/11/1861at Kirkwood Farm and was buried on the 22/11/1861 1861 and her burial record is also St John the Baptist.
 Would anyone be able to help or know what religion was the Independent Netherfield Church and if someone was baptised there could they also be of the same Parish for St John the Baptist in Penistone? ( Sorry if question sounds dumb but I am not sure if of same Parish means they lived in that area or belonged to that church )
The 3  census records I have for Sarah show place of birth either Yorkshire, Penistone and Thurlstone. Charles Berry was a farmer and occupier and managed at one time two farms, "Castle Farm" and "Kirkwood Farm" and in his later years "Shepherd's Castle Farm" before his death in 1882. All farms were in the Penistone district.
 Thanking you kindly for any help.

Warwickshire / Was my great grandmother adopted?
« on: Tuesday 02 May 17 01:44 BST (UK)  »
I am starting to wonder if my great grandmother Frances Jane Ward was adopted.
I have a baptism record for Frances Jane which reads born 10 October 1849 and baptised 10 November 1850 at St Thomas, Birmingham. Her parents were William and Frances Ward.
William and Frances (nee Ware) were married on 3 October 1841 at St Martin, Birmingham. I have no other children for the couple that I can find records for. Also when William and Frances emigrated to NZ from Liverpool in 1856, they came out with just Frances Jane who was age 7 at the time.
When Frances Jane was 17 she married under the maiden name of Taylor and one of her children (my grandmother) was registered at birth as a Taylor and Frances Jane's name on the birth register was Frances Jane Taylor (no father info) but none of her other children were given the name Taylor. Frances Jane had 12 children - 3 from her marriage to John James Keefe and 9 from her de facto relationship with Charles DeMalmanche (my g/mother was from that relationship).
I was just curious to see where the Taylor name came from and did a search on Find My Past for a Frances Jane Taylor and found a birth record for that name which read - Frances Jane Taylor, born Aston, Warwickshire, 1849, birth quarter 4, Vol 16, Page 171. I then went onto GRO but I got no results, also searched with lesser information as well as under the surname Ward.
 William and Frances were married for eight years before Frances Jane was born and I do realize back in those days there were a lot of infant deaths but it is the fact why did she also use Taylor as her maiden name when she married, and also her father William Ward was a witness to the marriage, and on one of her childrens birth registrations.
 Does anyone know how I can go about finding out about adoptions for Birmingham or any other part of Warwickshire? The birth record I found on FindMyPast does not have any father or mother information.
 Thanks in advance for any help
    Kind Regards, Judy

Kent / John Walter and Elizabeth Walter
« on: Wednesday 19 April 17 04:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi, my husband's 2nd great grandparents were John Walter and Elizabeth (nee Walter) Walter. The only information I have of them is from their daughter Hannah Walter's marriage and death certificates which I have enclosed. Hannah Walter was born in Maidstone, Kent circa 1864 and she immigrated to NZ around 1874 (going by her death certificate on how long she lived in NZ, which states 76 years)). I have been unable to find any passenger lists for Hannah and her parents or Hannah coming out with someone else; and also any England census for a John and Elizabeth Walter and daughter Hannah in the Kent areas. Hannah married Erick Victor Lundqvist in Wellington, NZ in January, 1885.
I have no idea if Hannah came out to NZ with her parents or some other relations of hers as have been unable to find any records for her parents John and Elizabeth's deaths on the NZ site NZBDM.
 Any help would be very much appreciated.
 Thanks and cheers,

Pembrokeshire Lookup Requests / Mary Johns born in Pembroke, Wales
« on: Monday 10 April 17 04:00 BST (UK)  »
I have been searching for information for my great grandmother Mary Johns. I have her marriage and death certificates and the information I have from these two certs. are - born about 1846 in Pembroke, Wales; father William Johns occupation farmer/farm bailiff; mother Martha James; married Walter William Prime at St Mary of Lambeth, Surrey, London, on 27/8/1867 at age 21. A year later Mary and Walter immigrated to Christchurch, NZ.
I have a lot of Walter William Prime's family but nothing of Mary Johns.
I have been searching records in Wales for Mary and her parents and siblings and came across a census for 1851 for Mary age 5, father William (born about 1805 in Wiston, Pembrokeshire) and age 45 and his occupation farmer; Martha age 43 (born Puncheston, Wales) and siblings Thomas, Alfred, Anne and Margaret.
Have found no other census for Mary Johns and I also looked in the England census for her but couldn't find any that matched.
While searching for census for Mary's parents and have saved a 1841 and a 1861 census. In the 1841 census William and Martha are residing at Ambleston and William is age 36 and occ: Ag Lab, wife Martha is age 33 and their children - Elizabeth 10, Martha 6, John 5, William 4, Liza 2 and Anne 1. Their surname is John not Johns.
1861 census William and Martha are residing at Steynton and William is age 54 and occ: farmer, wife Martha is age 51 and sons Thomas 17 and Alfred 11. Their surname is also John.
That is about all I have - no death records for both William and Martha and there are so many William and Martha Johns/John I am not sure if I have the right family. The 3 census I saved all have Martha born in Puncheston but for William it is either born in Ruxbaxton, Wiston or Pembrokeshire.
Going by what I have for Mary Johns on both her marriage and death records, does anyone think maybe I have the correct parents and siblings for Mary?
Would also love to know where she lived when she got older and where was she when they did the 1861 census. Walter William Prime was living at 55 High St, Ware, England and was an apprentice butcher. I went through loads of pages from that census to see if I could see a Mary Johns but no.
 Thanking you and Regards,

