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Armed Forces / Tracing Royal Navy Seaman 1830s/40s
« on: Thursday 07 October 21 08:53 BST (UK)  »

I am looking for any information on a Henry Pulling, who was serving in the Royal Navy in the 1830's/1840's.

I believe he may have died by 1845 when his wife remarried.He was baptised in Portsea in 1808, and married in 1837, to Emily Westcott.

Here is the tricky bit, he may for some reason be listed at George Henry Pulling too, the records he seems to be mentioned in are the British Royal Navy Allotment Declarations 1795-1852, and was possible on the shore base of HMS Excellent.

I cant seem to find any reference to a death on the GRO.

Thanks in advance.

Armed Forces / Royal Navy Seaman 1830s/40s
« on: Wednesday 06 October 21 21:49 BST (UK)  »

I am looking for any information on a Henry Pulling, who was serving in the Royal Navy in the 1830's/1840's.

I believe he may have died by 1845 when his wife remarried.

He was born in Portsea in 1808, and married in 1837, to Emily Westcott.

He may for some reason be listed at George Henry Pulling too.

The records he seems to be mentioned in are the British Royal Navy Allotment Declarations 1795-1852.

Thanks in advance.

Just noticed I may have posted in the wrong forum, apologies. Re posted in Armed forces.


My Great x 2 Grandad had a younger brother called Joseph Wilkinson, who was born in 1842 in Fosdyke, Lincolnshire or later listed as Spalding, Lincolnshire.

It appears Joseph married a Hannah Mary Rowe in 1865 in Sunderland.

I found Joseph and his wife Hannah Mary and daughter Sarah on the 1881 census in Dawdon, and it looks like Sarah was then married in 1888 to a Francis Lowrie, there is a marriage bond on the familysearch website, and a marriage record on the GRO.

It appears then that Sarah dies in 1890, on her death registration entry on FreeBMD she is listed as Sarah Wade Lowrie.

I found a grave at St. John the Evangelist Churchyard, in Easington and there is a Sarah Wilkinson just about visible on the headstone, the other other two name are Thomas Rowe and Elizabeth Rowe.

I was just wondering if this could be Sarah's Grandparents, and could that mean she was listed on the headstone in her maiden name.?

Any help or thoughts are much appreciated.

Joseph appears if I am correct, to be be a Publican in 1891, at sea in 1901 down in Weymouth, and a Dock Pilot in Seaham on the 1911 census.


Following on from my previous post, I have another query which I have drawn a blank with.

I am trying to find the date of birth of my ancestor Ann Elizabeth Walker, she died in 1894, as Ann Mcartney in Halifax, her age was listed as 58, so giving a date of birth of 1836.

Ann or Annie was first married in 1852, to John STOCKS and listed her age as 21, so a date of birth of 1831.

Her second marriage was in 1879, to Henry Mcartney and her age was listed as 40, so a date of birth of 1839. on the 1881 census, she is list as 41, so a date of birth of 1841.

Her father is listed as being called William Walker, and was listed a deceased by 1879, and his occupation was given as Cloth Drawer in 1852, and later as Cloth Finisher.

I have not been able to find her on the 1851 or 1841 census, as yet, which would help.


I am trying to trace the birth of Ann Taylor age 14, who was at 12, Launceston Street, in Halifax,  on the 1871 census, she was supposedly born in London in 1856/57.

My hope was to find her on the 1881 census, and also to find who's niece she was, either John Stocks or Ann Stocks nee Walker, who she was staying with.

I have checked the GRO birth index, but no joy so far.

So just wondering if anyone can help me at all.

Kind regards,


United States of America / George Alfred Stocks died New Hampshire 1893
« on: Wednesday 08 April 20 15:05 BST (UK)  »

I have a missing Great x 2 Grandad, George Stocks, born August 1856, in Halifax, West Yorks.

Whilst searching on Ancestry I found the details of a George Alfred Stocks, who died in Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire in 1893, and is listed as being married to my Great x 2 Grandmother.

I know my Great x 2 Grandad, goes missing after 1884, so in theory it could be him, and the person who researched the tree, knew of the connection, or emmigration perhaps, and I just not have uncovered this information yet, but it also links this George to Lincolnshire, and I believe my George had no links there.

According to familysearch, George Alfred Stocks father on the death certificate is listed as John Anderson, but this might be an informant perhaps, but it lists his birth as Conn,so Connecticut perhaps, which if true, rules it out being my George.

I would be happier if I could find George Alfred Stocks on an 1891 census in New Hampshire to confirm where here was born.

Does anyone have any thoughts please?


On the 1871 census, there is a George Appleford, (who I believe might be my Great x 2 Grandad William Appleford) in Winchester in an Army Barracks, he has birthplace of Winchester, but there seems to be no such person and on searching findmypast under Army records, I found George but with an address in Bishops Sutton, who again, I simply cannot find on any census or GRO birth record.

My Great x  2 Grandad William Appleford was from Bishops Sutton, and was born at the same time and I think it might be him. As previously posted on rootsweb, he is missing from the 1871 and 1881 census, and he was supposedly in the Army.

There was a previous rootsweb post about something similar with the same regiment, 4th Battalion, 60th Rifles, with someone listed by their middle name.

Could someone check the details of George to see if they might possibly match those of William.

Thanks in advance.


I am looking for advice on a lady variously called Kate Barton/Manktelow/Wilkinson? and Taylor please.

She is is listed correctly on the 1901 census, and this matched information from her late husband,but on the 1911 census she is listed as Wilkinson along with her children, but I cant seem to find a marriage to a Mr Wilkinson, but she seems still to be listed as a Mrs Wilkinson on the Street directory in the 1912/13 period.

My interest is through a Great x2 Uncle of mine, who died in 1910, and on his burial, Defender Road is mentioned,but this is not on his death certificate, as a coroner was the informant.

Is it possible she became my Great x 2 Uncles common law wife, and took his name, but the researcher omitted this in the information regarding Henry Manktelow, I am not sure.

Thoughts and opinions please.


I am looking for the whereabouts of my Great X 2 Grandad William Appleford.

I know he was born in 1851, and was on the 1861 census in Bishops Sutton, then he appears to be missing from the 1871 and 1881 census.

He appears to back in Bishops Sutton in 1883 as he marries in the Alresford district, and my Great x 1 Grandmother is born in 1884 in Bishops Sutton. His occupation is listed as a Platelayer.

William dies suddenly in 1886, and there was an inquest, and his wife states he was in the previously in the Army, and I did post before and but there seemed to be no trace of this, but on the 1881 census two of his brothers are listed in the British Militia, so I am just wondering is he possibly mistranscribed, or maybe listed with his initials WA, if he may have been in the Army, and in a Barracks at the time or is there some other explanation.

I would like to fill in the missing years if possible, and hope somebody maybe able to help.

Thanks in advance.


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