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The Common Room / Find My Past Search Button
« on: Sunday 06 September 20 13:01 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone finding that the Find My Past Search button at the top of the page does not show the arrow to the right of the Search button?

I also found that every time I pressed the Search button I kept being taken to the World page when I normally have it on the Britain page.

I see that there are two boxes that have Britain in one and alongside that All Categories with an arrow.  Has that always been there and I just haven't noticed?  ::)

Pic below of page

The Common Room / Electoral roll look-up please
« on: Wednesday 17 June 20 10:32 BST (UK)  »
Would someone be kind enough to check the electoral roll for the following please?

In 1911 I have an Isabel Dakin and a Herbert Watkins living at 61 Flood Street, Chelsea

Isabel dies in 1927 and I would like to see if she stays at the above address or disappears before 1927.  I would also like to know if Herbert Watkins is also at the address and for how long.

I suspect that Herbert is Isabel's illegitimate son although I don't have any way of proving that as there doesn't appear to be a birth registration for him.  Born c 1869 Herefordshire.

Thank you to anyone who can help  :D

The Common Room / Marriage details please?
« on: Tuesday 16 June 20 17:32 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone able to access the full details of the marriage below please?

SQ 1872 Kensington between John DAKIN and Isabel WATKINS

I am particularly interested in the name of Isabel's father.

Thank you very much to anyone who can help.   :D

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / And the name is?
« on: Sunday 31 May 20 09:38 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone work out what the name of the photographer is please?  This appears on two photos in my possession, one dated 1938 and the other 1939. 

The address on the back of one of them is for my grandmother when she was housekeeper at Bitton Vicarage, probably in the 1950s. 

Armed Forces / Forces War Records
« on: Saturday 30 May 20 17:08 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have a sub for the Forces War Records website please?  If so could they look up the details for:-

W M HALL, Rank is Captain, Record Year is 1951 and Unit is Educational and Training.

I am on the trail of a Winifred Mary HALL born 1914, died 1998 in Fort Worth, Texas.  She was the wife of a Reverend Albert JENKINS.  I am struggling to find any marriage record for her to Albert.  According to her obituary she was a nurse with the rank of Major attached to the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Nursing Service.

Albert was a vicar at Bitton Church and retired in 1965 and died in Fort Worth, Texas in 1973.  Seems to have resided there for about three years before his death.

My thanks to anyone who can help with the above.  :)

United States of America / Albert Jenkins
« on: Monday 25 May 20 20:30 BST (UK)  »
Not sure if anyone can help but I thought I would ask.

I am trying to find out when Albert JENKINS born 21st September 1908, arrived in the USA and also when he died there.

According to the Bitton Parish magazine (Gloucestershire UK), he retired in 1965 and appears to have died around 1974.  Quote below from part of it.

February 1974

The Rev Wood also reflects in his column on the sudden
death in America of the Rev Albert Jenkins, who was vicar of
Bitton from 1949 to 1965.

I'm guessing that Albert died around 1974 but I don't know where in the USA, that information is not stated.

I am assuming that Albert arrived in the USA between 1965 up to around 1974.  I don't really know where to look to see when he arrived and when he may have died.

Any help would be appreciated.  My grandmother was his housekeeper in the 1950s/60s.

Technical Help / NGT Lite - doesn't work - Help!
« on: Monday 20 April 20 08:19 BST (UK)  »
I wanted to use the NGT Lite that I have on my Windows computer.  However when I clicked on the icon a message came up as follows:-

Windows cannot find 'javaw'. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again.

No idea what javaw is!

What do I need to do to make it work please?  Hopefully as easy to follow instructions as I am not super savvy with computers.

Thank you very much.

The Stay Safe Board / Price hikes
« on: Sunday 22 March 20 08:25 GMT (UK)  »
My goodness me, have some people no shame.  I found a listing on ebay for 12 boxes of Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues.

Price being asked - 77.85 that is 9.34 per box.

Outrageous  :o  I reported the item but I have no doubt that there are many other items being sold at hugely inflated prices.

These sellers are of course taking advantage of the shortage of items due to others panic buying.

At least supermarkets can't do that as far as I am aware.

You may be interested in this article I found published on the 18th March.

The Common Room / Walter England, wife & son
« on: Monday 17 February 20 21:25 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone find a record of Walter England born 1866, wife Henrietta born 1868 and son Walter Frederick born 1890, travelling from the USA, probably New York, to the UK.  Around 1895.

I think Henrietta died on board the ship as I can find no death registered in the UK deaths.  Walter remarries in 1897.

I would like to see if Henrietta is mentioned on the passenger list from USA to UK.  Is there a separate list for actual arrivals to the UK?

I have no sub to Ancestry so can't check any possibilities on there.

Thank you.

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