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Waterford / Baptism - Bridget McMahon
« on: Friday 25 November 05 20:39 GMT (UK)  »
This will be a long shot, but hey!
I am looking for a Bridget McMahon, born circa 1843, with parents Francis McMahon and Mary Foley. All I know is that in a later census she lists where she was born as Waterford.

Can anyone help me or please guide me in the right direction. The aim is to try and trace the parents marriage and whereabouts.

Please, please help!

Essex Completed Lookup Requests / 1861 Census - Maldon
« on: Tuesday 22 November 05 14:15 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to trace 2 families that moved from Maldon to Hartlepool and then married into each other.

The first is a family of Wager's, primarily Hezekiah, born in 1841 in Tolleshunt Major (which is where they are listed in 1851). His father is Issak Wager.

The second is for Ruth Playle born in Heybridge, Maldon (listed there in 1851) around 1844. Her father is William Playle.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Armed Forces / Howarth Butterworth - manchester and South lancs
« on: Tuesday 22 November 05 02:12 GMT (UK)  »
I have 5 medals belonging to a Howarth Butterworth (my gt-gt grandfather), but the 2 from the Boer War bear a different service number than that of the 3 for WW1. I have a copy of the WW1 medal roll. But nothing about the Boer war Howarth. He was born in 1868, is this likely to be the same person? he was a private in both wars!
In the Boer War the medals say 705 Pte H  Butterworth M/c Regt
On the WW1 medals, 3531 Pte H Butterworth S Lan Regt.

Also I am not sure one of the medals is correct as he has 2 bars on the edward medal 1901 and 1900????

Please help

Lancashire Lookup Requests / 1871 Census Lookup - Manchester...please
« on: Tuesday 22 November 05 00:47 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to trace a family of McMahon's, in particluar the father and son. they may be living at seperate addresses by now. Henry McMahon was born Francis Henry McMahon in 1851 in Manchester and was (Ibeleive) an umbrella frame maker all his life.
His father Francis was 34 in the 1851 census and a cotton weaver born in Ireland, he was married to Mary.
Both were in the St George area of Manchester. In fact Henry married there 4 years later stating Cross Irk Street as his address.
Please help

Lancashire Lookup Requests / 1851 census Lookup - Manchester
« on: Monday 21 November 05 23:04 GMT (UK)  »
Please help!
I am looking for a family of McMahon's living in the St George area of manchester possibly 17 Church Court. My Gt-gt-gt grandfather was born in Jan of that year and his parents are Francis and Mary McMahon, I think they were possibly born in Ireland.....problems ahead!

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