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Sussex / Heathfield Marriage info.
« on: Tuesday 09 June 20 11:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

Does anyone have access to the 'actual' marriage register for Thomas WEEKS and Hannah AKEHURST, 21 Apr 1822 at Heathfield?!  I'm wondering if it states anything about their ages, etc.

Looking at censuses they seem quite young to be married!!!  The 1841 has them aged 35 and 30, and the 1851 has Thomas aged 38 so born c1811...

As usual, online tree's have made up all kinds of ridiculous stories.

It seems their last child was born in 1842,  mmn AKEHURST.  No baptism that I could find.

Many thanks,


Wiltshire / Salisbury burial - BURROUGH
« on: Saturday 02 May 20 03:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

I'm looking for some assistance with the burial of my x4 gr grandmother Elizabeth BURROUGH.  Granny died 14 Jan 1885 at the Bricket's Alms house in Exeter St, Salisbury aged 75.

In finding her burial I hope to find the burial of her husband Thomas BURROUGH.  I THINK Thomas died in Salisbury in 1858 but I'm not sure.  I cant locate Thomas (a blacksmith) on the 1858 census, he isn't in the same household as Elizabeth and family, and she states she is married.  The 1861 states she is a widow.

Any idea's...


Suffolk / Palgrave Independant Chapel - GARRARD.
« on: Tuesday 28 April 20 05:19 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

I've started on a part of the family in the 'too hard basket' and ended up with the GARRARD (also seen as GARWOOD / GARROD, etc) family.

It seems part of the family worshipped here, baptising their children and burying their family from the 1700's.  In 1822 the Chapel was demolished and the congregation removed to Diss, Norfolk and the old ground continued to be used as the burial ground.

Does anyone know any more on the type of religion practised there?!

Cheers in ISO


Australia / Initials after a signature?!
« on: Saturday 21 March 20 00:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi team

I've got a Victorian MC from 1911.  The groom's signature looks like its reads F.E.E. or F.C.E. after it.  His occupation reads as carpenter.

I think I have seen a thread about this before but I cant locate it.



Europe / marriage in Silesia... Johann Georg HOEPPNER and Rosina FROEHLICH
« on: Tuesday 22 October 19 08:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi team

I’m looking for a marriage for these two, hopefully it will state parents names.

He was born c1782 and she was born c1793.  Two issue, Christian in 1817 and Anna Rosina in 1827.

Their immigration list to South Australia in 1841 per Skjold states they resided in Prittag, Silesia (now Przytok, Poland).

Also on the same ship was a Johann Daniel HOEPPNER, 33 and family from Sawade (now Zawada, Poland).  Seems Prittag and Sawade were only a short distance away and I’m wondering if they were related.

Many thanks


Hi team

I’m in need of some assistance with Russian and Polish docs from 1840’s please.

Page 316 and 319 of FS.

Page 21 of FS, Entry 11.

I wanted to cut and paste the docs but couldn’t get them small enough.

Hope someone can help.

Many thanks


PS -  this is the OP.

Europe / Prussian locales... but what are they called today?!
« on: Saturday 31 August 19 02:08 BST (UK)  »
Hi team

I'm looking for the contemporary names for the Prussian locations of

Plischanow, and


They were know as Prussian in at least the year 1800 by Lutheran German speaking people.

Many thanks, Bitzar.

Australia / Brisbane mystery!
« on: Friday 16 August 19 11:09 BST (UK)  »

I think there are actually a few mysteries...

First I have little Charles Owen MARTIN, son of Henry MARTIN and Mary HALE.  Charles was born at Goodna, Queensland 17 Jul 1877.  According to his death notice he died due to 'congestion of the brain' at the residence of Mrs Robinson, Lilley St, Brisbane.

I don't know who Mrs Robinson is.  Could of the family been staying with her if the child was ill and visiting a doctor in Brisbane from Goodna.  Maybe they had known Mrs Robinson previously.  Henry and Mary had arrived from England in 1864 and had lived in Brisbane until about 1874.

I can't find a Robinson and Lilley St mix on Trove except for the death notice.

Little Charles is buried at Toowong Cemetery Brisbane.  He is in a 9x9 plot with the RILATT/RYLATT family.  I also don't know who they are.  He is the 2/10 buried.  This is Portion 13, Section 33, Grave 12... So 13, 33, 12.  The Section immediately behind 33 is 38 and by coincidence in 13, 38, 12 is a Robinson family which makes me wonder if a mistake has occurred somewhere.  I think it is Dawson and Mary ROBINSON but I can't see them being at Lilley St on Trove.

The 1903 electoral roll has Henry and Mary MARTIN in Nobb's Rd Redbank Plains.  I can't seem to find a Nobb's Rd in modern times.  Henry is noted as a Warder, even though he would of been about 73.  Do you think he could of worked at Goodna Asylum?!

Interested in your thoughts.


Kent / Yemmerrawanne.
« on: Monday 22 July 19 11:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi team

I’m just reading about Bennelong and Yemmerrawanne, two Australian Aboriginals who went to to England with Governor Arthur Philip in 1792. 

Yemmerrawanne died at Eltham on 18 May 1794 and was buried in the local churchyard.  There is a headstone but there are many stories about the headstone being moved and his remains removed to bury white people.

I’m just wondering if anyone might know anymore?!?!

As I’m ageing I’m starting to feel so much grief for Australia’s indigenous people, especially in the early years of colonisation. 

So so wrong...


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