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Hello all

William is a bit grainy. Is there any chance you wonderful guys could clean him up?


Durham / Thomas Edward Gibson
« on: Wednesday 15 October 14 12:06 BST (UK)  »
Hi All

I really need some help with a brick wall.

My ggrandfather Thomas Edward Gibson married Mary Catherine McCarthy 18 Mar 1885 in Liverpool. On the marriage certificate he was 21, a seaman and his father was Edward (deceased).

Thomas Gibson 25, born Sunderland, merchant seaman, sailed from Liverpool on 12/7/1889 on the ship Aurania. Arrived back on 4/8/1889. Pay £4 per month and £1 allotment. Pay on discharge £4/3s/10d. Previous ship Australian from London.

His daughter Margaret was born 27 Nov 1890 and on the birth certificate her father was a seaman. In 1891 census he wasn't with the family as he was probably at sea.

This is where the fun starts.

In 1901 he is with the family and a railway worker. He is 38 and gives his place of birth as New Zealand!

In 1911 his place of birth is Sunderland but has also entered that he is an American citizen!

Whether he had a sense of humour with census forms or somebody else completed it I don't know. He may even have taken out American citizenship on one of his sailings to America.

Based on a birth of c1863 there are these entries but there is no link apart from approximate year of birth:

1871 census

Sunderland Union Workhouse, Bishop Wearmouth

Thomas Gibson          8   Schoolboy   Sunderland, Durham

1881 census
Bishop Wearmouth

Margaret Littlefair
1881 census

Bishop Wearmouth

Margaret Littlefair     Wid.   60      Sunderland, Durham
Thomas Gibson             nephew  18   Joiner      Sunderland, Durham

There is also:

Thomas Mansfield Gibson b 23/1/1863 Bishop Wearmouth, Father Edward, Mother Mary.

There isn't any Thomas Mansfield Gibson on censuses, marriage or death record that I can find, or any Thomas Edward Gibson in the Durham area.

A possibility is:

1851 census

4 Crow St, Bishop Wearmouth

Thomas Littlefair      49   Blacksmith   Auckland Durham
Margaret         47         Durham
George         12         Chester-Le-Street, Durham
John            8         Chester-Le-Street, Durham
Jane Ann         4         Sunderland, Durham
Edward Gibson son-in-law     26   Seaman      Newcastle, Northumberland
Mary            25         Durham
Elizabeth         6mo         Sunderland, Durham

This Edward's seaman's records have him at sea nearly all the time so he missed being on censuses. The family addresses tie up with his seaman's records.

1861 census

53, Dock Street, Monks Wearmouth, Sunderland

Mary Gibson      36   Mariners wife   Monks Wearmouth, Durham
Alexander         12         Monks Wearmouth, Durham
George         9         Monks Wearmouth, Durham
Ann            6         Monks Wearmouth, Durham
Mary            9mo         Monks Wearmouth, Durham

1871 census         

30, Dock Street, Monks Wearmouth, Sunderland

Mary Gibson      45   Master Marinerís wife   Sunderland
Ann            16         Sunderland

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Isaac Scott and family
« on: Friday 29 August 14 16:34 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help please?

Isaac's photo is all grainy, it has suffered with age just like me.

Please can you do your magic?


Renfrewshire / James McKellar look up please
« on: Monday 19 November 12 11:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

If there is somebody out there who could look at the microfiches for me I would much appreciate it. The info I want is not on Scotland's People or IGI and I live in the south of England.

I have the marriage entry for James McKellar (boatman of Gourock)and Isabella/Isobel Gillies on 25 Jan 1813, but no birth records from 1813 to 1820. The parish records I do have are:

William, lawful son of James McKellar mariner in Gourock and Isabella Gillies his spouse, born 3rd June 1821 at Inverkip, baptised 22nd June.
Peter, lawful son of James McKellar seaman of Gourock and Isabel Gillies his spouse, was born 28th April 1823 at Inverkip and baptised 22nd May.
Margaret, daughter of James McKellar, Master of steamboat Hercules, and Isabella Gillies, born 19th June 1825 at Greenock Old or West, baptised 10th July.
Janet, daughter to James McKellar Shipmaster, and Isabella Gillies born 21st March 1827 at Greenock Old or West, baptised 15th April.

On 4/2/1838 †Isabella, second daughter of Captain James McKellar of the steamer Samson was married to Duncan Clark Jnr, butcher (newspaper). Possible daughter probably born in the 1813-1820 gap.

Captain James McKellar had a son James who was also a Steamboat Master(tugs). His seaman's record has him born at Gourock on 24 June 1817.
He married Isabella Shearer on 9/ Apr 1839 at Greenock and was described as Pilot. He married a second time to Isaaca Robert on 19/1/1848 at Greenock. This marriage entry reads: ĎJames McKellar shipmaster, son of James McKellar steamboat Master Greenock, and Isaaca Robert daughter of Thomas Robert, marinerí

James McKellar, tugboatman, died on 3/7/1876 at Gourock Infirmary of apoplexy aged 59.

In 1851 James, Steamboat Master, was at 43, Hamilton Street, Greenock with Isaaca, daughter Helen and his father, also James aged 57 Master of a lighter.

I am missing the births from 1813 to 1820, especially James, and the birth of James' daughter Helen or Ellen born c.1840 Greenock.

1794 James was on the 1851 census as having been born in Kilmarn (Kilmun?) Argyllshire. There was a birth 7/7/1794 in Greenock and 15/11/1795 in Glassary. I don't have a seaman's record for Captain James McKellar (1794) as Masters examinations came in after 1850 and he was probably approaching 60 and close to retirement then.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Best regards


Renfrewshire / James McKellar
« on: Sunday 07 October 12 16:13 BST (UK)  »
Can anybody help me with my ggggrandfather?

