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Devon Lookup Requests / William Muson LOCK married in Tiverton?
« on: Sunday 07 June 20 05:48 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find a marriage of William Muson LOCK to Caroline (Webster?) Between 1841 and 1851.

William was born in Somerset and he is in Bedminster in 1841 with 1st wife Sarah (whose marriage I can't find or birth record of daughter Maria). By 1851 he is married to a Caroline and living in Tiverton, Devon.

I am mainly just trying to make sure that the William in these census' is the son of John and Mary LOCK and I'm hoping his marriage records will help.

Thank you for any help that can be given.

Somerset / Lock/e family Bishops Hull Somerset
« on: Friday 05 June 20 10:43 BST (UK)  »
I have been researching the Locke family which included John Lock (yeoman/farmer) and his wife Mary. Their son Francis was baptised in 1823 in Bishops Hull (he is my husbands 3rd great grandfather). I am trying to work out who his siblings are in the hope I can find out more about John and Mary as well.

I have found about 13 baptisms of children of a John and Mary Lock in Bishops Hull ranging from 1810 - 1828. I am trying to work out if they are all their children or if there are 2 John and Mary Lock's.

I can't seem to find a marriage for John and Mary. I don't know Mary's maiden name.

For some reason when Francis was baptised 3 of his brothers information was put in at the same time but had different dates for all the baptisms. (Listed under 1826 baptisms but the actual baptism dates were 1819-1825). As they are together I am assuming they are the same family.

In 1810-1812 (baptisms) there are 3 children listed and unless they were baptised late the dates don't work. Only 1 had a birth date listed.

I think his brothers Philip and Richard ended up in Middlesex.

I have been staring at all of this for so long its all getting mixed up and would appreciate any help that anyone can give. Thank you.

Staffordshire / Levi Hackett m. Ann Hughes Dudley Staff. 1853
« on: Thursday 05 March 20 03:52 GMT (UK)  »

I am trying to confirm the parents of Levi Hackett b. c.1835. I have an Ancestry subscription but the only marriage record they have for Levi and Ann Hughes are Select and Indexes. I am hoping someone may have access to the marriage records that list parents names and occupations.

I am leaning towards the parents being John and Sarah but would like to be more sure.

I would appreciate any help that can be given. Thank you.

Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / John Henwood marriage 1785 Portsea
« on: Saturday 07 September 19 12:24 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find out who the parents of John Henwood are. He was born around 1765 and was married 20 Jun 1785 at Saint Mary's, Portsea to Mary Galton.

I have found a couple of marriage records but they are only partially transcribed. I am hoping someone may have access to the original records and that they may have what parish John was from. I know that at that time parents names weren't generally on the records but knowing what parish he was from may help a bit.

We have found a possible connection to Middlesex but its only conjecture at the moment. I think he may also have had a sister called Mary.

I would appreciate any help that someone can give me. Thank you.

I have been trying to find the parents of my relative Mary Galton who I believe was born around 1770.

I know she was married in St Mary's, Portsea to John Henwood in 1785.

I have a relative who believed she was the daughter of William Galton and Mary ? and baptised in Gosport. I have since found that baptism record which was at an Independent Chapel but the parents are listed as William and Ann.

Another relative who has done research believed it was another couple entirely but their tree doesn't show sources.

I have access to Ancestry and couldn't find much more but did notice that FindMyPast had Hampshire marriages that showed a William Galton marrying in 1760 in Gosport and I'm wondering who he married? I don't have a sub. to FindMyPast.

A clue may be that Mary and John Henwood had a son named Robert Oakshott Henwood and the middle name of Oakshott has been used by multiple generations down from there. I'm wondering if it is a maiden name that was used.

I would appreciate any help from people that have access to Hampshire records. Thank you. 

Kent / William Friday
« on: Saturday 30 March 19 03:12 GMT (UK)  »
I have recently managed to go back another generation in my family tree and found William Friday, the father of Margaret Elizabeth Friday b. 1804 Deptford, Kent.

On the baptism records that I have found for his children, his wife's name was Margaret and they lived most of the time at the Stowage and also at Uppertown and Broadlanes? The children were baptised at St Paul Deptford/St Nicholas Deptford. He was a Shipwright.

I don't know his DOB and can't find a marriage to Margaret. I found a possible baptism in 1766 as the son of John a Shipwright living in the Stowage but I don't want to assume at this stage. There is also a possible death in 1831 age 66 living in Stowage so if thats right is rules out the census'.

I have tried Ancestry, Family Search, and Free Reg.

I would appreciate any help/ideas that anyone can give me.

Thank you.

Armed Forces / Help with identification please
« on: Friday 08 February 19 01:21 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone please help me with any information this picture gives them?

I found this photo in my great grandmother's photo album with no caption. I'm hoping we may be able to narrow down who it may be by getting someones help with uniform id etc.

Thank you.

Surrey Lookup Requests / Baptisms for Ayton siblings at St Mary Newington?
« on: Monday 23 April 18 03:59 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find baptism records for Frederick William AYTON b. 1870 Lambeth and his sister Rose Emmeline AYTON b. 1873 St. Saviour.

They had 3 older siblings, 2 of which were baptised at St Mary Newington and the other at St Thomas Charterhouse.

Their parents were James AYTON and Susannah BUNDOCK.

I'm not sure if they were baptised or not but it seems unusual that they wouldn't have been seeing as the elder 3 siblings were.

Thank you.

Can anyone read the first word in his occupation?

_______ Engineers Labourer.

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