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Family History Beginners Board / Phoebe Aston - Name before marriage.
« on: Saturday 11 November 17 20:37 GMT (UK)  »
Can anybody help me find the premarriage surname for Phoebe Aston born 1831 and married to John Aston as shown in the 1871 Census with a daughter Elizabeth Aston aged 10. There are no details for the 1861 Census and the 1851 Census shows John and Phoebe Aston with a son Richard Aston aged 1 as lodgers in the Cheshire family in Wolverhampton. I cannot find any trace of Phoebe before this and would like to trace her family back before she married John Aston because Elizabeth Aston was the mother of my grandfather Thomas Bacon.

I wonder if anybody has heard of the above club please. I am researching my mother, Eva Bacon when she was single and working in Westminster, London as a domestic servant during the years 1937 to April 1939 when she got married. I am pretty certain that she stayed at the address of 9 Halkin Street, Westminster. I have been to the LMA and found in the rate books for 1938 that the Victoria Club for Ladies Ltd had paid the rates during that time.
 I looked online for any information I could find for the Victoria Club for Ladies but couldn't find anything satisfactory. I assumed that the club offered board for single girls at the time working in the area to 9 Halkin Street and just wanted to confirm it.
In 1946 9 Halkin Steet was taken over by the Royal Calaedonian Club for Scottish people in London.
I wondered if anybody out there could help me with any information or where to find it for the Victoria Club for Ladies, 9 Halkin Street, Westminster, London in 1938. Thank you.

I wonder if anybody might be help me please. I am trying to trace the whereabouts of my grandfather, Thomas Bacon born 1889 after being in Wednesfield Cottage Homes in 1901 for a brief period. His father, Joseph Bacon born in 1862 married Elizabeth Aston, born 1859 who had died in July 1898 when Thomas was 11 years old. I now know that from the 1881 Census that Elizabeth Aston lived with her mother Phoebe in Wolverhampton and that their occupation was decsribed as Hawkers(Fair). I have a feeling that Thomas after being in the Wednesfield Cottage homes stayed with relations of his mother, Elizabeth Aston probably travelling to Fairs etc.
    I was wondering if anybody from his mothers side could help me with Thomas Bacon's whereabouts from 1901 up to he got married in 1911. Thanks.

Hi, I wonder if anybody can help me please in researching where to look for records showing inmates at the above two places.
I live in Ireland and I plan to come over to the UK shortly to try and look for records of inmates.
Members of Rootschat have already helped me with information about my grandfather, Thomas Bacon, born in Woverhampton in 1890. When he was 9yrs old following the death of his mother he was placed in the Cottage Homes Institution at Wednesfield, Staffs. I would like to see when he left the Institution.
Could anybody help me as to where to look for this information please.
His father, Joseph Bacon was listed as being in H.M. Prison Stafford at this time (1901) and again I wonder if anybody can help me as to where to look for records of the prison inmates etc. at this time.
Thanks very much. Tramore.

Travelling People / Thomas Bacon
« on: Tuesday 05 April 16 22:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi. I am trying to find information about my mother's father, Thomas Bacon. What I know is that from his marriage certificate he married Harriet Webster in Pontefract York in 1911 aged 21. this would make his birth date 1890. I can find information after this from census's etc of living in Pontefract, Chesterfield etc. up to when he died in Mansfield in 1958.
I cannot find any trace of Thomas Bacon before 1911 though. Maybe the reason is as below.
My mother, Eva Bacon, had told me when I was young that her father had tod her that he was made an orphan when he was very young and he had been put into an institution. He ran away and ' could hear them coming for him but he kept running'. He then took up with gypsies. My mother said she could remember her mother, Harriet Webster, making pegs and the like and selling them door to door when she was very young.
This would have explained why there is no record of Thomas Bacon that I can find before 1911.
I have found a record of a Thomas Bacon born 1888 being put into the Manchester Workhouse in 1892 which would have made him 4 years old. I don't know if this is my Thomas Bacon.
My grandfather worked maintaining the machinery in various coal mining pits in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.
It also occurred to me that if he didn't want to be found his name might not even be Thomas Bacon and he had made it up. In which case tracing him would be impossible.
I would be grateful if anybody can help me please with any information about Thomas Bacon.

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