   James McKellar was born on the twenty fourth of June 1817 in the town of Gourock on the River Clyde. He married Isabella Shearer on 9/4/1839 at Greenock Middle Church, Renfrewshire. His seafaring career began in 1929. Apart from one, all of his ships were paddle steam tugs, although there was some accommodation for passengers/cargo on some of them. He first served on the James McInroy for thirty seven months. This was followed by the Samson in 1831 which was the first steam tug in Europe. Then followed by the Hercules in 1833, Agnes, a brigantine, and back on the Samson in 1835. He then returned to the Hercules for seven years.
   By now he was quite experienced and so from 1845 he was Master on board, starting with the Champion then Defiance and Jenny Lind. Four years on the Helen Faucit and Helen McGregor takes us to 1853 when he took charge of the Robert Bruce. This was quite a large vessel and although competent, James had not taken his Masters examinations. He did apply however on 12th August 1857, and passed on 17th August. Address at the time was 14, Hamilton Street, Greenock. The 1871 census has James as master on tugs Eliza and Rover at Greenock.
James died on 3/7/1876 at Gourock Infirmary of apoplexy aged 59.
   In 1851 James was at 43, Hamilton Street, Greenock with Isabella, daughter Helen and possibly his father, also James aged 57. The census transcript has this James born Kilmarn (Kilmun?) in Argyllshire, but the quality is poor. Unfortunately I canít find the 1817 birth record for James. James (1794) married Isobel(Isabella) Gillies on 25th January 1813 and on the marriage entry James is described as a boatman in Gourock. With Gillies being in granddaughter Annabellaís middle name and 1794 James at the same address as James 1817, I would assume that he is the father. James 1817 seamanís record says he was born in Gourock, living in Hamilton Street, Greenock.
James senior was a paddle boat steamer Captain from Glasgow/Greenock to Ireland and Liverpool. There were at least a dozen Captain McKellers on the Clyde then.
William McKellar b. 3/6/1821, bap. 22/6/1821 Inverkip, Renfrew, parents James McKellar and Isabella Gillies.
Peter McKellar b.28/4/1823 bap. 2/5/1823 Inverkip, parents James McKellar and Isabella Gillies.
Margaret McKellar b. 19/6/1825 bap. 10/7/1825. Greenock, parents James McKellar and Isabella Gillies.
Janet McKellar b. 21/3/1827 bap. 15/4/1827 Greenock, parents James McKellar and Isabella Gillies.
Likely to be other births for James and Isabella between marriage in 1813 and 1820.

I can't find the birth records of either James senior or junior or the death record of James senior and I need them to move on. I have a death entry for a James McKellar of 13/5/1878 in Gourock but it's not my James. This one was married to Jane Anderson in Gasgow in 1839.

Any help would be much appreciated



Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Bella
« on: Wednesday 01 August 12 16:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi All

My ggrandmother Bella has a broken nose in one photo and a bit faded in another.

Any chance you wonderful guys could work your magic. Be much appreciated

All the best


Glamorganshire / Rachel Edwards
« on: Wednesday 21 December 11 00:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Can anyone help out?

I'm trying to get information on Rachel Edwards. She married Samuel Jones at St. Mary's, Swansea on 7/3/1815. I have a copy of the marriage entry but it does not give her age or names of parents. The only candidates I can see on Family Search are:

Rachael Edwards born 12/2/1792 Llangibby Mon. Parents Owen and Sarah
Rachel Edwards born 29/4/1781 Llantrissant, Mon. Parents Walter and Rachel
(May mean nothing but they did name one of their children Walter)

Her husband Samuel was a marine in the Royal Navy which he left on 4/3/1816.
1815: Swansea. Mareen (Marine) on marriage entry.

Nominated to the Coastguard service on 25/1/1821 from Uphill, Somerset with first posting to Tenby CG station. Nomination Book of 1821 has him taking examination in Swansea.

They had a child Charles baptised in Tenby on 15/3/1822.

Thereafter they moved about and settled in Ireland.
31/12/1822 Transferred Tenby to Minnard Head, Ireland.
19/8/1825 Joined Revenue Cruiser Kite at Portsmouth.
17/10/1825 Transferred Minnard Head to Osmington Mills, Weymouth.
16/9/1826 Transferred Osmington Mills to Ballymacotton, Ireland.

They had a child George at Weymouth in 1926 and on his baptismal record her name is spelt Rachael. On the marriage entry it is Rachel. Samuel was a sailor on George's baptismal record.

As they married in Swansea and Samuel went from Somerset to Swansea for his examination it may be that Rachel was from around there though I can't be sure, but it's highly likely she was Welsh.

I am hoping to get a record of her death in Queenstown which may give a clue to her birth year, but pre 1864 records were lost in the troubles.

Unfortunately I have no info on their whereabouts from 1816 to 1821.

Any help would be much appreciated, and a Merry Christmas to all my readers.



Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Great Uncle Herbie
« on: Wednesday 16 March 11 16:01 GMT (UK)  »
You guys did a magic job on a previous photo, can I be cheeky and ask you to do another one?
Great uncle Herbie has creases and marks. Can you do anythink? I'd be most grateful.

All the best


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Annabella
« on: Sunday 13 March 11 19:52 GMT (UK)  »
Please could you do something for Annabella and her family? Obviously the photo has seen a bit of wear over the years but it's the only one I have of my gg and ggggrandmothers.

Best Regards

Jim Mc

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