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Good morning everyone
I dont suppose anyone has any information on when this photographer was working? I can find examples of their work online, but not much on dates the photos were taken.

Thankyou :)

Hello everyone
Im trying to identify who the young lady in this photograph might be, and thought that knowing a bit about the photographer and when their studio was operating might help in this regard.
The photograph was taken, as you can see, by a T.H Blackmore, of Hull, UK. By searching Google, i can find other examples of his photos for sale on Ebay, indicating that his studio was located in Paragon Arcade in the city centre, but ive also found dates raging from the early 1890s, into the 1920s, which whilst not impossible (my 2x great grandfather was himself a photographer in Hull from the 1880s through the WW1), i would like some clarification on if possible?


Hi everyone!
I dont suppose anyone could give me an estimated date (as best as possible) for the attached photos please. All from a family album from northern UK, and im trying to work out who could be in them.

Snowden was in business between 1879 and 1892, and WM Edmonds was a photographer from roughly 1888 to 1920.

Thanks guys <3

Good evening

I dont suppose anyone could help me date the attached photo? A bit of research online suggests that the photographers were J+J Bisset, who indeed worked out of Ballater and Aboyne in Scotland. I cant seem to find any exact dates for when they were in business though.

The photo is from a family album from northern England, though the people in the photo are unknown.


Hi everyone

I have recently been handed a stack of hundreds of unattributed old family photos that i am now on a mission to identify. I have narrowed down a few that i would like dated if possible, which i will try to attach.

A little background info: These photos were collected and kept by a distant relative of mine, who passed away in 1980, and passed them to his grandson who gave me copies of them (i do not have the originals).
These particular photos were taken by William Mortimer Edmonds, a photographer who operated in Hull, UK. He lived from 1859-1936, so i assume his business operated from the 1880s to roughly 1920ish, at a guess. We know he was open in the early 1890s. As you might expect, the card frontage changed over time, and i expect it got fancier as he became more established. The branding in the attached photos are some of the most fancy we have, so i suspect these are quite late in his career.
Now, the older lady in these photos has been identified as a Rose Brigham, who was the sister-in-law of Edmonds (Edmonds was my g-g-grandfather!). She married into the family in 1897 (at 22 years old). I have also run facial recognition tests on these, and the child in the hat has been identified (as best as possible) as her son, who was born in 1899. (it was her son who curated these photos and died in 1980)
I do have more photos with this card frontage (i will try to post in the comments), and one of the gentlemen in them has been identified as another of her brother-in-laws, who married into the family in 1905.
So at a guess, i would say these photos dated from the mid noughties? Would anyone agree or disagree with this? Can anyone see anything that would cast doubt on my analysis?

World War Two / Help to find WW2 records/info. Uniform ID.
« on: Sunday 21 May 17 21:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi there!

Me and my family are currently trying to find information on the WW2 involvement of my grandad. Sadly he passed away in 1986, a month before i was born, and long before we started doing family history so we have never been able to ask him, and surviving information on him is scarce.

A google search yields absolutely nothing. All we have are 4 photos of him in uniform (attached... one is dated 1942), as well as some information from my Grandma who is still with us today. Here is what we know...

Born in Hull, we know he served in Gibraltar as part of a bomb disposal unit. Further research has shown us this was probably the Royal Engineers.
Grandma told us a story of how his group exploded some ammunition, and accidentally discovered a network of natural caves. She said they were called St Michael's Caves, and there is a plaque there dedicated to them. We have looked into this, and it seems this part is quite true, and that a deeper level of St Michael's Caves was uncovered in 1942 by blasting by the Royal Engineers.

Thats basically as much as we know. If anyone can help us out by pointing us in a direction we can go, or helping to identify anything specific about his uniform, we would be greatly appreciative!

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