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The Common Room / Army births and baptisms - how get a copy of the original?
« on: Wednesday 05 August 20 18:29 BST (UK)  »
As per title, does anyone know how one would get a copy of the birth or baptism record as listed on the British Army Births and Baptisms index? You have a date, regiment, volume and page reference for each named entry.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Ancestry DNA on offer! 59 + P&P
« on: Wednesday 05 August 20 11:30 BST (UK)  »
For the first time during the Coronavirus crisis, Ancestry DNA is on offer, for 59 per kit + 9.99 standard postage + 1/2 price postage for each subsequent kit

Offer ends Sunday 9th August 23:59 BST

Just discovered to my surprise, that scrolling backwards from my relative's Master's certificate (Merchant Service - i.e. Merchant Sea Captain) as well as forwards, I discovered several more letters and other things related to him :). I am used to the idea of finding useful information scrolling after the main Ancestry linked page - wills being the most obvious example, as they often clearly carry on, but even they don't you'll often find administration pages, probate pages etc., or vice versa if it first links to the administration, then a whole will might follow. You will also usually find some more information on the reverse of apprenticeship indentures, and the Freedom of London documents, as well as marriage bonds and licences.

UK and Ireland, Masters and Mates Certificates, 1850-1927

London, England, Freedom of the City Admission Papers, 1681-1930

London and Surrey, England, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1597-1921

United States of America / h and r before numbers in CA directories
« on: Saturday 01 August 20 14:25 BST (UK)  »
Some addresses in the directories have a number, then the street, others have h or r, preceding those numbers, any idea what h and r signify?

I have found a marriage that took place at St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh in 1823, but for all the couples on the page, there are no witnesses listed, and it just says "have been three times proclaimed in order to marriage in the Parish Church of St. Cuthberts and no objections have been offered" and at the top it states "Register of Proclamations". Is there a separate register for St. Cuthberts, or is this all there is?

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Ancestry DNA no longer on Amazon
« on: Wednesday 08 July 20 09:03 BST (UK)  »
Ancestry DNA kits are no longer available on Amazon UK

You still seem to be able to order directly from Ancestry, but perhaps they want to discourage too many tests being sent in, due to less staff able to deal with them in the US?

Anyone any idea what the acronyms S.C. and N.L. stand for? SC appears several times in the remarks sections of several Navy Service documents I have, usually followed by a five figure number, NL only seems to occur when a sailor is accused of running, followed by a four or five figure number then a two figure number?

Promotion for father's day until the 21st June, one kit for 109, two for 183 + P&P

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