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World War One / L/Cpl Alick Taylor RAMC
« on: Wednesday 21 July 21 09:46 BST (UK)  »
L/Cpl Alick Taylor, RAMC (301269)- my Great Uncle - died on 15 April 1918. The War Diary makes reference to him being wounded and evacuated, but I cannot find where. I am struggling to read it all, but I think it says

301269 a L/Cpl Taylor HC (?) gun shot wound back - wounded and evacuated. This was at Pradeele (??).

So, two questions, if anyone can help - does it say "HC" and if so what is that? And where is Pradeele, if that is what it says. (The entry above Alick's mentions some killed at Stralzeele, so I guess it's near there?)

Thanks for any help you can give.


World War One / Understanding an Australian service record
« on: Tuesday 06 July 21 10:01 BST (UK)  »
I am researching my Great Uncle, William Taylor, 4904 16th Battalion, AIF, and am trying to make sense of his service record. In particular, I'm trying to identify where he was killed - I see from the record and from the Battalion War Diary that he was involved in the attack on 26 September 1917 at Passchendaele, but I wondered if I could pin down more precisely where he was killed. In various places I have read "Hellfire Corner" and "Polygon Wood" so I'd like to understand if either of these is likely. (He was recorded as "wounded" on 26th and subsequently amended to "Killed in action" on the 28th. They did not find a body and he has no known grave.)

The Service Record has a final column which is quite cryptic and I wondered if that would help:

26/9/17     D9/29    VL489   D/056/5445

28/9/17    D9/43     VL517
                D/0      61/5982

I may be barking up the wrong tree, but any help in understanding the military hieroglyphics would be gratefully received.


The Common Room / Baptism Certificates
« on: Sunday 27 June 21 09:06 BST (UK)  »
Would it be possible in the 1840s for a baptism certificate of an illegitimate child to be amended to include the name of the father? The situation is one where the mother subsequently married the reputed father. Could the baptism certificate be amended to include his name if he acknowledged it?

I have heard that such a change would be possible (for a small fee) but I can't find anything that confirms this and I don't think I've seen any amended baptism certificates.

Grateful for any help.


Tipperary / Jane Sampson
« on: Saturday 29 May 21 18:37 BST (UK)  »
I had hoped to find a birth/baptism record for Jane Sampson, born around 1840 in Tipperary, to John Sampson and Margaret Heffernan. Ancestry has some information, but it does not get me very far. It says:
Volume:   3
Page:   688
FHL Film Number:   101055

I tried looking in the Irish genealogy site but it doesn't get me anywhere.

Can anyone help unravel the code from Ancestry or point me in a direction, please?



Tipperary /
« on: Saturday 29 May 21 14:43 BST (UK)  »
I'm searching for a birth record from Tipperary, but I cannot seem to access the Irish Genealogy website,  Does anyone else have a problem, or is it just my problem?


World War Two / Polish Army War Records
« on: Friday 21 May 21 07:31 BST (UK)  »
I am following up on a Polish Army war record - with the help of Google Translate. In one document there is reference to 'Jednostka ewid.' which I think is the army unit and that is 'O.Z.A.'

Can anyone help with what 'O.Z.A.' was, please? Obviously Google Translate isn't much help there!


World War One / Scout Sergeant
« on: Friday 16 April 21 07:35 BST (UK)  »
My Great Uncle David Denoon MM died in Germany in 1919 of 'Spanish' flu. He was serving with the 1/4 Gordon Highlanders, having been transferred from the 6/7 Gordons earlier in the year. In the Battalion War Diary, it records, for 4 June 1919 : "Military Funeral of No. 40914 A/Sergt. Denoon D. (from No. 11 Stationery Hospital), formerly Scout Sergt. Of the Battalion."

Could someone help me to understand what a Scout Sergeant was/did? Is it linked in any way to the fact that Davie joined up originally in the Lovat Scouts?

The Common Room / Pre-1855 certificates
« on: Tuesday 16 March 21 08:37 GMT (UK)  »
Before the 1855 statutory register, were people in England entitled to a copy of a marriage certificate (or birth/baptism certificate) for their own records?

If people had moved away from their parish of baptism, how was their age calculated at death without something like this? (And I recognise that the baptism is not the same as the birth and can happen sometimes many years after birth - we've just come across someone who was baptised 20 years after their birth [date noted in the margin] and just before their marriage.)

World War One / Bruce Huts
« on: Monday 15 March 21 10:56 GMT (UK)  »
Reading the War Diary for the 1/6th Gordon Highlanders, I found that, after Beaumont Hamel, in December 1916 they were in billets and 'BRUCE HUTS' (near Aveluy). Does anyone know what Bruce Huts were?

Grateful for any help with this.

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