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Kent / John Smith, Surgeon, Aylesford, Kent. Died 23 March 1820.
« on: Tuesday 15 September 20 08:35 BST (UK)  »
Where might I find more information regarding John Smith, Surgeon, beyond his Will and below (**) which I found at:

Some issues that are attracting my attention.

Was his wife Elizabeth Hooper? (= Ditton, Kent, 8 September 1784)
As far as I can tell the 2 daughters mentioned below, were the only children. Of interest is the 12-year gap between their birth years.
Who is Smith’s partner at Aylesford - a Mr Wickham?
Am I on the correct path to think about the connection: Surgeon / Royal Navy?

My principal interest is the family of his daughter Harriet Elgar.  Though, daughter Jane’s husband - John Wheeler, is an interesting fellow.

Thanks for your time.

114.   Headstone
WHO DIED MARCH 23rd 1820
John Smith, died 1820, Surgeon of Aylesford. His P.C.C.C Will is dated 15th March 1820
All his estate to wife Elizabeth, including debts owing to practise, for her lifetime. After his wife's death shared equally between his daughters, Harriet Elgar and Jane Smith.
Also the sum Mr Wickham is to pay into the business at the expiration of the term of 4 years from the commencement of their partnership.
Witnesses: George Groombridge, Edward Poss and Thomas Lake. Proved 2nd October 1820

Where might I find information regarding the folk who lived in Landport Terrace, Portsea Island, Hampshire, during the 1830s?

My interest is the Widow Harriet ELGAR and her family.

I would like to determine when the family arrived at Landport Terrace and something of their lives in the community.

Harriet Elgar and her daughters: Hannah Elgar (baptised 1815), Harriet Smith Elgar (1817) and Margaret Frances Elgar (1818), can be found in the 1841 England Census living in Landport Terrace, [Citation details: Class: HO107; Piece: 414; Book: 2; Civil Parish: Portsea Town; County: Hampshire; Enumeration District: 5; Folio: 26; Page: 5; Line: 13; GSU roll: 288811]

During 1830, Widow Elgar left her residence 17 Castle-street, Holborn, London.  While no evidence has yet been found, we believe it likely her children were with her at Holborn.

Additionally, there is a son Henry Elgar (1816), who may have been with the family in 1830 and moved to Portsea.  At the date of the 1841 England Census, Henry Elgar was in Sydney, Australia.

Thank you for your time.

London and Middlesex / William ELGAR in Castle Street Holborn in the 1820s
« on: Tuesday 08 September 20 08:07 BST (UK)  »
Where might I find information regarding folk who lived in Castle-street, Holborn, London during the 1820s?

My interest is William ELGAR.

From Ancestry (London, England, City Directories, 1736-1943), the only entry I find has Elgar William, Coal-merch't. at 1825 living at 17 Castle-street, Holborn. 

At his death 12 July 1827, in Thames-street London, Elgar was recorded as living in Castle-street.

Also, can I determine if his wife and 4 children were living with him during his time in Castle-street?

Thank you for your time.

Kent / The early life of Henry Elgar, baptised 1816, Maidstone, Kent
« on: Sunday 30 August 20 06:39 BST (UK)  »
My interest is the early life of Henry Elgar, of Maidstone, Kent.
Henry Elgar was baptised in Maidstone, Kent, England, on 17 April 1816.  He died at sea off Macau, on 19 August 1852. 
Details of Henry’s life, to varying levels, are known from c1836, till his death.  The first 20 years of his life is a gap, which we are trying to fill in.
Henry’s parents were father William Elgar (c1772-1827), mother Harriet Smith (c1786-1845).  They married 5 June 1814, in Aylesford, Kent.  Henry was one of four children from the marriage.  His three sisters were: Hannah, Harriet Smith and Margaret Frances.
Father William’s occupation is variously listed as Grocer and Banker in Maidstone, and Coal Merchant in London, at the time of his death.  Henry’s grandfather, also William, had been a Grocer and Banker in Maidstone as well the owner of the Chafford Paper Mill, for a few years.
It’s clear Henry went to sea. He was in China in 1836, and likely in Australia prior.  He returned to Australia in late 1840, via Manila, Philippines.  Comments Henry made at the Supreme Court in Sydney, in October 1840, suggest an extended relationship with the sea.
Leaving Australia early in 1842, he returned to Manila, via Wellington, New Zealand.  There’s no evidence he left Manila during the remainder of the 1840s.  Henry returned to China c1851 (Hong Kong and Macau).  He died on a journey from Whampoa, Canton, to Macau, on 19 August 1852. 
It will be appreciated if anyone can point me toward material that will expand our knowledge of Henry’s early years in Kent, particularly what drew him to go to sea.  Also, confirm our understanding of his extended family.

Thank you for your time.  Bob

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