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Technical Help / Google using/accessing camera?
« on: Tuesday 01 November 22 16:30 GMT (UK)  »
Every time I put my computer on in the morning, I get a message along the lines of Google has access to or is using your camera.

What does that mean  ???

I actually have the camera lens covered over with a small object so I doubt anything could be seen.

Because I am deaf I don't do zoom stuff or anything that requires a video link.  Perhaps I should find the bit on my computer that shuts off the camera?

Any advice/remarks etc will be appreciated.  Thank you.

Technical Help / Disappearing folder in Outlook
« on: Sunday 25 September 22 14:49 BST (UK)  »
For some reason a folder I had in Outlook has vanished.  Any suggestions as to how to get it back please?

As far as I am aware I didn't delete it by mistake.  I tried looking on Google but not getting anywhere.

Any help greatly appreciated.  In simple terms if possible, not a computer buff!  :)

Europe / Swedish artist Lars/Larz Friberg
« on: Sunday 24 April 22 18:55 BST (UK)  »
Trying a long shot here.

Back in 1960 my grandfather received a wooden jigsaw puzzle from the Billingsfors paper company.  It depicts a church and was painted by Lars Friberg in1956.

I did try to find information about this artist on the internet but got nowhere.  I have no idea whether Lars was someone who worked at Billingsfors or was a local artist commissioned to do the painting.

There was a series of these paintings probably done between say 1954 and 1970 at the latest.

I have no idea when Lars was born but assume he was Swedish.  Are there any relatives of this man who can tell me more about him and the paintings he did for the Billingsfors paper company?

Many thanks to anyone who can help.  :D

Technical Help / How you stop the "Like what you see?" in Windows 10 before Login
« on: Monday 07 February 22 16:04 GMT (UK)  »
When I put my computer on in the morning, before I get to the sign in bit, I get a series of photos appear.  You are informed as to what they are etc and you can indicate whether you like the photo or not.  99.9% of the time I press the Not a Fan button. I have assumed this is something that is provided by Microsoft.

I was hoping to find a way of stopping these photos from appearing.  It may be that this cannot be done but I thought I would ask the Rootschat community.

Hopefully someone can tell me, in simple terms, how to get rid of these photos before I log into Windows.  All help gratefully received.  Thank you.  :D

Moderator Comment: It's worth pointing out that Girl Guide is not seeing ads, but photographs before she logs in.

Technical Help / Ebay oddity
« on: Wednesday 13 October 21 12:05 BST (UK)  »
I seem to be having a problem with browsing items on ebay.  I'm browsing jigsaw puzzles and then when I click on an item for further information, it throws up another webpage.  I therefore have two ebay webpages, the search one and the further information on the item one.

I did contact ebay who were not able to assist me with curing the problem.  I had this problem before but I cannot remember how it was sorted.

Anyone have any ideas for curing this problem please?  Thank you.

The Common Room / Will problem
« on: Tuesday 21 September 21 16:55 BST (UK)  »
I ordered a will for an Isaac Newman

Last one on the page.  I received a message today saying they couldn't provide it as not enough information was given.

If you look at the image there is no folio number nor is there a date of probate.  What is the procedure for getting this will without the information that the GRO wills section require?  Who do I contact and bear in mind that I will need to write as I am deaf and cannot hear anything on the phone.

The will is available until the 21st October.

Thanks for any assistance.   :D

The Common Room / Where is he?? Herbert Scott
« on: Saturday 18 September 21 11:40 BST (UK)  »
I have been trying, with no success, to find the following person:-

Herbert Scott born 11th July 1907 at 110 Hambalt Road, Clapham in the Wandsworth district.  His parents were Sydney and Blanche Scott nee Knowling.

I can find his parents in the 1911 census but they are not together.  Sydney is with his mum in Devon and Blanche is living solo at 7 Paddington St., Marylebone.  Blanche indicates that she has one child born and still living.

I noted that there was another Herbert Scott born in the Southwark district, same quarter and year.  I'm pretty sure that this is the same Herbert who died and is registered in MQ 1908 Southwark. Buried on 30th March 1908 at Manor Park Cemetery, East Ham, Essex.

Whatever I try I cannot find my Herbert in the 1911 census.  I have to assume that for whatever reason he didn't get recorded on that census.

I cannot find Herbert in the 1939 using his date of birth.  He would have been old enough to serve in WW2 which may be why I can't find him.

His father died in 1919 and his mother remarried to a James Rugg in 1926.

Any ideas anyone on finding Herbert?  Thank you.  :D

Family History Beginners Board / Puzzling marriage record
« on: Tuesday 17 August 21 16:02 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have any idea as to what may be going on here?

There is a marriage in the JQ 1949 Weston 7c 835 on freebmd.

Clicking on 835 shows three names these being Frank Brooks, Bessie F. Shrives and Mary E. Shrives. The other couple match up, no stray names attached to them.

Find My Past has Frank Brooks joined up with Bessie F Shrives only.  No mention of Mary.

Checking the original typed copy just shows Shrives as the other half of the marriage.  If you check the typed copy for Shrives you get Bessie F and Mary E with the other half being Brooks and same district, volume and page number.

At the moment I don't wish to go to the extent of buying the marriage certificate as I am doing a little research for a friend of mine.

I can find a likely birth for a Bessie Florence Shrives in DQ 1904 Paddington.  A possible for Mary is one in 1900 as Mary Elizabeth Shrives in Bolton.

Suggestions welcome.  I'm not sure if this marriage would be visible in its entirety online.

United States of America / Ann Stephens - child actress
« on: Monday 07 June 21 20:02 BST (UK)  »
Ann Stephens has been an ongoing mystery for many years.  Can anyone in the US help with any possible marriage/death, or any other useful information for her please? 

Ann Gillian Stephens was born in England on 21st May 1931 to parents Lucian and Kathleen Stephens nee Blake.

The last positive piece of information is that Ann went to the US in 1959.  The travel manifest says that the Parthia left Liverpool on 11th April 1959 bound for New York.  Ann's address at the time of leaving the UK was 8 Chepstow Man.(Mansions), Bayswater, London W2.  Her occupation was given as Air Hostess.  It is thought that she worked for Pan Am Airlines.

Ann may have lived in Los Angeles at some point as her younger sister married there in 1967.  Not been able to locate an image for this marriage which was found on Family Search.  It is thought that this sister (born 1934) is still alive as there does not appear to be any death registered for her in the UK.  The sister was last known to be living in the county of Devon, UK.

Ann's mother died in 1995 and her last will dated 1984 does not mention Ann at all, so the assumption is that Ann was dead by then.

There is a thread for this and I give the link below.

The topic was originally started in 2011, resurrected in 2014 and again in March 2021.

If anyone can find any information on Ann after 1959 that would be great.

Thank you to anyone who can assist.  :D

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