My 3rd great grandparents Charles Berry, born about 1802 in Hall Green, Penistone and died Nov 1882 in Wortley, Yorks and Sarah Moorhouse, born about 1803 in Thurlstone and died 17 Nov 1861 at Kirkwood Farm, Penistone. They had six children - Edward, David, twins Joseph and Mary, Benjamin and Amelia and all born in Penistone; and Benjamin is the one I follow.
I have Charles and Sarah's marriage certificates and also census records for them and their children but it is their daughter Mary Berry that I am hoping someone may put me on the right track of where to look.
Mary was born on 16 Feb 1874 and died on 7 Sept 1874 at "Castle Farm", Penistone. Mary had three illegitimate children - Annie Amelia Berry b 1857-d 1880 in Wortley; James Berry born 1868 and Ada Berry born 1870. In 1871 Mary's three children were living at the family farm "Shepherd's Castle Farm" with their grandfather Charles Berry and their mother Mary Berry.
I have the 1861 and 1871 census for Annie Amelia as well as a baptism record (St John the Baptist, Penistone) and a death registration and for James and Ada just the 1871 census and their birth registrations. I am trying to find out what happened to them and where did they go when their mother died in Nov 1874 as James would have been about six and Ada about three. They are not with their grandfather Charles Berry who in the 1881 census was retired farmer and residing at Roughbirchwood, Oxspring and died the following year at Wortley.
Is there any links/sites or anything where I may be able to find out what happened to Mary's children? ( Annie Amelia Berry died at age 22 in 1880 at Wortley ).
  Thank you and Regards,

Scotland / Where is K N ?
« on: Monday 06 March 17 01:58 GMT (UK)  »
I am searching for the Murphy family that lived in Edinburgh in the 1800's and I have found a 1851 Scotland census that has place of birth as K N. I have no idea where K N is or means and so hoping someone can help.
  Cheers and Thanks

Lanarkshire / Elisabeth PEW
« on: Saturday 25 February 17 15:39 GMT (UK)  »
My g/g/grandmother Elisabeth Pew, born in Co Down, Ireland and the daughter of Robert Pew and Jane Hastie, had three daughters before her marriage to Michael Kennedy.I have some information like Scotland birth registrations and Scotland census but nothing else and I have always wondered what happened to her daughters before marrying Michael Kennedy.
 Daughter 1 - Elisabeth Pew, born 9/11/1856, New Monkland, mother Elisabeth Pew, father not recorded. In the 1861 census Elisabeth is known as Elisabeth Brown age 3 and living at 2284 West Side, Airdrie with her grandmother Jane Pew (age 41) and uncles Alexander Pew, James Pew, Henry Pew and Thomas Pew. (Her mother Elisabeth Pew is at the Robb family farm at Dryflat as a servant). The 1871 census she is known as Elisabeth Pew and living at 33 Bell St, Airdrie with her grandmother Jane Pew, mother Elisabeth Pew, half sister Janet Pew (9), and half brother James Kennedy (8 mths). Also residing there are her uncles Henry and Thomas Pew.
  Daughter 2 - Janet Pew, born 30/11/1861, New Monkland, mother Elisabeth Pew, father not recorded. Janet Pew is in the 1871 census as I mentioned above. I was told by a relation of mine who has done some researching on the Kennedy-Pew side that the Sheriff of Lanarkshire at Airdrie served a paternity suit on one Alexander Robb of Dryflat Farm - Elisabeth was working for the Robb family as a servant and it is in the 1861 census which I have. Janet Pew also appears in the 1881 census living at 35 Bell St, Airdrie with her grandmother Jane Pew and uncle Thomas Pew. Janet and is age 17 and works as a Pirn Winder.
 Daughter 3 - Mary Jane Pew, born 28/11/1861, New Monkland, mother Elisabeth Pew, father not recorded.
 I have a Scotland Select Marriages for Elisabeth and Michael Kennedy for 1/2/1869 at Airdrie but am baffled as to why Elisabeth uses her maiden name Pew in the 1871 census and not her married name. Also she is living with her mother and daughters Elisabeth and Janet and son James Kennedy who is 8 mths old. Michael Kennedy is not in the census and so far I have been unable to find his 1871 census. He was a coal miner.
 Am hoping someone may know more about the three daughters of Elisabeth than I already have.
  Kind Regards, Judy

Family History Beginners Board / UK Out-Going Passenger Lists - London to NZ
« on: Wednesday 10 February 16 09:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, am trying to find a site that has passenger listings for ships leaving the UK in the early 1900's. The family I am looking for is my husband's grand aunt and her five daughters. They were not emigrating and on their way to the UK they travelled first class and spent a few years in the UK before going back home to Christchurch, NZ. I have their passenger listing for their trip to the UK which took place in 1895 and from what I can work out they were in the UK for at least 5-7 years. Thanks in advance for any help.
 Cheers, Judy

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